Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Abernathy at 15

So...the other day while hangin at MAW...I met a really sweet guy. Dustin Rae. Super nice and the other day I took a picture for him. So..I think he was trying to say my shape was busted lookin without saying he gave me my very own shape and some of his cool clothes. So I guess this is my first offical fashion blog. We will see how it goes whether I keep it up or not.

Skin: Cupcakes Fantasy-Earth-Dark Love
Eyes: 4fantasy 4 Green,20
Shape: Special made shape for Aber from Dustin
Hair: Tatum Anxious Blond
Earrings: J.M.ARt Design Black Hoop
Shirt: Pokememan :/: Lonely Shirt
Pants: Pokememan :/: Black (denim) shortcut

This is Dustin Rae. He made the shape and clothing.
Pretty talented fella.

When I got on mom wasn't a human..She was a big purple
We goofed around for awhile. She took me for my first driving lesson.
I almost killed myself. And she said I was a poor driver...and I would have to agree.
So she gave me a box full of a bunch of stuff...and I made a mistake.
I clicked Copy and Wear.
Can you say....DORK!

Markis was on...he's a ball of rubber bands...but wishes he was a ball of aluminum.
He came over and seen me all crazy with everything from a Santa hat to a seagull on me. I asked him if he wanted to go to a dance party...and he did...word. Here we are cutting a rug. Some pretty weird Big band music.

Today is Cinco De Mayo...Markis and I thought it was the same as the Day of the dead. We were wrong. He started school with me at Hardknocks Life High School. Our Principal caught us texting each other and we had to give up our cell phones. But we got them back after class. Everyone got a sombrero. This is us at lunch.

We had a texture class as well..this was mine with the skulls.

So I was 14..but now I'm 15. I think I'm going to like this age...and guess...what....I have another crush...this one is the biggest deal the name is a secret as of yet...Stay tuned you Goons.

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