Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reo Blinker is my boyfriend. He should be honored. LOL

Everyone is sick. Ugh. I was feeling weird earlier this last week. I couldn't put my finger on it. Just weird. Then I went from weird to so sick. That was around the end of the week. Even today I feel blah but better.

Sometimes when I'm in secondlife I realize its just like real life. Like when I bowl in secondlife. I suck at it just like real life. I sorta want to start a bowling league in either life called the gutter sluts.

Aunt Haley Pro SL bowler.

Well I can finally say I'm published. My article for Champion Horse made the front cover.

I did some picture takin. Thought I would share. :)

My first rezz day is coming up. The charity will be the American Cancer Association. The Theme will be Robots, Outer space, and Futuristic. Everyone is invited. Date and time will be announced soon. I'm still looking for someone to make a cake and invitation. The venue is set. I'd also love to have a live singer. I'm debating on asking the one I want...still mewling that around in my head.

The other day I went to my Uncle and Aunties farm and home. It was amazing. It has EVERYTHING. I mean...anything you would ever want to do or see. It's there. Their house is so beautiful and I've already picked a few of my favorite spots to chill out at. This is one of them.

Big news. MY Dad and Cady are now boyfriend and girlfriend. How cool is that? Cady loves me. :) She told me so. And to tell you the truth. I love her too. My favorite thing to do now. Is to log on, grab Clover and sit upstairs and listen to them smack talk each other why they play U-know it. They always want me to play..but I would much rather listen and surf the web.

I'm off to log on and see whats up with all the absy absy and the funky bunch group.


  1. I almost misread the title of this and thought it said, "Reo Blinker is my boyfriend and he needs to be shot." I guess I need to look at things better.

  2. *buys your father some glasses*

    Great pics Abby, you do great work! Congrats on your first published article!! We're so proud!