Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Buffay and Boob-Gate 2011

The images in my head...walk out and about onto this blog a bit more clearly than ever before.

Ok lets see if I can get some actual blog worthy stuff on here. OK GO.

I feel like I'm just on the verge of everything in sl. Things are coming together as of late. I got a new graphics card and more memory for my computer.


I have to give TC (Deves in SL) a big virtual hug. He has been by my  side through so many things. Helping me with my computer. Making me  laugh and bringing Irene into my life. She is so sweet. She bought me a  button bracelet from a craft fair and sent it to me. It's adorable.

What sucks? It's cold here, so so cold.

What wins? There is two art gallery's that opened up about half an hour away from me. Going with friends this week to check one of them out.


Now that I have the graphics card. I can haz shadows. Here are a couple of examples of what I've been working on. I get ideas in my head and being able to make my own poses helps.

I got this cyborg avatar for free doing a hunt in October. I've had a vision in my head since then, of a woman in a red dress reaching, for a window. Feels good to pull thoughts out of your mind through pictures. It's like vomiting till you feel better.

This hat is from Deco. It's mesh and bad ass.

SL Panthers are Winning like its their job. Tried to take some pictures at the game. Would have been great if people had rezzed for me. This was the only shot where no one was gray.

My  Dad Miketh..is one of the most fashionable straight men on the gride.. The other day  he had on the nicest winter outfit and I asked him if I could take  some pictures. We went to the robits  sim  and snapped some shots. They really know how to make a winter  wonderland there.

The old man at the star of the blog is Hempy from ((RIPE)) She is one of the most kindest interesting creative people I know in sl. Plus she is now Dad's Auntie... So that makes her my Great Auntie Hempy..LOL I love it! Here is her Christmas card.

(Holiday Card done by Hemp herself )

 You should check out her store sometime! ((RIPE))

SL Family

Mom threw a party for Dad and me, for making the year mark in secondlife. She and TC (the wizard) put together a bowling alley in the sky without me knowing. The party was so much fun. Dad did his DJ thang and I danced my pixels off as we bowled.I will blog about the party on the family blog soon.
Thank you all for coming..and special thanks to Mom and Tc.

I can't believe its been a whole year since I met Dad. It's funny how in the beginning we weren't all that serious about him really adopting me. It quickly began to change.We found our niche and a bond started that just grows stronger every day.  A year later. I consider Miketh and the real life person behind the avatar to be one of my best friends in the whole wide world. In every life. I was looking back at old pictures of us and found one I want to share. *wink*

And here is us today. 

The only thing truly missing at the party was my brother Sachy. The next day he wrote a blog about not being there.. Here it is if you'd like to read it. Rouge2Vogue It's nice to have someone write a whole blog devoted about you and how much you mean to them. I did that once for a friend.

Love life

I never knew that NOT showing my boobs on webcam would bring a snowball effect, causing deletions on plurk and sl. Don't get me wrong. I like my boobs. I'm just not dumb.  Maybe I don't know every fact in life, but I do know this one.

Gal's if you show your naked bits on web cam. Your guy friends are going to either brag about talking you into it    or show their friends. Most of the time. They aren't even kind about what they say when it comes to the way your naked bits look.. You have no idea how many of my friends boobs I've seen from my guy friends. Hasn't anyone realized there is print screen? Doesn't matter if you did it on cam. Dudes know how to freeze frame your boobies.

I wanted so desperately for things to work with this one guy. So did he, but he wasn't good for me. Pushing him out of my life was so painful. That in itself was hard enough. Take that and compound the problem with seeing his name all over plurk and his plurk responses. Plus watching him get close to one of my friends.

Not every day is a good day. That's life. I can accept  that.

I can accept that it takes me awhile to open up to people..and I only truly open up to the ones I know mean well.   Very rarely I screw up and trust the wrong person. This is defiantly a lesson learned.

Maybe people get the wrong idea of me. I know my blog is called cute as a button. Well my last name is Button in sl. I thought that was a cute play on words. I'm not all sugar and spice. I'm normalish. I like dirty jokes. I don't scare away from the sad and heartbreaking things in life. I embrace the happy and the sad. Maybe I don't always show that to everyone I meet or know in rl or sl...but it's there.

What is sl to me?
 It's connection with like minded people and creativity that has only the limits that one sets on oneself.

This is my RL/SL life...I can free fall slowly if I want.

And now for fashionish stuff.

Hair: >TRUTH< Blair - oasis
Lashes: **BD** Lashes (Series 1)
Eye Liner: ::Plastic Flowers::  Simple Liner1 Žøṃbιεbεε (crystalin.clayton)
 Sweater: Prism Laura Sweater - Forest Lights (It's a RLF item )
Vest: (Milk Motion) My fringe vest
Skirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Peyote Mini
Socks:Prism Laura Socks - Forest Lights
Top Part of Socks: (Milk Motion) My high socks
Belt: *Fishy Strawberry* Peyote Belt
Boots: .: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. . Fringe Ankle Boot
Scquirrel on top of hat :  .:.*{ S.G }*.:.
Nose Chain: -JC Gold RYCA
Necklace: Pea Weenie - Peace Necklace - [Gold] (if you know where Pea Weenie is please let me know)
Necklace: Tee*fy Bangle Necklaces Dollarbie

And I get it. I get you have to say whatever you can, to make yourselves feel better.

We are out of each others lives. I'm willing not to utter your names or think about you one more second that I breath on this earth. Do me the curtsy and do the same.

You know. I think writing this will help me put a pin in this whole boob-gate. I've gave this topic and the people involved to much focus as is.

So there we have it. A little bit of everything. Its like you went to a buffet or as Bennett would say it a buffay. You got your Art. Which was the dessert section You got your family. Which was the roast and potoatoes section And then you got your drama. The section where they serve bean jello.

Hopefully next time I blog  I will officially be a business owner in sl. You know what they say. A carpenter's house is never fixed, a maids house is never clean, and a matchmaker can never find their own match. Here is hoping I can find other people matches at least.

ZEF for life
Absy Absy