Saturday, May 29, 2010


omg...double time people.

Here I am at Club Tera's...its caveman night..and rocking a Betty Rubble look. Cause in RL sometimes I giggle like Betty...put whatever about that nonsense...Markis came and we were dancing kinda close...and...well...

[19:05] abernathy Button‧ leans into him
[19:06] Markis Baily‧ wraps his arms tighter around your body , leaning his face closer to your skin, breathing in your wonderful sent, planting small kisses along your neck
[19:08] abernathy Button‧ shivers....turns her head to look at him...she can see that look in his eyes....she shivers again
[19:13] Markis Baily‧ smiles down at abs, swaying her with the music , reaches up, brushing away her hair, looking deeply into her eyes smiles as he feel like he is getting completely lost in her eyes. Totally oblivious to everyone in the room, lifts up her chin , lowers his lips onto hers
[19:15] abernathy Button‧ tries not to let her lips tremble as her first ever kiss happens. She lightly pushes back against Markis kiss. Her body feels weak and wonderful. The music seems to thump into her ears and she feels like flying...
[19:18] Markis Baily‧ stays lost in the kiss for a long moment, then feeling completely beyond himself, slowly pulls himself away and smiles down nervously
[19:19] abernathy Button‧ smiles back nervously...""
[19:20] Markis Baily‧ rubs back of neck nervously while he chuckles to himself
[19:21] abernathy Button‧ "you kissed me." laughs."that was GREAT"
[19:22] Markis Baily‧: i guess i did " grins

WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I won the CaveMan contest....Go Betty Rubble....giggles. Thanks to all you who voted!!!

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