Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pink Ribbon Fair

Is this pink enough for you! LOL. Can you guess what I'm going to blog about? You got that right! BOOBS! Well not exactly boobs but how you need to keep those boobs of yours and the ones you loves boobs safe. Here is a website that tells you how to give a self exam. Early detection can save lives. Self Exam

The Pink Ribbon Fair is in collaboration with Relay For Life to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. They have an official website here Pink Ribbon Fair

Fair starts August 4th to the 25th.

I wanted the first post to be so pink I even wore a pink skin.


Swimsuit: Strip'd  Bikini (Pink Ribbon Fair)


Feet: Slink  Bare feet Mesh
Nails: *Sexy Mamas*
Face Tattoo: White~Widow  (Pink Ribbon Fair)
Eyes: Mayfly - Persian Pink
Skin: [MC] Rose  (Pink Ribbon Fair)
Hair: [MC] Light Pink (Pink Ribbon Fair)