Saturday, May 29, 2010


omg...double time people.

Here I am at Club Tera's...its caveman night..and rocking a Betty Rubble look. Cause in RL sometimes I giggle like Betty...put whatever about that nonsense...Markis came and we were dancing kinda close...and...well...

[19:05] abernathy Button‧ leans into him
[19:06] Markis Baily‧ wraps his arms tighter around your body , leaning his face closer to your skin, breathing in your wonderful sent, planting small kisses along your neck
[19:08] abernathy Button‧ shivers....turns her head to look at him...she can see that look in his eyes....she shivers again
[19:13] Markis Baily‧ smiles down at abs, swaying her with the music , reaches up, brushing away her hair, looking deeply into her eyes smiles as he feel like he is getting completely lost in her eyes. Totally oblivious to everyone in the room, lifts up her chin , lowers his lips onto hers
[19:15] abernathy Button‧ tries not to let her lips tremble as her first ever kiss happens. She lightly pushes back against Markis kiss. Her body feels weak and wonderful. The music seems to thump into her ears and she feels like flying...
[19:18] Markis Baily‧ stays lost in the kiss for a long moment, then feeling completely beyond himself, slowly pulls himself away and smiles down nervously
[19:19] abernathy Button‧ smiles back nervously...""
[19:20] Markis Baily‧ rubs back of neck nervously while he chuckles to himself
[19:21] abernathy Button‧ "you kissed me." laughs."that was GREAT"
[19:22] Markis Baily‧: i guess i did " grins

WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I won the CaveMan contest....Go Betty Rubble....giggles. Thanks to all you who voted!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prom Night....Success (am I spelling that right??)

Man o about the notices and what not I got when I logged on. Meant to connect myself to my wonderful life in SL..but the puppy in so cute that I couldn't pull myself away... Plus...I'm getting a cold...first one this year..GRRRRR.So here I am lookin thru notices and I see an invite to my P R O M....Woot!
Pirate Theme ARG!

We all know I've been waiting for this day. It's a big deal in a SL girls life. The day she goes to prom. Espesially when she has a boyfriend to share it with. I've not known Markis for long but I truly think he's a perfect match for me. :)
Are you dying to see my dress for Prom? Here is me in all my prom dress glory.
I love love love this DRESS!!!
Dress: BitterBunnies Designs (Telle Trezuguet) Hair: /Scarlett/Happy Blond Earrings: JCNY Atlantis Getaway Hiper Gems Shoes: *VioMagic*Moonlit Night Outfit High Heels Corsage: Belle Amie~Classic Rose~White Wrist
Getting Ready
:D Mom doing my hair :D

:D Markis and I :D
You could tell Markis was nervous when he rang the door bell. It was the first time he met my He looked so handsom. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. Others were talking and all I could do was feel like we were the only ones in the room. He slid the most beautiful crosage onto my wrist.

And off we went to our Pirate Prom.There were all kinds of wonderful things at Prom.We had to walk the plank to get in to the undewater dance floor.

There was great dancing and live music by Maximillion Kleene and our very own Dwyhte Flagon was the DJ. Plus Dwyhte and JocelynStarr Fraker were crowned Prom King and Queen.

I've tried to add more pics but something isn't letting me...maybe I've exceeded my

So it was a wonderful night. I have alot of People to thank. My parents...Markis family and friends, my friends :D, HardKnocks Highschool and the staff, and Telle for the AMAZING DRESS..

Well I am off to look for something to wear to school today. It's picture day...omg. :D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tiaras and coconuts + Date Night

In RL news....I rescued a puppy. Not sure if I'm going to keep him...but he is soo cute..and he has that stinky good smell...of puppy breath. I took him to the vet...and he's sick. He has a puppy cold. Poor fella. So I'm going to be nursin the brown ball of love back to health and then decide what to do.
I've been getting to spend time with my other fella. Markis. We lounged at his house on the hammock. He had just finished having pictures done with his family. Somehow he had gotten the tag Princess from his family's group. So I thought it would be funny to find him a then somehow we started talking about the movie the Lion King...and I think we both believe in Hakuna matata. "No worries." lol. So ofcourse...I ended up with a coconut

Last night Markis and I got all spiffed up...and went on a dinner date. :) He bought me a beautiful jewlery set. Next blog I will show you how beautiful. Here is some picture of our date. :) Prom is Saturday...YAY. :D Finally have my look together.

I'd write more but the puppy is trying to eat a cord near my

Friday, May 14, 2010

Can't sleep...write a blog

How about one single picture....sorta gets the point across. little SL heart isn't ready to fall for someone....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cute as a Button gets a new look

Notice my logo...locos? Yep that's rigth..I'm legit. We can all thank Syphon Hoxley for my new logo.
A little about Syohon's service.era Designs is a company created to create for you.We Design Logos, Shop Signs, Shop Vendor Images, Magazine layout/Covers, Buttons/Web or SL, and much MORE all for you!
And that is no joke..because he was so nice and he worked fast and was easy to deal with.

This is his graphic design business here

era Designs

So..yea things are changin on this blog...if you look to your right there is little logos from era Graphics. You can click them to get Syphon email. And if you look at the whole blog you'll see I have changed up the color and what not.
So when I logged on today...I had a suprise.

Let me just show you!!!

Well we all know my answer.......YES!!
Beautiful flowers and a blueberry ring pop came with the surprise.

The other two things I wanted to talk about was the really neat dance recital I went to for school. And the horrible mothers day present I got for my mom. First If you don't remember..I go to HardKnocks Life High School. I'm a freshman there and I started late in the year. I get along well with everyone and I have alot of fun. But by far the coolest thing I have seen them do is the dance team putting on a show.

Here they are doing Jail House Rock by Elvis Presley

So mothers Day in the US..( did you know they don't celebrate it on the same day in other countries?) was Sunday. I wanted to get my Mom Mamsen something special. So I got her a psychic Reading....PSSSHHH...that woman was so wack. Worste gift ever for someone..Cause that woman told my mom some horrible crap...UGH....Sorry Mom I hope the Flowers I got you will make up for the crap I bestowed upon you..LOL.


So...slugos and snail..o's? or bees and buttons...thanks for reading and messaging me in world..always let me know your out there reading I'll keep writing it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I gush over my Crush

So lets just get to the best part. I have a boyfriend. Yep. Cats and Kittens. It's O fffical...
His name is Markis. Aka The Ultimate Crush Crush. I adore him. He's the perfect type of calm and funny...that I could eat with a spoon. Here is a picture of us last night snugglin :)

Markis Baily clears throat nervously
Markis Baily: i was planning on actually waitin until closer to your prom... but i kinda dont want to wait and since i think we both like each other.. (( thanks fo dymonds, clever truth or dare game))
Markis Baily: Abby, will you be my girlfriend?
abernathy Button: I just gasped in
abernathy Button: ofcourse Markis..your a great fella
Markis Baily: really?abernathy Button: pssh
abernathy Button: you know I think your the neatest boy in SL
abernathy Button: your weirdly beautiful....just like me
Markis Baily: ahh. u have tolove the odd balls
abernathy Button: yea..the rubber band ones and teh aluminum foil ones too.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D : D:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D : D:D :D : D:D : D:D :D

So my friend Zio came on and we were talking about boys....catching up with each other about what was new..I told her about Markis...and we got on this weird convo..I'd like to share the weirdness with you fishes.
[7:58] Zio Darkstone‧: ooohhh he even has you in his profile!
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: I know..I'm workin on getting him in mine
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: sigh
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: I got flutters
[7:59] Zio Darkstone‧: hahahaha
[7:59] Zio Darkstone‧: awwww i'm so pleased!
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: :D
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: I heart your face[8:00] Zio Darkstone‧: so how did you meet?
[8:00] abernathy Button‧: MAW
[8:01] abernathy Button‧: he is so dreamy
[8:01] abernathy Button‧: I could just die
[8:06] Zio Darkstone‧: OMG
[8:06] Zio Darkstone‧: :-)))
[8:07] abernathy Button‧: lol
[8:08] abernathy Button‧: he put part of it in his profile...
[8:08] abernathy Button‧: oh god..he makes me feel so good...I'm scared my skin can't contain my insides
[8:08] Zio Darkstone‧: heee well lets hope so cos that would REALLY put a boy off on a first date
[8:09] abernathy Button‧: come up with no skin just muscle and flesh
[8:09] abernathy Button‧: I wouldn't know what to wear to match that
[8:10] Zio Darkstone‧: hmmmm yeah lots a red? i always think black with that... maybe a bodybag? :D
[8:10] abernathy Button‧: stylish though...maybe a gucchi bodybag or Martha Stewart collections
[8:11] Zio Darkstone‧: oo yah.. with some nice silver accessories :-)
[8:11] abernathy Button‧: omg...yes
[8:11] abernathy Button‧: maybe a nice toe tag[8:12] Zio Darkstone‧: absolutely! mmmm i reckon we need to go shopping LOL
[8:12] abernathy Button‧: yep
[8:13] abernathy Button‧: new fashion trend.....when your boyfriend is so awesome and your skin burst from the feelings his presence brings to your insides....comes gucchi bodybag for with gold plated toe tag.
[8:14] Zio Darkstone‧: hahahah ok first one to find a body bag for sale wins
[8:14] abernathy Button‧: hahaha...I'm so going to look
[8:14] Zio Darkstone‧: omg found two already
[8:15] abernathy Button‧: me too
[8:15] abernathy Button‧:
[8:15] Zio Darkstone‧: hahahah it has an animation??
[8:16] abernathy Button‧: weird
[8:16] Zio Darkstone‧: ok i don't think i can top that - you win hahaha
[8:17] abernathy Button‧: not sure if finding a bodybag can ever make you a winner
[8:17] Zio Darkstone‧: pretty sure it can make you disturbed lol
[8:18] abernathy Button‧: yep :D

I heart Zio's

So I'm thinking about seeing if a magazine wants to pic me up as a teen writer for a column for their publication. Any takers?

Oh and the Fashion Part of this B L O G.

Hair: Tautum 2
Skirt: Emery High Waisted Denim
Shirt: Duboo Snowgirl tee
Belt: Emery Waist Belt Turquoise
Socks: Emery Mostaza
Shoes PB: Classic Pumps Red
Necklace: Pea Weenie- Jewelled Lips ( Gold)
Skin: Cupcakes -Fantasy-Earth-Dark Love

If you have any questions about what I'm wearing feel free to IM me in world @ abernathy button :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Abernathy at 15

So...the other day while hangin at MAW...I met a really sweet guy. Dustin Rae. Super nice and the other day I took a picture for him. So..I think he was trying to say my shape was busted lookin without saying he gave me my very own shape and some of his cool clothes. So I guess this is my first offical fashion blog. We will see how it goes whether I keep it up or not.

Skin: Cupcakes Fantasy-Earth-Dark Love
Eyes: 4fantasy 4 Green,20
Shape: Special made shape for Aber from Dustin
Hair: Tatum Anxious Blond
Earrings: J.M.ARt Design Black Hoop
Shirt: Pokememan :/: Lonely Shirt
Pants: Pokememan :/: Black (denim) shortcut

This is Dustin Rae. He made the shape and clothing.
Pretty talented fella.

When I got on mom wasn't a human..She was a big purple
We goofed around for awhile. She took me for my first driving lesson.
I almost killed myself. And she said I was a poor driver...and I would have to agree.
So she gave me a box full of a bunch of stuff...and I made a mistake.
I clicked Copy and Wear.
Can you say....DORK!

Markis was on...he's a ball of rubber bands...but wishes he was a ball of aluminum.
He came over and seen me all crazy with everything from a Santa hat to a seagull on me. I asked him if he wanted to go to a dance party...and he did...word. Here we are cutting a rug. Some pretty weird Big band music.

Today is Cinco De Mayo...Markis and I thought it was the same as the Day of the dead. We were wrong. He started school with me at Hardknocks Life High School. Our Principal caught us texting each other and we had to give up our cell phones. But we got them back after class. Everyone got a sombrero. This is us at lunch.

We had a texture class as well..this was mine with the skulls.

So I was 14..but now I'm 15. I think I'm going to like this age...and guess...what....I have another crush...this one is the biggest deal the name is a secret as of yet...Stay tuned you Goons.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dancin on the ceiling start this Blog off right...let me just itty bitty siblings...are the rootin tootin cutiest barrel of monkeys.....EVA. Here is a pic my mom took of them all dressed up.

Ok now that I have you all like...awww look at the cute
Lets talk about how much fun I had at Club T to the E R A I had the other N I G H T...ok I will stop chant/cheer blog/typing....ok I will stop doing the / thing.... I promise it's out of my system....for atleast this blog.
Moving on. Here is a pic of me busting my moves

with some coolio people at da Club..

Last but not Crush...I call him....Sleeper Cell crush. Cross your fingers...he asks me out.
His name is Gama...
So all in all...Prom is May 20 something..I got to try on my dress....yippy- ki-yay mutha....beeep.

I'm John Mclan...up in this blog. :D

If you read me blog...Give me a IM and tell me I'm a tard. :)