Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reo Blinker is my boyfriend. He should be honored. LOL

Everyone is sick. Ugh. I was feeling weird earlier this last week. I couldn't put my finger on it. Just weird. Then I went from weird to so sick. That was around the end of the week. Even today I feel blah but better.

Sometimes when I'm in secondlife I realize its just like real life. Like when I bowl in secondlife. I suck at it just like real life. I sorta want to start a bowling league in either life called the gutter sluts.

Aunt Haley Pro SL bowler.

Well I can finally say I'm published. My article for Champion Horse made the front cover.

I did some picture takin. Thought I would share. :)

My first rezz day is coming up. The charity will be the American Cancer Association. The Theme will be Robots, Outer space, and Futuristic. Everyone is invited. Date and time will be announced soon. I'm still looking for someone to make a cake and invitation. The venue is set. I'd also love to have a live singer. I'm debating on asking the one I want...still mewling that around in my head.

The other day I went to my Uncle and Aunties farm and home. It was amazing. It has EVERYTHING. I mean...anything you would ever want to do or see. It's there. Their house is so beautiful and I've already picked a few of my favorite spots to chill out at. This is one of them.

Big news. MY Dad and Cady are now boyfriend and girlfriend. How cool is that? Cady loves me. :) She told me so. And to tell you the truth. I love her too. My favorite thing to do now. Is to log on, grab Clover and sit upstairs and listen to them smack talk each other why they play U-know it. They always want me to play..but I would much rather listen and surf the web.

I'm off to log on and see whats up with all the absy absy and the funky bunch group.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Match Made in SL Heaven

Clover heard I started second life high school. She was feeling uneducated. So she's learning to read. I got her some glasses..cause well. She runs into walls a lot. I heart her.

Ever felt mega out of place somewhere? Like I said I started SL high school again and just completed my first full week. I have to say I really like it and it gets on my nerves at the same time. The school itself and the staff do a really well job. Their eye to detail is really cool. They even sent out notices about lunch and what we were having that day. By the way. If I had to eat the kind of stuff Brazy's lunch offered in rl. I would pack my lunch every day. lol. Crusty meatloaf I am not a fan of yours. *shudders*

I already have a favorite Teacher. Ms. Solo.

The only thing that sucks at school....some of the other students. I think its my fault really. Im so far from ghetto in RL or SL that its like foreign speak to me. Besides that...I have this weird thought that if your nice others should be nice back. Not all fake ghetto. Then I realized. This is an "urban" rp school. Duh. This would be true to life. When I was in highschool RL I fit in just fine. Cause I was with other white girls doing white girl stuff. Probably stuff that would seem boring to the girls I go to school with now at Brazy. So I'm just going to be myself. See how it turns out and have fun. Plus I made an awesome friend named Kynds via Jess and she goes with me to Brazy. We stick out like soar thumbs.

Here are some pictures of school.

So :D :D Dad and I made a new friend recently.♥ Wait.Double♥♥ HEHEHE
Her name is Cadence...well we call her Cady. Sometimes when she speaks. I feel like she is taking my thoughts right from my head. She is really quick witted and extremely kind. She has a tre coolio blog right here. Check it out. Her pictures are Dope.

Divine Patterns

Speaking of awesome people. Dad, Cady and myself went to Uncle Awesome (Uncle Rusty's) Football game. It was my first football game I've attended in sl. Lots of fun cheering on Uncle Rusty.

Here are some pictures of the game and a couple of me and Uncle Rusty

Dad is in a battle royal to find the best DJ in secondlife. Echo, one of the places he DJ's for is having the event. Please be sure to go here VOTE FOR FRETWORK! It does cost 10L but I promise he is worth it. He's sets are epic.

I love my friends. They're weird and I like it.

This week I got my Evie fix. I was on earlier than usual and we hung out. She will forever be the best sl kid ever. I just want to snuggle with her rl and watch bad tv.

So, there is this
Anyways...I took him paintballing after I figured out how to do it myself. He still kicked my butt and made fun of my "gear" HAHAHAHA

Reo and Me paintballing it.

Here is another one on his raft. :)

My Aunt Haley and Uncle Lucky got me some Kitty Kats and Haley made Clover a light house. When everyone was over at the house the other day, we ended up in my room to check out the kittens and of course Uncle Rusty started spinning in circles till he fell down drunk from "the spinning". And Cady followed suit..hehehe. NERDS
And look. Cessus changed his clothing!!!!! YAY! Poor Jess, she never knows what she is getting into when she hangs out with us.

There really has been so much going on right now in sl for me. I'm sorta scared I'm going to forget something important. I have two jobs now. I work at the best club in SL. I swear it!. Called Steel Monkey. Owned and operated by my friends Arale, Willow, and Brady. My first day of hosting was last Friday. It was really fun. As well as a job at Champion Horse Magazine as a reporter and ad sales. I'm pretty sure my lucky horse shirt got me the job. Well that and my connection with

After a long day of season hunting with cady and a job interview. I made a pixel dinner for Dad, Cady, Cessus, and myself. Doesn't that look yummy? :D

We sat around and talked about our day. Dad had just came in from rl work, so it worked out well.

We talked about what I want for my very first rezz day. It's coming up February 9th. Ive decided I'd like to find a charity to donate the lindens that people would be spending on a gift for me. Instead of actually getting me a gift. So if you know of any charities that has ties to second life, please let me know.

We are working on the party part as I type this. Im sure next blog o billy will have the details.

Thought I would do a style card because I heard an old song and wanted to dress to fit it the other day. So here you go.

Hair-Truth Lanie-champagne

Jacket- Ducknipple Wombat-Pink leather

Skirt- Sassy Kitty Desgins -My little Grey Dress

Tights- xbordeaux -Hungry Hearts Stockings

Heels- LMK- Plateform studded pointy-toe pumps

So anyways. I'm doing Laundry in real life. My whole apartment smells like wonderful. I love that.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saints losing = Screaming Father

So, I'm sitting here watching "The Ring" rl. Why am I torturing myself? I'm such a wuss. I want to watch it then when any scary part comes on I cover my eyes with my hand. I have done nothing all weekend. Its so snowy here and suppose to get worse. UGH. Taking my dog out in the cold bites. Summer, please come and warm my toes and nose. Please! Oh well. We can't have EVERYTHING we want. Right?

I had a very GRR worthy day in SL the other day. I lost my pet. :( For real sad face. She went poof. Even the land manager came to look for her. They reset the sim and everything. I nailed up posters of her all over our neighborhood. (IMed every neighbor on the sim) No one had seen her. She's a dare devil anyways. She almost drowned the other day in the ocean but my friend Petter dived in and saved her. I was so down cause I've grown attached to her. Dad said he would buy me another one. He's so sweet. But I didn't want another one. I wanted her. Luckily she returned to my inventory and all is well. Thank goodness...I missed her little chirpy sounds and her little poopies. hehehe.

So Projekt Mayhem is starting to get further along. Dad is working on more shirts and there are a few up for sale at the store. You can click on the Logo on the right side of the page for the SURL to the store. A bunch of us ended up there the other day. Basically loitering the store and talking on voice.

Jonny fell asleep on what we assumed was his leather couch. He was moving around quiet a bit. Sounded like his face was getting stuck to the leather and he was having to peel it off every so often. was funny to hear. At first we thought he was eating in his sleep because we mistook the sound for chewing.

Later we heard what might have been Jonny letting one rip in his

This is my Dad falling out of his chair

I'm changing up my room. Not sure if I mentioned that in my last blog o rama..but if not...I am. I'm working on a "Around the World" theme. With a Hot Air Balloon bed. Once again I've left the job of making such bed in the hands of the Great Builder Cassy Bookmite. Please IM her inworld for all your buidling needs. Plus if you have any ideas of things to use to make my room look mega amazin...please feel free to IM me and let me know. Or just feel free to IM me to talk about whatever.

Speaking of Hot Air Balloons. Reo, my sweet cute friend had me over to his house recently. He took me on a Hot Air Balloon ride. Their whole sim is breath taking. He then showed me the pirate ship he made for his mom. lol. Look at the steering wheel..LOL. I then proceeded to put on my life jacket. And yes, I did go to the front of the ship and scream "I'm Queen of the SL WORLD!" And yes I know 1997 wants its saying back..give me a

Watched Dinner with Schmucks with Dad and Uncle Lucky. It was pretty good. Uncle Lucky's Movie theater is Dope.

Later that day Cessus came on. I can't ever tell if I like him or not. We don't get along at all. I have no idea why we are friends. lol. Here we are having girl talk..I painted his toenails pink and he braided my hair.

Afterwards we went to Bigfoot theater in sl and watched Office Space. I had to log because I had RL stuff to do. So I didn't make it all the way through..but to be honest. I've seen that movie a million times. It's one you can watch a lot. Cessus and I got into a argument..yes screaming happened. I told him Ron Livingston was in Dinner for Schumcks and Office Space. I even Wikipediaed that bitch..but DUMB Cessus still his retarded heart. By now people should know that what rain man is to matches I am to movies...come one now...jeez.

So I started SL Highschool again. I'm now going to Brazy. GO Bull Dogs!!!!
We have to write out a character bio and fill out a NC in order to get in. So here is my character bio.

Abernathy Button Character Bio: Years ago my father went to Vegas with his brothers, Rusty, Lucky, and Matt. They lived it up big. Gambling, parting in the VIP part of all the great clubs. Hitting up the all you can eat shrimp and steak buffets. Going to some really great shows. At one of those shows a certain Showgirl caught my Dad's eye. A cute blond, who's looks mesmerized him. It was love at first sight. She couldn't get enough of his cool easy personality and he couldn't keep his eyes off They had a three day passionate love affair. That ended with a positive pregnancy test a month later when he was long gone back to his regular life.

There's a saying that goes "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". My mother truly believed in that motto. She was never going to mention to my dad that she was pregnant. I was born and she had a new love of her life. Still being a showgirl by night and a mommy by day. Her life was complete. Then one day she got terrible news that she had breast cancer. She knew right then it was time to get a hold of my dad. I was nine months old when he met me for the first time. He feel in love with me and immediately let go of all his anger about being kept in the dark. The spark that had been there once before rekindled and we were a happy family. She was able to celebrate my first birthday, but a few months later she passed away. Now its just me and Dad and of course Uncle Rusty who lives with us too. I keep a picture of her in all her glory when she was a showgirl on my nightstand. Maybe one day my dad will find another woman to love. I think my mom would want that.

So as I was writing started thinking it would be cool to have pictures of said mother...One that was actual beside my bed. So I started looking in my chest of memories...aka inventory..and found these two pics. One is of my Dad and my Mom (Portia...what? sounds like a Vegas showgirl name to me) and the other is one just of my mom. That one goes on the nightstand beside my bed.

The whole family is working on getting pictures of all of us. That sorta thing is harder than it looks. I need a new profile picture myself. And that's a hat...on cat named pat who is really fat..and likes to spat.

See you later dipity do's and diptity donts. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Scoot over B hopper Abernathy Button is in town. lol

I should be asleep. I decided instead to blog on no sleep. Lets see how well that turns out, shall we.

My milk date is up as of yesterday in my rl fridge. Ive had 3 FULL glasses of chocolate milk this morning/midday. Smart when I was drinking the night before. Maybe I'm scared to go to sleep thinking I might wake up with a hangover. Nah. I didn't drink that much, but you do have to drink some when around mega drunk people. Last night I went to a friends party rl. It was funnish. My cell fell out of my jacket and my friends brother decided to text people on my contact list. Thank god everyone he messaged was cool with it. Of course it totally embarrassed me. Anyways my friend always gets wasted and shows her boobs at her parties. That's a good indication its time to go. Either a fight, public sex or some gross secret about someone comes out right after the boobage is shown. lol. So I came home. Got out of my cute but semi uncomfortable dress. Washed/scrubbed my maybe a bit over done make up off my face and got into some extremely comfy clothing. Took my dog out. Pulled up my hair and sat at my computer to plug into my secondlife. :)

So I was ready to get into my cute but not uncomfortable dress in sl and to go to a few parties. My make-up was defiantly over done and I did drink some champagne..but just one pixel sized glass with Dad and Uncle Awesome..I mean..Uncle Rusty. Dad and him are a great pair. They are two of the most awesome people in sl. Sometimes they feel so much like family I have to pinch myself. We are all so fond of each other.

Here the two of them are drinking some fancy coffee at the kitchen table.

Oh by the way...Dad decided to get us a new house. There is something about parents in SL. They really like to change houses. lol. I do have to say. I really love this house. Its not a house with pre determined furniture. Which is great because I've been collecting different things for my house for one day when I grow up...sorta like a hope chest (folder) since I started sl. This kitchen set and clock was one of them. Dad and Uncle Rusty aren't crazy about the color of the chairs. lol. So I just made them black. Men..(rolls my eyes and laughs)

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Everyone always ends up there. I blame my friend Tym. She blogs about sl food all the time and has me addicted. Shakes fist at Tym. Here is her blog. Its my favorite SL blog. And yes she paid me to say that. Ok no she didn't. Girl Wonder Speaks

Hey this blog is going pretty good for no sleep. Maybe that's what Ive been missing. A belly full of chocolate milk and no sleep = not so bad blog. I do a lot of eye rolling at myself as I write my blogs. That can't be good.

Back to spending time in the kitchen. Uncle Rusty decided to get an early start on the drinking for the coming new year. I always remind him as I'm snapping the picture, how blog worthy it is.

Here is a picture of the three of us ringing in the SL new year. Three hours later than my actual new year.

We had Uncle Lucky and his New girlfriend Haley over. We were in the midst of redoing the kitchen and getting a dining room together. Clover (my pet fox I got for Christmas from my marvelous Auntie Lelia.) was running around like crazy. She acts like she's on crack cocaine most of the time. Flying through walls, making weird noises...sniffing mounds of white powder stuff. Ok I made up the last one, but she really is spastic. I noticed that Haley was really eyeballing Clover and I knew she was hooked. Soon after they left and she got herself a furry cuteness. Speaking of Christmas. Dad and I had a wonderful time. We felt like Santa handing out Christmas presents to our SL family. Also I have to say I got some really nice gifts as well. Dad got me prim feet and wizard of oz the movie. Uncle Lucky got me Gone with the Wind the movie. Leila got me Clover. Lex got me the most amazing necklace. Ivy gave me some cold hard cash. Christmas was really nice. In rl my parents went out of that sucked.

My sl Dad is awesome. He made it a point to be on during Christmas. Gosh :( this is going to make me tear up trying to write this. tears cause I can't see to type anyways. lol. He simply just makes my day. Its as easy as that. So easy to talk to. Very creative. Good hearted. I'm lucky.

Here's some picture of the last few weeks.

Dad, Lion and me rowing around on a frozen pond

Clover being so cute

Me huggin Lex my bestie for her gift.

Me at Builders Brewery getting all the free gifts!
( and yes that is spock on my shirt)

So how do I want this a bit to long blog to end. It would be cool if I could throw in fireworks. :)
How about this. A real moment. I know its a new year and all. Ive been telling people inworld how much they mean to me. In a no holds barred way. It means a lot to me when someone is kind to me inworld. Especially when they find out I play 15. Being a teen in sl really fulfills something inside me that I lost when I was a real 15 year old. We all have our own stories as to why. My why is pretty private but to those who know it and still find me to be their friend and someone they like to IM..thank you. I love all my friends that I talk to on a constant basis.

And to those who just read this. Thank you. You know you can always Im me and tell me your out there. Im curious about you.

Happy 2011 to EVERYONE. Hope this year is beyond amazing to you.