Saturday, May 5, 2012


I went to school today, but the  only thing really on my mind is why. What's shocking about this happy bright picture? That inside there are no smiles. Just sad emo girl questions.

Why am I a hopeless romantic?
Why do things never last?
Why does it hurt so much?

Everyone and their brother have asked me about this dress. It's pretty happy and sunny. I figure maybe if I look happy screw it...this is the end of this blog post.

Oh yea the style card.

What you can get at Culture Shock
Map to Culture Shock

Dress: Koketka-Strips dress (yellow)  MESH
Necklace: (AMD) Eccentric Pencil Necklace
Ring: LaGyo Cube bronze

Other stuff

Hair: !lamb. Blush (Mesh) - Honeycomb Root
Shoes: duboo.otaku flat shoes *beige* ( I think these were from a hunt or gift)

If you want to learn more about Culture Shock Read this

Friday, May 4, 2012

Without a Stitch

The first moment that  I saw the Finesmith necklace. I envisioned this picture. What's "shocking" in this post? Well if I have to tell ya, then you're blind.

Today the Culture Shock Event opens.  I hope I helped in some way to get people excited about going and spending their linden for a good cause.  Check out  more information here concerning the event  Culture Shock

Necklace and Skin both are at the event

Necklace: Finesmith
Skin: [Iren]-Idhaya
Pose: Olive Juice


Like I said in a previous post. I'm pretty happy with everything the store Mon's produces. I sorta thought I had heard of it just at the Culture Shock event ( Click here to learn more about  Culture Shock ) but then I typed it in my inventory and realized that one of my favorite shirts and some mesh overalls I have are from there. Here is a url to their main store. MONS

The shocking thing about this look. I'm "dressed up".  It's not like I don't dress up. I just usually don't do style cards in dresses. This dress could be dressed down easily with the Mon Tissu Porter Jean Jacket and some cute wedges.

I imagine I'm at a wedding as someone's plus one. My date and I are out on the grounds during the reception. He's chasing me around the yard and our laughter gets a little too loud. Some very posh woman hushes us loudly and I put my hand to my face to quiet myself.

What you can get at the culture event

Pose: Magnifique
Eyeshadow: MONS  -  smoke purple
Ring: LaGyo_Cube bronze
Dress: MONS [Summer Love Collection] Vintage LongDress  white
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Crosses Necklace (gold)

Other stuff

Hair: !lamb. Blush (Mesh) - Honeycomb Root
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails (marketplace)
Pump: : PM :: Lacein White
Bracelet: Willow~ Birds of a Feather Bracelet - Gold

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Internet Killed the Video Star

 I wanted to blog another look with pieces from Culture Shock. Details here Culture Shock

I've been watching music video's on tv all morning.

Each look I've decided to do something "shocking"
The shocking things about this post?
1. I've managed to make "to much" patterns "work"
2. The fact I have this many old tv's. ( someone please call hoarders)
3. I remembered to credit the posemaker

What you can find at Culture Shock

Shirt: Levi Baseball Tee Blk
Bracelet: MONS[Summer Love Collection]  Black
Bracelet: MONS[Summer Love Collection] Clamp  Black
Ring: LaGyo Cube ring bronze
Pants: :OW: "MiSH"  Mesh JeansXD Neon Aqua S
Pose: oOo - Framwork

The other stuff

Shoes: +mocha+  -  Trad Style of Japan
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* (marketplace)
Necklace: DECO - MESH Shells of War
Hair: LaViere The Vert/MintChocolate
Watch: MIEL BFF TICKER - bright
Belt: Reek -  Heart Stripes
Sunglasses: Reek - Park Shades

Because Civilization Breakdown wasn't as catchy.

Like many bloggers I was asked to come check out the Culture Shock Event.  Details here, Culture Shock

What I personally loved about going to the event was the lack of other people. Since it doesn't officially open till the 4th.

I want to point out some stores that really stuck out for me at the event.

LaGyo has a ring called the cube ring. It's one of those sl things you hope you can find in rl. You should defiantly get it. It's color change and goes with everything.

Mon's has to be my new favorite. I can't decide which I love better the make-up, jewelry, or the clothing. Be sure to go by there.

What you can get at Culture Shock

Eyeshadow: MONS / Makeups -  smoke purple
Ring: LaGyo Cube  bronze
Bracelet: MONS[Summer Love Collection] Cuff Bronze
Skorkt?: Ricielli Mesh -  Summer Minishorts //leopard
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Crosses (gold)
Shirt: [Ill] Illusory - Loose Fit Tank - Coal

Other stuff

Hair: !lamb. Little Queenie (Mesh) - Honeycomb Ombre
Pumps: ISON - color block prism  (purple)
Ring: (epoque.s) Amen Knuckle  - Gold // femme
Nails: *Sexy Mamas*(marketplace)

I decided to make each look I blog for the event to have a little shock value. This one. My shoes don't "match". :D

I also wanted to highlight these shorts or skirt or skort that I have one by Ricielli.  There is a lot of different patterns to choose from. Truly something for everyone.