Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Buffay and Boob-Gate 2011

The images in my head...walk out and about onto this blog a bit more clearly than ever before.

Ok lets see if I can get some actual blog worthy stuff on here. OK GO.

I feel like I'm just on the verge of everything in sl. Things are coming together as of late. I got a new graphics card and more memory for my computer.


I have to give TC (Deves in SL) a big virtual hug. He has been by my  side through so many things. Helping me with my computer. Making me  laugh and bringing Irene into my life. She is so sweet. She bought me a  button bracelet from a craft fair and sent it to me. It's adorable.

What sucks? It's cold here, so so cold.

What wins? There is two art gallery's that opened up about half an hour away from me. Going with friends this week to check one of them out.


Now that I have the graphics card. I can haz shadows. Here are a couple of examples of what I've been working on. I get ideas in my head and being able to make my own poses helps.

I got this cyborg avatar for free doing a hunt in October. I've had a vision in my head since then, of a woman in a red dress reaching, for a window. Feels good to pull thoughts out of your mind through pictures. It's like vomiting till you feel better.

This hat is from Deco. It's mesh and bad ass.

SL Panthers are Winning like its their job. Tried to take some pictures at the game. Would have been great if people had rezzed for me. This was the only shot where no one was gray.

My  Dad Miketh..is one of the most fashionable straight men on the gride.. The other day  he had on the nicest winter outfit and I asked him if I could take  some pictures. We went to the robits  sim  and snapped some shots. They really know how to make a winter  wonderland there.

The old man at the star of the blog is Hempy from ((RIPE)) She is one of the most kindest interesting creative people I know in sl. Plus she is now Dad's Auntie... So that makes her my Great Auntie Hempy..LOL I love it! Here is her Christmas card.

(Holiday Card done by Hemp herself )

 You should check out her store sometime! ((RIPE))

SL Family

Mom threw a party for Dad and me, for making the year mark in secondlife. She and TC (the wizard) put together a bowling alley in the sky without me knowing. The party was so much fun. Dad did his DJ thang and I danced my pixels off as we bowled.I will blog about the party on the family blog soon.
Thank you all for coming..and special thanks to Mom and Tc.

I can't believe its been a whole year since I met Dad. It's funny how in the beginning we weren't all that serious about him really adopting me. It quickly began to change.We found our niche and a bond started that just grows stronger every day.  A year later. I consider Miketh and the real life person behind the avatar to be one of my best friends in the whole wide world. In every life. I was looking back at old pictures of us and found one I want to share. *wink*

And here is us today. 

The only thing truly missing at the party was my brother Sachy. The next day he wrote a blog about not being there.. Here it is if you'd like to read it. Rouge2Vogue It's nice to have someone write a whole blog devoted about you and how much you mean to them. I did that once for a friend.

Love life

I never knew that NOT showing my boobs on webcam would bring a snowball effect, causing deletions on plurk and sl. Don't get me wrong. I like my boobs. I'm just not dumb.  Maybe I don't know every fact in life, but I do know this one.

Gal's if you show your naked bits on web cam. Your guy friends are going to either brag about talking you into it    or show their friends. Most of the time. They aren't even kind about what they say when it comes to the way your naked bits look.. You have no idea how many of my friends boobs I've seen from my guy friends. Hasn't anyone realized there is print screen? Doesn't matter if you did it on cam. Dudes know how to freeze frame your boobies.

I wanted so desperately for things to work with this one guy. So did he, but he wasn't good for me. Pushing him out of my life was so painful. That in itself was hard enough. Take that and compound the problem with seeing his name all over plurk and his plurk responses. Plus watching him get close to one of my friends.

Not every day is a good day. That's life. I can accept  that.

I can accept that it takes me awhile to open up to people..and I only truly open up to the ones I know mean well.   Very rarely I screw up and trust the wrong person. This is defiantly a lesson learned.

Maybe people get the wrong idea of me. I know my blog is called cute as a button. Well my last name is Button in sl. I thought that was a cute play on words. I'm not all sugar and spice. I'm normalish. I like dirty jokes. I don't scare away from the sad and heartbreaking things in life. I embrace the happy and the sad. Maybe I don't always show that to everyone I meet or know in rl or sl...but it's there.

What is sl to me?
 It's connection with like minded people and creativity that has only the limits that one sets on oneself.

This is my RL/SL life...I can free fall slowly if I want.

And now for fashionish stuff.

Hair: >TRUTH< Blair - oasis
Lashes: **BD** Lashes (Series 1)
Eye Liner: ::Plastic Flowers::  Simple Liner1 Žøṃbιεbεε (crystalin.clayton)
 Sweater: Prism Laura Sweater - Forest Lights (It's a RLF item )
Vest: (Milk Motion) My fringe vest
Skirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Peyote Mini
Socks:Prism Laura Socks - Forest Lights
Top Part of Socks: (Milk Motion) My high socks
Belt: *Fishy Strawberry* Peyote Belt
Boots: .: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. . Fringe Ankle Boot
Scquirrel on top of hat :  .:.*{ S.G }*.:.
Nose Chain: -JC Gold RYCA
Necklace: Pea Weenie - Peace Necklace - [Gold] (if you know where Pea Weenie is please let me know)
Necklace: Tee*fy Bangle Necklaces Dollarbie

And I get it. I get you have to say whatever you can, to make yourselves feel better.

We are out of each others lives. I'm willing not to utter your names or think about you one more second that I breath on this earth. Do me the curtsy and do the same.

You know. I think writing this will help me put a pin in this whole boob-gate. I've gave this topic and the people involved to much focus as is.

So there we have it. A little bit of everything. Its like you went to a buffet or as Bennett would say it a buffay. You got your Art. Which was the dessert section You got your family. Which was the roast and potoatoes section And then you got your drama. The section where they serve bean jello.

Hopefully next time I blog  I will officially be a business owner in sl. You know what they say. A carpenter's house is never fixed, a maids house is never clean, and a matchmaker can never find their own match. Here is hoping I can find other people matches at least.

ZEF for life
Absy Absy

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It really hurts when you punch me

What's new in Abernathy Jane Button Fretwerks life?

Well Sachy is officially my brother. We aren't sure which one is older, since we're both sixteen.  We pick at each other so bad. But both of us love it. Sachy is really creative and organized. I dig that. He's always coming up with things to do in sl. He's a doer more than a dreamer.  He fits in so well and I can't imagine him not being in our family now.  Ok Sachy you can quit reading at this point. Since the rest won't be about you. (He only reads our blogs if they have his name in them. He's a bit (really) narcissistic.

I've got some great romantic news to talk about. Nope, its not about me. Dad's sister Portia and Mom's brother Rune are dating. They live behind us on the same sim. They have adopted Riley an older brother named Frankie. So things are moving nicely for them. Congratulations Twine family.

Also Aunt Saphy and Uncle Tai are now engaged. Such great news. Can't wait for the wedding. I think Sachy and Reo would make such cute flower girls.

I was propositioned a week ago by a male vampire avi to be his surrogate. He wanted me to carry his vampire baby.  He offered me 5000L. Such a weird request. And of course I told my parents, I was totally doing it. My poor SL dad Miketh, he puts up with so much of my meanness. I love him so good. I  mess with my sl parents so bad sometimes. I am sl 16....isn't that my job? In the end I turned him down. I'm not looking to get a show on SL MTV.

On Wednesday's at 5:00pm slt, I go to 100 word stories by R. Crap Mariner (the robit) at the Edloe sim. Even when I was a little girl I liked to be read too. I guess that hasn't changed. As well as listening to the 100 word stories. Dad, Sachy, and myself have wrote some for Crap's 100 word podcast. It's really a great way to exercise your writing skills. Plus I enjoy writing stuff just to hear the midget read it. Check out the 100 word website.

Here I am picking the Robit's nose. If you've never picked a robit's nose. It should be on your bucket list. 
It's unbelievable, the treasures you can find.

What goes together better than peanut butter and chocolate? 

Harrison Gearz and turds. His mother Kess would be proud.

Also on Wednesdays, I've been going to the Actor's Sandbox. A place for Actors and Machinima people to get together. The actors do monologues. Which in turn get critiques and tips on how to improve. It helps Machinimatographers to hire actors. Its basically just a lot of fun to be apart of.

Speaking of that. Suzy Yue, the owner of Running Lady Productions. Hired me as a production assistant recently.  She's fantastic and really great to work with.

Plurk has been buzzing lately. I laugh so hard at some of the things my friends on there say. I can spend over an hour reading post and the responses. If you don't have plurk. You should get it. It's worth it. www.plurk.com

Also on Plurk, I've decided to post items in secondlife that I think people would like. Yesterday I didn't really leave the sim much because the family played a lot of games and we invited Auntie Saphy and Uncle Tai over for dinner. Since Uncle Rune and Auntie Portia were both on rl vacation we are watching the kids. So Riley and Frankie were over for dinner as well.  Mom made pancakes, eggs, bacon, and grits. I think I might have been the only person at dinner that had ever had grits in rl. It's an American southern thing.

Picture: by Caty Fretwerk
(who is the best mother EVA)

Aunt Saph did something pretty genious. She made a group blog for our family. It's called Functionally Dysfunctional You should check it out. I will be posting our bowling outing on that blog. I posted a small introduction about me on that blog earlier today.

Speaking of our awesome extended family. We had a Family Portrait made for mom's 5th rezz day. 

Picture by: Sapphire Elise Coakes (sapphire.coakes)

From the back starting on the left : Standing Harrison Gearz Sitting on the arm Miketh Fretwerk arm wraped around Miketh Cady Fretwerk (Cadence Aldrich)  standing in the middle/back Draco Nacht arms wrapped around Draco Theodore Nacht On the couch with tats Sapphire Elise Coakes (sapphire.coakes) on the right side arm chair Portia Pexington Standing Scarlot Verrazzano
Back to the left: sitting on the couch Me Abernathy Button Fretwerk Tai Miklos beside him in the suit Rune Twine
Back to the left on the floor being a nerd ѕαςнч ƒяεtωεяк (valentine.rexen) beside him Jessica Ishtari-Fhang (jessicanicole.teardrop) infront of her is itty bitty Riley Ann Twine (aubree.merryman) and the kid in the hat Reo Blinker

Oh my jesus christ why did I feel the need to post everyones names?

Last month I decided to do a Halloween style a day blog. I love the month of October. This year..eh. There was so much going on real life and my internet connection was messed up. I'm glad the internet thing is cleared up. I'm hoping my niece and nephew can find some peace and calm now. They deserve so much. Sigh.

Lets move on. This year for Halloween the Fretwerks decided to be the Addam's family. Dad was Gomez, Mom was Morticia, Sachy was Pugsly. ( He mopped about being fat..lol..but he was a good sport and did it anyways. :) ) I was Wednesday.

We all worked  to make this picture come together. I love my family. *Snaps my fingers twice*

Ok now for fashion. Oh la la. hehehe.

I went to the Cute As A Button Karaoke bar. Man was it packed. :)

Sachy, Mom, and Dad put this Karaoke shoot up for me in less than five minutes. 

I really think I am getting better at P.S.

Notice Harrison and my dad? Yea...if you heard me sing, you wouldn't blame them.

Shirt:  ~ imbue. skeleton bodysuit 
Legging:   with holes No.2 -Black- REDGRAVE* 1
Boots: Hoorenbeek [ h ] Lucille
Underneath Leggings: (Royal Blue) Line to the Crown in 80's Gym Workout
Eyeliner: :Plastic Flowers::  Simple Liner1
Lashes: ~ BEAUTIFUL DELUXE~**BD** Lashes (Series 1)
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Belt: .:: Delusions ::. Bass Down Low Belt
Piercing: Pierce Of  Mind: - PoM - Open Snake - Silver - Sphere - Shadow
Earrings: [Aura] Dia De Los Muertos - (pink)
Hair:[elikatira] [e] Looking - White 05
Lashes:[ LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl/touch me
Eyes: Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes - Grey
Pose by: GLITTERATI - Vocal

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Tomorrow is a big day. Get to sit in a room with people who hate me. Then again, I get to see the kids. I've been talking to them on the phone. They're happy. That's what matters.  Anyways.

Day ? of Abernathy Button bit off more than she can chew..Halloween Style. :D

It's still fun to do. It's just a lot harder to come up with looks. 

Once Halloween is over I will write a regular Cute as a Button blog. Aren't you so excited. hehe.

Top: {Luxuria} Belinda *black* 
Skirt: *COCO*_ShirredTubeDress(Black)
Pumps: Mstyle RIVEA
Coat: [NV] Rebel Coat -Blood-
Leggings: [Atomic] Pumpkin  Black 
Lipstick: L.Fauna Lipstick [Orange]
Necklace: -tb- Cross Necklace (Black)
Necklace: <- PoM ->  - Sexy Pearls - Black Pearls
Hat: DECO - Officer's Cap
Hand Jewlrey:Formanails  Madonna Skeleton
Shades: Intrigue Co. - Glowing Hyno
Necklace: NX Dark Necklace
Hair: [e] Looking - White 05
Pose: Magnifique
Picture taken by : Cady Fretwerk my moma!
Background by: ME :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mother Death

Day  12 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

I am going to switch things up. I hit a wall on ideas. I sorta new it was going to happen. So, hopefully I will get caught up again and do 31 complete Halloween looks..If not. You can stone me to death. Or better yet. Get Mother Death to come for me. Speaking of Mother Death. I had a idea and brought it together with the help of some of my favorite people. I'm going to start with this poem I made and then show you the picture for the 12th day of Halloween. 

Unlike Mother Earth's life embracing touch

I am the touch of destruction
Bringing  you down
Sinking to the depths of hell
My cold embrace will wrap around you
Chilling  you for all eternity

I am Mother Death.

Gaze into my eyes 
So that I can strip you of your soul
Nurse upon my breast
For spoiled milk you will taste
The poison of despair  traveling  through your veins

For I am Mother Death 

Oct 12th

Please click the picture to make it bigger.

Dress: Pop Feel- Maxi Dress
Feet: Jolie Barefoot Mid Height Base
Hand Glove: Formanails Design Madonna Skeleton
Hair: TuTy's Venice hair
New AbernathyShapeSept11bigeyes
Skin: Style by Kira - Willow Skin Fantasy Goth Special5
Eyes: NOCTURNAL VISION -#2 w/Black Sclera Eyes

I just want to give a big thanks to Venus27.Iger Check her Blog here (I noticed the kick ass Madonna Skeleton Glove in her blog ) AND Ivi Bing who owns Formanails. You have to check that store out! Formanails   ALSO thank you to Rune, Weslyn, and Sachy for being the kids in the picture.

Probably never taking this skeleton glove off,  EVER!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 11 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

Why ride a broom when you can drive a pumpkin orange sports car? Plus who wants splinters in their fine china? Not me. Vroom Vroom.


Sexy Outfit: - Glam Affair - Tessa
Boots:[ hoorenbeek ] Lucille Boots (These are a must have in anyone's inventory)
Earrings: ((RIPE)) Calliope Earring - Silver 
Hair: Clawtooth: You're a Witchy Star - Blinding
Skin: #Before Sleep# Out Of This World
Car: Glitterati with pose
Background: JT halloween Fantasy Scenes
Picture by: Cady Fretwerk

Day 10 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

I might just get caught up with my Halloween posts. Miss the kids this morning. The dress below was made by my awesome brother Sachy. The head piece was made by my amazing friend Hempy, owner of the coolest shop on the grid ((RIPE)). 
Oct, 10th

Skin: Luna Heartstick
Hair: [e] say white
Dress:  strip'd All That Remains
Head piece: ((RIPE)) Elegant Raven Skull Hat
Pose: Olive Juice from the Coquette pack.. #2
Picture taken by: Cady Fretwerk

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 9 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

 One, Two Abby's coming for YOU! 

Talked to the nine year old. She is so happy. Going to go see her and her brother soon. She has already requested some toys and such. She's a fighter. Maybe her nightmare is over.

Oct. 9th

 Jeans: FK VIRTUES - Union Jeans - Black Wash [Rip] Skinny Fit
Sweater: Gawk! Striped Baggy Pullover
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Lipstick: L.Fauna Lipstick [Black]
Hair: !lamb. Glass Candy - Moss
Glasses: *Boof. Freddy Creeper Glasses
Belt: .:Hermony:. LuckyDeath Belt (Rusty) (black)
Freddy Claw: Bio claws (L) hand
Hat: DECO - Group Gift Fedora - Licorice
Boots: DECO - Madison Boots small (cherry)
Eyes: Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes - Grey
Picture taken by : Cady Fretwerk
Pose by me Abby Fretwerk

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 8 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

I'm two days behind in the Halloween blog. My mind has been struggling for a few days to stay focused. Real life and Second life is so screwed up for me right now. I came home today and cried myself into a coma.

Oct 8th

Shirt: *BOOM* Tamed Katey's
Pants: Pia black Pants
Heels:  CC Design -  Pumps  Spider Orange
Vest: fri. - Halter Vest (Black) -  Jacket
Hair: "LoQ Hairs"Tiramisu
Lipstick: L.Fauna Lipstick [Purple]
Wings: #Soleil# - Soul Eater (bow)
Mask: *~*Phoenix Mask: Copy
Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes - Grey
Prop: Hoot spiderwebby bird house perch

Let's hope tomorrow is better. It has to be right?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

Nothing like seeing the headline news about your own flesh and blood. Embarrassed, mad, or sad...doesn't come close to expressing my feelings. Her mug shot eyes were like two endless dead pools.

Guess what? One week down of Halloween Style :D

Oct 7

Top: mudshake - happy skull top
Skirt: -Phoenix Rising- Darken Bliss Top
Gloves: Kidskin gloves: Black
Eye shadow: *LpD* - Group Gift! Eyeshadow Black
Necklace: =^^= MIAO Abernathy Locket Necklace ( named after me!!)
Ring: Dark Mouse Statement Ring - Brilliance 
Earrings: Lucy In Disguise - Owl Earrings 
Hair: [Shag] - Black Tie Affair - starlight
Eyes: Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes - Grey
Dog: SS Sumeology Mascot Dog (found on marketplace)
Picture taken by Cadence Aldrich aka Cady Fretwerk
Pose: I made it.

If you would like to see the things you have created that could possibly be part of one of my looks. Please feel free to send me an IM (abernathy button) and LM to your store and I will check them out. If you do send me review copies. Which you do not have to do. I don't mind paying for stuff. But if you do, please IM me and let me know you did.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

Changed a thousand diapers today. Cleaned spilled cereal. Didn't have answers to give a nine year old girl when she asked so many questions.  Blogging Halloween..still fun. Bit hard now with this real life situation.

Oct. 6th

Top: ::SMD:: Spider-Web Dress top
Skirt: [W&B] High-Waisted Pencil Skirt BLACK 
Shoes: ABOMB Amy Wedge Shoes
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nail
Eyeshadow: *LpD* - Group Gift! Eyeshadow Red
Lipstick: Dd Lipstick Black
Belt: (Elate!) Alex Belt Ice - Size 2
Sleeve: *League* Broderie Anglais Sleeve
Hat: :SPLIT PEA:: Shooting Star Pet Cemetery Hat
Hair: Clawtooth: Twinkle Toast - Blinding
Ring: Dark Mouse Statement Ring - Romance
Ring: DECO Cameo Ring (monkey)
Eyes: Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes - Grey

Pose: Primavera relax pose01
 Picture taken by: My Moma Cady Fretwerk aka Cadence Aldrich

If you would like to see the things you have created that could possibly be part of one of my looks. Please feel free to send me an IM (abernathy button) and LM to your store and I will check them out. If you do send me review copies. Which you do not have to do. I don't mind paying for stuff. But if you do, please IM me and let me know you did.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

 I had a real life emergency today. It was good to get on when the dust settled and hear Mom, Dad and Harry's voice. Among other IM's from really good friends.

Oct. 5th

Sweater: (NO) Stripe Sweater Helper
Dress: *COCO*_ShirredTubeDress(Purple)
Shoes & Socks:(TokiD) sock flats - bananarama -shoes
Nails:*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Ring: Dark Mouse Statement Ring - Brilliance
Belt: fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Sour.Apple) - Med
Hair: TuTy's - Secret - crimped medium lenght hair - platinum black
Headband: [ glow ] studio Mix Set Hairband (purple)

If you would like to see the things you have created that could possibly be part of one of my looks. Please feel free to send me an IM (abernathy button) and LM to your store and I will check them out. If you do send me review copies. Which you do not have to do. I don't mind paying for stuff. But if you do, please IM me and let me know you did.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

Here we are at day four. How do you like my hair. Pretty frightening huh?

Dress: Beetle Bones* Runaway Bridal Gown
Hair: Paper Heart - Bride of Frankenstein

Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Jacket: Grasp Leather Biker Jacket
Heels: [bubble] <3 Shoe Purple
Tights: (Royal Blue) Line to the Crown in Toxic Spill 1
Ring: [AddiCt]
Earrings: *Ticky Tacky* A Bitch Never Change Earring - Green
Earrings: DECO - Cerebellum Earring
Necklace: [bubble] Deathmass Necklace

If you would like to see the things you have created that could possibly be part of one of my looks. Please feel free to send me an IM (abernathy button) and LM to your store and I will check them out. If you do send me review copies. Which you do not have to do. I don't mind paying for stuff. But if you do, please IM me and let me know you did.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3 of Halloween Style : By Abernathy Button

I was a bit worried that I would feel like this was a big undertaking. So far so good. It's fun cause its something I love.

Oct 3rd

Hat: MG::. Peacock Feathers Hat (free on market street...lol..kidding Sachy marketplace)
Eyes:Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes - Grey
Eyelashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl/touch me
Sweater: Tiny Bird - Boyfriend Sweater 
Skirt:{So Many Styles} Sorrow Skirt Violet
Nails:*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nail
Necklace: Happy Finds::  Stone - Agate
Glasses: Reek - Park Shades
Boots: [ hoornbeck ] Lucille Boots - Black
Shoulder Pet: [Pink Fuel] Candycorn Bat (L Shoulder)

Picture taken by: Cady Fretwerk my Moma ♥

If you would like to see the things you have created that could possibly be part of one of my looks. Please feel free to send me an IM (abernathy button) and LM to your store and I will check them out. If you do send me review copies. Which you do not have to do. I don't mind paying for stuff. But if you do, please IM me and let me know you did.

A Month of Halloween : By Abernathy Button

 Hello all

Bet you didn't think you would see a blog from me already.

Since October is my favorite month (Oct 9th is my real life birthday) and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I thought I would "try" to do a Halloween look every day for a month.

It all started with Boofest. I decided to get in the spirit by dressing up in Halloween style clothing. It was really great to hear the talented people read their halloween inspired tales. 

If you would like to see the things you have created that could possibly be part of one of my looks. Please feel free to send me an IM (abernathy button) and LM to your store and I will check them out. If you do send me review copies. Which you do not have to do. I don't mind paying for stuff. But if you do, please IM me and let me know you did.

Ok...so, since today is Oct 2nd. I have two outfits for you. Feel free to click the photo to make it larger.

Oct 1st   

Hair : LeLutka-RYKIELhair- Lion
Eyes : Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes - Grey
Eyelashes : {LeLutka}-2011
Eye Makeup : Plastic Flowers: Purple smoke
Crown : Pink Fuel Cutie Crown (Halloween)
Nails : A.S.S : Jet Black
Orange Outer Shirt : [Atomic] Pumpkin Tee
Undershirt : Victoria Top )uncershirt) 6
Shorts : fri.day Denim Shorts (Black
Socks : Pig - Striped Socks Mit Suspenders- Pumpkin Pie)
Heels : Deco Bloom Heels (licorice)
Necklace : Kari - Je t'aime Robot Necklace (f)
Ring : Deco Cameo Ring  (monkey)
Picture taken buy My Moma : Cady (Cadence Aldrich ) Fretwerk
Pose: -WDK- PO23
Background - Halloween Scene

Oct 2

Hair : [BURLEY]-Babs.LBlondes04
Eyes : Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes - Grey
Eyelashes : {LeLutka}-2011 
Lipstick : :HS : Mink Lips
Dress : [Plastik]-Friday-ChristoCitrus
Sleeves : Kyoot - Vodka Mini Dress
Undershirt : (Elate!) Mel Emerald Top
Stockings : - Glam Affair - Tessa
Heels : ABOMB Khitten Bowed
Ring : LaGyo-Shield rings silver/black
Necklace: P.C; Multi-strand Smokey Quartz
Picture taken buy My Moma : Cady (Cadence Aldrich ) Fretwerk
Pose : aDORKable Pose Basic Pose for him and her Basic 1
Background - Halloween Scene

Check back tomorrow for a new installment.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Cute as a Fretwerk

The image above represents who I am on the inside in avatar form.

I set up my easel in real life the other day and started on a new painting. I wear the same dress when I paint always. I'm extremely messy as I paint and used to ruin clothes because of it. Now I just wear one dress that has paint splattered here and there. It started with a big green blop about a year ago and I just decided this was my painting dress.

I really love pandora radio. If you haven't checked it out yet. I suggest you do. Your ears will thank you. www,.pandora.com <---there is the link homeys. Homies? I don't know.

Johnny Cash just came on my radio station. NICE. Laughing at the song. It's about him working for GM and stealing one part at a time because he wanted a long black Cadillac.
If you don't like  Johnny Cash....we might want to reevaluate our friendship.

Johnny Cash to the Offspring....welcome to my world.

Have you ever seen Death Becomes Her? The other day someone mentioned it on Plurk about it being on. Mom and I started talking about it and Dad chimed in that he had never seen it. Mom quickly pasted the IMDB website for the movie. I was looking at the picture and thought. I could recreate that in second life. So I mentioned it to them. Mom's a ginger in SL and I'm a blondie. Dad of course has every color hair imaginable. It was so fun to do. By far this is the best photo work I have done in SL. Here is the original cover of Death Becomes Her. This is my SL version called Death Becomes Pixel.

I'd like to do movie posters more often. Maybe even do them as a once a month thing on SCD (shopping cart disco). I will have to mention it to my luvins Kess the Best.

My itty bitty Cousin Rylie is a poop head. During our fam dinner before the tail gate party at the panthers stadium. Her and her goober friend decided to "decorate my room" when I went upstairs after they had left.There was paint and glitter EVERYWHERE! hehehe.

I got her back though. See... 

Yes that is an evil clown looking into her window. I'm a jackwagon..cause guess what..she is scared of clowns..not just evil ones but all of them. Way to go Abs...way to go. :D

Speaking of Uncle Rune, Rylie's Pops. He's been spending time with Dad's sister Portia. Someone...I'm not saying who. ME..ok I am saying who..thought they would make a good match. With Mom's help we got them to meet and they hit it off right away. Pats Mom and myself  on the back. HA.

Here is a picture I did of Uncle Rune and Auntie Portia on Pirate day.

Mom took some pictures as well. Afterwards while she was looking at them she realized something um off on the photo. 

Here it is

 We aren't sure what that is. It looks sorta ghost like. It's flat and statue like. This is no hoax. We are really curious as to what made that happen in the photo. I've even thought about IMing a Linden.

Pearl Baily is playing on my pandora now. See it picks music you would like. It knows me all to well. I have an eclectic taste in music. Who am I kidding. I have an eclectic taste in most everything.

Right before I was going to finish this blog I got a gift from my Uncle Rune and Auntie Portia. They know how big of a fan I am of robots and seen this lunch box and thought of me. I took a picture of it to show all of you.

Thank you so much.

You know I don't think this blog will be all that long. Lucky you.

The other day I brought a potential brother home for my parents to meet. I was at MAW "window shopping"  We decided to take a vote on whether we should go on trial. I said " All those in favor of him going on trial with us raise your hand."  Which preceded with this awkward picture.


HAHAHA...I'm kidding. Here is what really happened.

Yep. His name is Dufus Mcbooger. But you can call him Sachy. He owns the store :[strip'd]. You can check it out by clicking on the advertisement on the right side of my blog.
He's nine months older than me..so we both are 16. That's called Irish twins. He fits in well with the family. I'm not sure that is a complement.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Falling Up

This blog is going to be so awkward. I've debated on whether to write about Sick and I at all. Plus I couldn't decided if I wanted to share the million pictures I took of us while we were together. Then when I got up today I decided that today was the day I was going to finish this blog and the pictures were going in here. I wanted to write a blog about Sick and had even mentioned it to him previously. So here goes. Prepare for awkwardness.

During the time he and I were together we did so much fun stuff in secondlife. He was like me. Up for anything. He would take the time out to find things for us to go do. He's friendship took  me out of a fog I had been since some rl stuff went down. He made me forget things for a moment and god if I didn't need that. He was easy to be around and kept things light.

We did a lot of things. We dressed up a few times and went dancing. I had remember this place called Flashdance. It has this really cool deco interior and the music is Ella Fitzgerald/Billie Holiday esque.

Sick plays SL Football for the Panthers. My Dad and Uncle Rusty are on his team as well.

Here is me and sick playing around in the weight room and on the field one night after a big win.

Night fishing by the moonlight

Hanging by the pool at sunset.

One of my favorite places as of to date in secondlife is Africa. Whoever built this is my hero. It's so beautiful. We had a great time there. It was a good find on Sicks part.

I'm just as clumsy in real life. 
Do you think he caught me?

And of course when Auntie Justice comes on, she takes us to a strip club. Sick worked that pool like he was a single mom putting herself through college.

Sick and Clover, my pet fox became best buddies while we were together. He called her his best friend. He joked with me about how she liked him more. The other day Clover asked me where her best friend was. (Yes she talks. In a virtual world. It can happen) I got sad and told her we weren't friends anymore.

Wonder why I suck so bad at relationships? I get the same complaints. They don't get enough alone time with me. That we are always around people. That I won't commit rl after only knowing them for a minute. That I'm not answering their IM's fast enough. That I won't be an open book about every single thing in my life within a few days of knowing them.

I get you want to bring me home to mom. That I'm that type of girl. I'm glad I am. But slow down. Pressure sucks. Give me a second to enjoy getting to know you and you getting to know me.

I'm not saying Sick had these exact complaints. And to be honest those aren't what broke us up. It was more someone.

This blog isn't just going to be about Sick and I.

I found this place called Everwilde. It's like my personality and brain found home. The collective group of semi misfits are my cup of tea. I love going to the events and get along so well with every one there. So if you see me plurk an event...you should definatly tp over there. It's worth it. Here are some pictures of the White Trash Bash and the Gender Bender Party.

So summer is over. I guess. Fall is coming. Not sure how I feel about that. Things are good with my sl parents as always. My Sl Aunties and Uncles are great too. The other night we had an impromptu Afro break dancing pyschodelic party at our house. Uncle Rune, Auntie Scar, Auntie Justice, Sick and I boogied the night away.


In other family news. We are sorta kinda looking for another sister or brother for me.
I know what I want. I want an older brother 17-early 20's and a younger sister age 9-12. I also want grandparents and my Mom said she would maybe like parents. :D

Oh and I think but am not sure that Harry might be talking to me again. Then again. Last we talked didn't end to well.

Also, When I log on today I will be starting my pledge week at sorority Alphatheta Phi. So if you see me this week. I will be wearing the same outfit. Ekk. It's one of the many things I will have to do during pledge week.

So that's that with a cat in a hat that eats till it gets fat.