Tuesday, March 19, 2013

15 dollars for a bag of possums

Three years on Abernathy Button. Seems weird.
Is it a waste of time?

When I think of some of the people I've met. I can't say it is.
I've pretty much been doing this blog for three years as well.
Am I still cute as a button?
Some would say no. Others would say maybe. I would say I'm more Zef than anything.
And no it doesn't bother me if you want to be zef too.
 I've converted many to Die Antwoord. It's kind of my job. Every time I see it represented by people I converted. I smile and say you're welcome. lol

I'm adoptable again. Yes, what the frack. In the time I last blogged I was a Noble. We'll just say time zone differences there. Now my named is Coleman  When I first was in the Coleman family they were so awesome.I felt I had hit the sl family finding jackpot. Except they had some issues unknown to me that were bubbling up to surface. It was the suck to see them  fall apart.  I won't lie. I'm, skittish about putting up another panel.

Until then. Ive got this dude to hang out with.  I call him my best friend that's a boy. Cause Chex Mex Lex isi my best friend that's a girl. She in college rl and I'm so proud.  She is like the best person I know. I'm a fan.

 I've been going to Willowdale High school  It's been a pretty awesome experience  Just yesterday I tried out for a character in a RP event the school is doing. It's a murder mystery. (makes ghost noises)  I hope I get a part.

The school does  a lot of  parties. There was a roller skate party, A  zombie prom party and we just had a St. Patrick's Day dance. I didn't want to just wear a green dress. So I thought I would be the rainbow leading to the pot of gold. Yea I know I over think things. You know though. That's just who I am. Call it a quirk and move on.

I took some pictures  of the rainbow dress and roller skate  outfit. They didn't turn out as good as the zombie prom outfit.

Today we had drivers ed. I was doing ok. Lag was pretty bad. I accidentally pushed on the gas instead of the brake and hit a bush which propelled me up in the air. As I started heading for the ground I heard a big splash. I landed in the school'sl pool. I know..Picture or it didn't happen.

Have you been playing the Arcade Gathca?


My best friend Bren and myself have been blowing that place up. He is amazing at trading and finding yard sales. I'm obsessed with Wizard Of OZ anything. I even want to do a mock up Wizard of Oz poster with avatars. I have most of the people for it.  Maybe next blog. So anyways Bren single handily found most of the Oz stuff from the Arcade for me.

Here is all the pieces. Thank you Bren so much for helping me find it all. Love you!

One thing about being a Coleman is the dad always wanted to go find things to get into. Driving,fishing, surfing, you name it. He was up for it. Here is some of the family surfing.

This is Uncle Ani

Auntie Karma

 Del (used to be my Dad)

I couldn't take a picture of me surfing. So this is me enjoying the water.

This is Cora  my cousin from me being in the Coleman family.She's a sweetheart  I adore her parents. I could talk to her mom Karma for hours.

I hate that I don't blog as much anymore. I hope when whoever reads this likes it. That's about it.

Absy Absy out.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Noble Peace Blog

          This is what an Abby Rose Noble looks like.

 I haven't written anything in awhile because I'm not with my previous mom, Cady. I thought about writing my adventures in finding new parents. Glad I thought that though  and realized they would read my blog and probably be pretty hurt and pissed when I wrote about how it didn't work out and why.  So I waited and waited. Then I got out of the mood of blogging for awhile but, in the back of my mind I told myself by the new year if  things aren't on track I would write no matter what.

So here is to no matter what.

2013. Insane! Resolutions time. I've decided to make the first step in making a mends to people that may have hard feelings towards me. I'd also like to be more creative then I was last year. I felt a real block. It scared me and made me depressed. Around the end of last year I felt I was starting to snap out of it. It's just time for change.

Lets get to the Nobles. Blossom and Noah are my parents. They used to own some stores but closed them due to the fact they wanted a sl family. Dad is a great builder. Mom has a great sense of style for fashion and decorating.  Well Dad has an amazing fashion sense too. Then you have my sister Mia. I knew her from Hogwarts. She is a kind heart. I adore her. My other sister Lemon has her own family. Husband Pixel and two daughters Evie and Kaci. Evie I haven't yet met but if she is anything like Kaci I will for  sure to get along with her just fine.  Lemon is amazing. I feel at home when I'm with her and her family.

Even though we didn't spend Christmas together. Our home was very Winter wonderlandish. Here are a few pictures I took.

Lemon had her own little cabin of Christmas fun. I took my Holiday card  snap shot there but then forgot and never sent it out. So belated Happy Holidays to all.

                                                                    The Robit

I had this picture in my mind where I was oiling the robit while he was typing a 100 word story. I kindly asked Mr. Mariner if I could set things up and snap our picture.

I had gotten one of those mask faces from the Arcade Gotcha and its eyes were so sad. It made me think of a lost girl. So I searched for a run down area. Reminds me if this story I've been working on for a long time called Greetings from the Geeky Ghost Girl.

 Here is my friend Bren's sister Sweet's  wedding. It was really pretty.

 Congratulations to Shawn and Sweets.

Lets make 2013 the best year of our lives.

Absy Absy out.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Primadonna Girl

I've been listening to a lot of music lately. One of my favorites has been Marina & The Diamonds. I think I heard another one of her songs a few months ago. Her music is almost ironic in how she sees the world.

I love the video.

Primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can't help that I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise and fall
You say that I'm kinda difficult
But it's always someone else's fault
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe
You can count on me to misbehave

Primadonna girl,
Would you do anything for me?
Buy a big diamond ring for me?
Would you get down on your knees for me?
Pop the pretty question right now, baby
Beauty queen on a silver screen
Living life like I'm in a dream
I know I've got a big ego
I really don't know why it's such a big deal, though

(Ooh) And I'm sad to the core, core, core
(Yeah) Every day is a chore, chore, chore
(Wow) When you give, I want more, more, more
I wanna be adored
'Cause I'm a primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can't help that I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise and fall
You say that I'm kinda difficult
But it's always someone else's fault
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe
You can count on me to misbehave

Primadonna girl fill the void up with Celluloid
Take a picture, I'm with the boys
Get what I want 'cause I ask for it
Not because I'm really that deserving of it
Living life like I'm in a play
In the lime light, I want to stay
I know I've got a big ego
I really don't know why it's such a big deal, though

(Ooh) Going up, going down, down, down
(Yeah) Anything for the crown, crown, crown
(Wow) With the lights dimming down, down, down
I spin around

'Cause I'm a primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can't help that I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise and fall
You say that I'm kinda difficult
But it's always someone else's fault
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe
You can count on me to misbehave

Primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can't help that I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise and fall
You say that I'm kinda difficult
But it's always someone else's fault
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe
You can count on me to misbehave
Primadonna girl

Saturday, August 18, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor

I'm about to get my write on old school Abby style..you heard? EH...um..no..

What up party people? Hope you all are out enjoying the last few weeks of fun in the sun time.  It rained here a lot this summer. Bummer, bummer, who got the hummer? Lude, crude, and with an attitude? I don't know. Do you? No? Ok then.

So the family is a bit different. We finally got the brother we ask for in the form of a pickle. Yes, sadly my mom brought a pickle home the other day and said it was our brother. I cried real tears out of my seeing eyes. I was just beside myself with grief.  Stevi/Becca and Veri/Bri were fine cause they dressed the pickle up like Ken and played barbies with him. I thought how could she! I wanted a real brother...not a sweet pickle!!

No, I do have a real brother now. His name is Dylan. We call him Dyl and sometimes I call him a pickle. Get it now? No? Me either. I'm going to write about Dylan's big and when I get back on line and if he doesn't want everybody and THEIR brother to know about it. Then I will be erasing all this. Rod is Dylan's big. Keira is Rod's wife. Gabby is Keira and Dylan's girlfriend. She is awesome and I am on the Pom's team with her at Edgewood Prep where I go now. I like it. It is fun. So anyways they have a really sweet kid named Sundey. She calls me Aunt Abby. I mean come on that has to make you melt.

Here is a picture I took of us going to homecoming. 

Another thing in my family world is that I'm looking for is a dad. Since I don't got one anymore  sorta said that all gangsta like in my head. I guess it would be spelled like. Seense IIIII don'T gotz won IN E MO What can I say I'm a Thug. Holla at cha gurl

But yea, I go to Edgewood Preparatory School. Ms. C's the owner and Principal. She's has done things really well and I'm excited to go back for the second semester. I'm on student council and poms team. I'd have to say that creative writing was my favorite class last semester. She really taught me a lot about writing. Don't judge her for this blog. This is my sunshine monster.

Edgewood website

 Sachy taught at Edgewood last semester as the fashion design teacher. I really learned a lot from him. Especially some things on gimp.  You know something I realized about Sachy. He's smart. Truly smart. Whatever he puts his mind to, he can do it. Sachy's store is doing really good lately. He keeps spinning out some really nice clothing items. Puts me in some of his vendor pics. Which I think is sweet

This is a picture I did in sachy's snake skin bikini's. 

Some things in my room here. That trophy was won by yours truly for showing the run way who is boss! ok..no. maybe it was for my knife throwing skillz.  Let's see, oh here is my Spock Matryoshka doll. It doesn't open or have smaller and smaller dolls in it. But I did get it in a yard sale in sl and it is Spock. You know in real life..which I talk very little about here. . I had and still have it. A spock journal my friend stacy gave me when we were fifteen years old. This was when liking star trek wasn't cool. Wait... I guess it's never been cool. GOOD!. Oh and the art on the wall there. That's some kind of punk rock bird in need of a bra, eating some bacon on valentines day is all.

Oh look someone took a pic of some of the members of the brb gang.

Someone is always brbing in the gang. And you know what we do when you brb..we give you a mustache and a boiler hat. Ok maybe we don't! but we shooould!

I decided to make my blog pink since I blogged a few things for the Pink Ribbon Fair. Check it out here

I knew the moment I seen this Zibska Hat and Collar full of roses what I was going to do with it. Transform myself into Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games.

La Vie En, hat and collar is  their exclusive item for the Pink Ribbon Fair.
100% of proceeds of the La Vie En set automatically donated to the fundraiser.
Plus,  Full texture change version to be released after the event, those purchasing at the fair will automatically get the full version upon release.

Hair: LeLutka  SALOME in Powder
Nails: Sexy Mama you can get them on the MP. Get all the sets!
Coat: Doppelganger Bridget in Fuchsia

Monday, August 6, 2012

Flamingo, no you didn't!

I've been making Sachy's platform a mess lately with boxes from the Pink Ribbon Fair. Over at the fair there are pink roofed huts laid out in a curving pattern on top of some beautiful  blue water. If you haven't tped over, you should check it out.    EVENT INFO

Now gals, if you love your boobs as good as I love mine. You will take some time to fondle them in the shower or laying on your bed. Just make sure you do it once a month for about fifteen minutes.  I do mine in the shower on the day my rent is due. Easy to remember that way. :)


Shirt: :::LP::: Primal Eyes (Flamingo) Sweater ( mesh)  (Pink Ribbon Fair)

Pants: [ SAKIDE ] (mesh) Linen Harem Pants Pink1 (Pink Ribbon Fair)


Hair: Lamb  Ruby (Mesh) - Milkshake


 Just one I made

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pink Ribbon Fair

Is this pink enough for you! LOL. Can you guess what I'm going to blog about? You got that right! BOOBS! Well not exactly boobs but how you need to keep those boobs of yours and the ones you loves boobs safe. Here is a website that tells you how to give a self exam. Early detection can save lives. Self Exam

The Pink Ribbon Fair is in collaboration with Relay For Life to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. They have an official website here Pink Ribbon Fair

Fair starts August 4th to the 25th.

I wanted the first post to be so pink I even wore a pink skin.


Swimsuit: Strip'd  Bikini (Pink Ribbon Fair)


Feet: Slink  Bare feet Mesh
Nails: *Sexy Mamas*
Face Tattoo: White~Widow  (Pink Ribbon Fair)
Eyes: Mayfly - Persian Pink
Skin: [MC] Rose  (Pink Ribbon Fair)
Hair: [MC] Light Pink (Pink Ribbon Fair)

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Curious Case of Mr. and Mrs. Button

For good or bad my sl family has been changing lately. It breaks my heart that Miketh isn't in our family anymore. The space you left will never truly ever be filled. 

Ethan my little brother may have decided that the time zone difference was to much. We haven't seen him on in a good bit. Here is a picture I took of him and the dino I got him.

I had no idea it was so big. Nor did I know it could eat twenty eight pb & j's in one sitting. Thank god Mom is a huge fan of peanut butter.

Some great news though. Two very special gals have came into my life that I adore. Bri and Stevi. They fit so well and are both very goodhearted, funny, unique individuals, that light up my day. I call them my sisters. They are twin seven year olds with tons of spunk and creativity. I know all of us in the family feel pretty blessed to have them in our lives.

We are now known as the Everdeen family. Based on the surname of the lead character and her family from the Hunger Game books.

I just recently read all three books. I won't give spoilers but I will say it was the first time I threw a book. I wanted to go all Annie Wilkie on Suzanne Collins' ass. Instead I cried so hard  that I felt stupid.

Both girls are great at taking pictures and own stores on their bigs (adult avatars)

Veri/Bri owns the wonderful pose store Mood Swings.  Mood Swings TP

Veri did this amazing pose and photo of me and my fella Sachy.

Steph/Stevi makes some beautiful shapes and jewelry at her store called Trinkets shapes n' such TP here.

Here is a picture Stevi did of the Everdeen girls.

 Cady my Moma had a real life birthday recently. Sachy built her a karaoke stage and I hired Maximillion Kleene to come serenade her. The girls bought her an amazing cake and moms friends and family came to celebrate her day. Thank you all for coming and making that day special for her. She really deserves it. I love her so good.


Lets talk about my boyfriend. The one and only Sachy. He is the cutest sweetest most awesomeness guy ever. We hit a rough patch there for a second and I just knew in my heart it was over. I was ready to chalk it up to another failed attempt by yours truly. It was him that messaged me asking what were we doing. He wanted to know if I was as unhappy as he was not talking to each other. I was.  I think the thought of us not being in a relationship anymore made us both realize how much we really loved each other. Every day I wake up I think about him. We have so much fun together. We are so mad and deep with this.... it takes my air away.


He also takes some really great pictures. Here is his version of some of the family together.


I know we are all trying to get our bearings about us since Miketh left . Each of us trying to be strong for the others. I just want all of us to be ok. Whether your in the family now or not.

What I say in my blog is just my prospective of things and not the end all nor be all of anything.

Speaking of blogs

Sometimes I wish there was a reset button for all the blogging community of secondlife. I've been noticing lately how the sl bloggers aren't a community at all. You have people who think there is this one way to blog due to their successful blogs. Then you have people who whine because they want to be successful like them. Then you have all of us in the middle. There is a gray area of bloggers who give no fucks.  I really just write my blog for myself.  It lets me go down memory lane and remember those times easier. The thing is. I don't expect anyone to understand me or accept me or follow my lead. I encourage people to find their own way with it. Who cares how you blog. It's just a blog. How can anyone be having this discussion about it. It's laughable. If you zoomed out and looked at the big picture. Some sl people are successful in part because they found secondlife earlier than others. Honestly what does it really mean to have been on secondlife longer than other people. Think about that. It means nothing. I am not seriously going to show a sign of respect because you've been on secondlife for more years than me.  I  know there are some slers who whine about their blogs not getting enough hits. Maybe it comes in time. Maybe your blog isn't what people like.

I'm not really a fashion blogger. I dip a toe in it here and there. My blog is my sl journal for the most part. Maybe a scrapbook even. I once had a girl IM me saying. " So you blog's about what goes on in your sl life?" I responded "Yea pretty dorky huh?" and she agreed. In turn that made me laugh.

So a reset button would be great. But it's not practical. I can only really speak for myself. If you don't like my blog. Don't read it. Or read it and roll your eyes. I just want you to know. I don't care. If reading my blog makes you smile and you want to IM me. Your always going to put a smile on my face. And I'm probably going to try and make friends with you.

Plurk is the place that I see a lot of the complaining of things that go on in the blogging community. I try and weed out people that only whine or people that are so catty it makes my eye twitch. I am a horrible plurker. I would rather reply/read to other plurks.I get having a bad day or week or month. Some of you are so up and down in a day I worry you might be manic depressive.

What's on the horizon for Abernathy Everdeen? Just chillin. Swimming. Hanging out. Summer is here people. Get happy!

Absy Absy out