Sunday, November 13, 2011

It really hurts when you punch me

What's new in Abernathy Jane Button Fretwerks life?

Well Sachy is officially my brother. We aren't sure which one is older, since we're both sixteen.  We pick at each other so bad. But both of us love it. Sachy is really creative and organized. I dig that. He's always coming up with things to do in sl. He's a doer more than a dreamer.  He fits in so well and I can't imagine him not being in our family now.  Ok Sachy you can quit reading at this point. Since the rest won't be about you. (He only reads our blogs if they have his name in them. He's a bit (really) narcissistic.

I've got some great romantic news to talk about. Nope, its not about me. Dad's sister Portia and Mom's brother Rune are dating. They live behind us on the same sim. They have adopted Riley an older brother named Frankie. So things are moving nicely for them. Congratulations Twine family.

Also Aunt Saphy and Uncle Tai are now engaged. Such great news. Can't wait for the wedding. I think Sachy and Reo would make such cute flower girls.

I was propositioned a week ago by a male vampire avi to be his surrogate. He wanted me to carry his vampire baby.  He offered me 5000L. Such a weird request. And of course I told my parents, I was totally doing it. My poor SL dad Miketh, he puts up with so much of my meanness. I love him so good. I  mess with my sl parents so bad sometimes. I am sl 16....isn't that my job? In the end I turned him down. I'm not looking to get a show on SL MTV.

On Wednesday's at 5:00pm slt, I go to 100 word stories by R. Crap Mariner (the robit) at the Edloe sim. Even when I was a little girl I liked to be read too. I guess that hasn't changed. As well as listening to the 100 word stories. Dad, Sachy, and myself have wrote some for Crap's 100 word podcast. It's really a great way to exercise your writing skills. Plus I enjoy writing stuff just to hear the midget read it. Check out the 100 word website.

Here I am picking the Robit's nose. If you've never picked a robit's nose. It should be on your bucket list. 
It's unbelievable, the treasures you can find.

What goes together better than peanut butter and chocolate? 

Harrison Gearz and turds. His mother Kess would be proud.

Also on Wednesdays, I've been going to the Actor's Sandbox. A place for Actors and Machinima people to get together. The actors do monologues. Which in turn get critiques and tips on how to improve. It helps Machinimatographers to hire actors. Its basically just a lot of fun to be apart of.

Speaking of that. Suzy Yue, the owner of Running Lady Productions. Hired me as a production assistant recently.  She's fantastic and really great to work with.

Plurk has been buzzing lately. I laugh so hard at some of the things my friends on there say. I can spend over an hour reading post and the responses. If you don't have plurk. You should get it. It's worth it.

Also on Plurk, I've decided to post items in secondlife that I think people would like. Yesterday I didn't really leave the sim much because the family played a lot of games and we invited Auntie Saphy and Uncle Tai over for dinner. Since Uncle Rune and Auntie Portia were both on rl vacation we are watching the kids. So Riley and Frankie were over for dinner as well.  Mom made pancakes, eggs, bacon, and grits. I think I might have been the only person at dinner that had ever had grits in rl. It's an American southern thing.

Picture: by Caty Fretwerk
(who is the best mother EVA)

Aunt Saph did something pretty genious. She made a group blog for our family. It's called Functionally Dysfunctional You should check it out. I will be posting our bowling outing on that blog. I posted a small introduction about me on that blog earlier today.

Speaking of our awesome extended family. We had a Family Portrait made for mom's 5th rezz day. 

Picture by: Sapphire Elise Coakes (sapphire.coakes)

From the back starting on the left : Standing Harrison Gearz Sitting on the arm Miketh Fretwerk arm wraped around Miketh Cady Fretwerk (Cadence Aldrich)  standing in the middle/back Draco Nacht arms wrapped around Draco Theodore Nacht On the couch with tats Sapphire Elise Coakes (sapphire.coakes) on the right side arm chair Portia Pexington Standing Scarlot Verrazzano
Back to the left: sitting on the couch Me Abernathy Button Fretwerk Tai Miklos beside him in the suit Rune Twine
Back to the left on the floor being a nerd ѕαςнч ƒяεtωεяк (valentine.rexen) beside him Jessica Ishtari-Fhang (jessicanicole.teardrop) infront of her is itty bitty Riley Ann Twine (aubree.merryman) and the kid in the hat Reo Blinker

Oh my jesus christ why did I feel the need to post everyones names?

Last month I decided to do a Halloween style a day blog. I love the month of October. This There was so much going on real life and my internet connection was messed up. I'm glad the internet thing is cleared up. I'm hoping my niece and nephew can find some peace and calm now. They deserve so much. Sigh.

Lets move on. This year for Halloween the Fretwerks decided to be the Addam's family. Dad was Gomez, Mom was Morticia, Sachy was Pugsly. ( He mopped about being he was a good sport and did it anyways. :) ) I was Wednesday.

We all worked  to make this picture come together. I love my family. *Snaps my fingers twice*

Ok now for fashion. Oh la la. hehehe.

I went to the Cute As A Button Karaoke bar. Man was it packed. :)

Sachy, Mom, and Dad put this Karaoke shoot up for me in less than five minutes. 

I really think I am getting better at P.S.

Notice Harrison and my dad? Yea...if you heard me sing, you wouldn't blame them.

Shirt:  ~ imbue. skeleton bodysuit 
Legging:   with holes No.2 -Black- REDGRAVE* 1
Boots: Hoorenbeek [ h ] Lucille
Underneath Leggings: (Royal Blue) Line to the Crown in 80's Gym Workout
Eyeliner: :Plastic Flowers::  Simple Liner1
Lashes: ~ BEAUTIFUL DELUXE~**BD** Lashes (Series 1)
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Belt: .:: Delusions ::. Bass Down Low Belt
Piercing: Pierce Of  Mind: - PoM - Open Snake - Silver - Sphere - Shadow
Earrings: [Aura] Dia De Los Muertos - (pink)
Hair:[elikatira] [e] Looking - White 05
Lashes:[ LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl/touch me
Eyes: Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes - Grey
Pose by: GLITTERATI - Vocal