Saturday, May 8, 2010

I gush over my Crush

So lets just get to the best part. I have a boyfriend. Yep. Cats and Kittens. It's O fffical...
His name is Markis. Aka The Ultimate Crush Crush. I adore him. He's the perfect type of calm and funny...that I could eat with a spoon. Here is a picture of us last night snugglin :)

Markis Baily clears throat nervously
Markis Baily: i was planning on actually waitin until closer to your prom... but i kinda dont want to wait and since i think we both like each other.. (( thanks fo dymonds, clever truth or dare game))
Markis Baily: Abby, will you be my girlfriend?
abernathy Button: I just gasped in
abernathy Button: ofcourse Markis..your a great fella
Markis Baily: really?abernathy Button: pssh
abernathy Button: you know I think your the neatest boy in SL
abernathy Button: your weirdly beautiful....just like me
Markis Baily: ahh. u have tolove the odd balls
abernathy Button: yea..the rubber band ones and teh aluminum foil ones too.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D : D:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D : D:D :D : D:D : D:D :D

So my friend Zio came on and we were talking about boys....catching up with each other about what was new..I told her about Markis...and we got on this weird convo..I'd like to share the weirdness with you fishes.
[7:58] Zio Darkstone‧: ooohhh he even has you in his profile!
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: I know..I'm workin on getting him in mine
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: sigh
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: I got flutters
[7:59] Zio Darkstone‧: hahahaha
[7:59] Zio Darkstone‧: awwww i'm so pleased!
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: :D
[7:59] abernathy Button‧: I heart your face[8:00] Zio Darkstone‧: so how did you meet?
[8:00] abernathy Button‧: MAW
[8:01] abernathy Button‧: he is so dreamy
[8:01] abernathy Button‧: I could just die
[8:06] Zio Darkstone‧: OMG
[8:06] Zio Darkstone‧: :-)))
[8:07] abernathy Button‧: lol
[8:08] abernathy Button‧: he put part of it in his profile...
[8:08] abernathy Button‧: oh god..he makes me feel so good...I'm scared my skin can't contain my insides
[8:08] Zio Darkstone‧: heee well lets hope so cos that would REALLY put a boy off on a first date
[8:09] abernathy Button‧: come up with no skin just muscle and flesh
[8:09] abernathy Button‧: I wouldn't know what to wear to match that
[8:10] Zio Darkstone‧: hmmmm yeah lots a red? i always think black with that... maybe a bodybag? :D
[8:10] abernathy Button‧: stylish though...maybe a gucchi bodybag or Martha Stewart collections
[8:11] Zio Darkstone‧: oo yah.. with some nice silver accessories :-)
[8:11] abernathy Button‧: omg...yes
[8:11] abernathy Button‧: maybe a nice toe tag[8:12] Zio Darkstone‧: absolutely! mmmm i reckon we need to go shopping LOL
[8:12] abernathy Button‧: yep
[8:13] abernathy Button‧: new fashion trend.....when your boyfriend is so awesome and your skin burst from the feelings his presence brings to your insides....comes gucchi bodybag for with gold plated toe tag.
[8:14] Zio Darkstone‧: hahahah ok first one to find a body bag for sale wins
[8:14] abernathy Button‧: hahaha...I'm so going to look
[8:14] Zio Darkstone‧: omg found two already
[8:15] abernathy Button‧: me too
[8:15] abernathy Button‧:
[8:15] Zio Darkstone‧: hahahah it has an animation??
[8:16] abernathy Button‧: weird
[8:16] Zio Darkstone‧: ok i don't think i can top that - you win hahaha
[8:17] abernathy Button‧: not sure if finding a bodybag can ever make you a winner
[8:17] Zio Darkstone‧: pretty sure it can make you disturbed lol
[8:18] abernathy Button‧: yep :D

I heart Zio's

So I'm thinking about seeing if a magazine wants to pic me up as a teen writer for a column for their publication. Any takers?

Oh and the Fashion Part of this B L O G.

Hair: Tautum 2
Skirt: Emery High Waisted Denim
Shirt: Duboo Snowgirl tee
Belt: Emery Waist Belt Turquoise
Socks: Emery Mostaza
Shoes PB: Classic Pumps Red
Necklace: Pea Weenie- Jewelled Lips ( Gold)
Skin: Cupcakes -Fantasy-Earth-Dark Love

If you have any questions about what I'm wearing feel free to IM me in world @ abernathy button :)

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