Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abby the HAPPY!!!

Hi again. Thanks to everyone that messaged me in secondlife about liking my blog. You all should follow me on here. Big news. We found a picture of a dress that my mom is going to try and get someone to recreate in SL for prom. Look for that blog sometime in May. YAY.
Lets see. Speaking of mom saved me from buying a dress I didn't really like that a woman tried to make for me. Just so you all know. My mom is my Super Hero. Anyone that reads this that can make a cape with super mom on the back...should send it to my Mom. She's the best. Her and my Dad are so awesome sweet.

The other day I was on right at the perfect time. Mom is pregnant with TWINS. She had a doctors appointment. Here's a pic of that. The Doctor was really nice and Mom and the pumpkin dumpkins are doing great!!!. April 20th is the Due date...but you know they never come when they are suppose too.

I finally made it to class. I now go to Hardknocks Highschool. It's really great. My teachers are really smart and we do alot. Classes are Tuesday's and Thursdays. Today was our last day before spring break. So our teacher took us to the Nasa Sim. There was a video that you could click on to show you a launch. Here it is. The whole time I was watching it I couldn't help imagining Bugsy bunny dressed up like a girl running around with Elmer Fudd. LOL.

Wilbur finally met Mom. LOL...he has a sculpty stach. Look at this pic. What a goober.

[20:54] Wilbur reaches into your bun and..
[20:55] abernathy Button: :D[20:55] Wilbur kisses you on the bun.
[20:55] abernathy Button: :D
[20:55] Wilbur: See ya :)

I adore him...and Bootsy. It would be great if I knew which one liked me like you like a girlfriend. lol. And speaking of Bootzy the Cutsy. I told him about my blog. Yea...I'm OMGing too. But he was happy about it and flattered. He even took time to read it. But that being said. I am so ready to fall for someone and them fall for me. I know both these boys think I am the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas combined. They both have seen my RL picture (I'm cute as a button in RL too..) and I know what they look like. I just don't think that either of them are looking for a girlfriend in SL....or I should say just one

But anyways. Even if they don't want to be more than that.
I still ADORE Wilbur (Alex Trebek wannabe/bun toucher) and Bootsy (the Cutsy/Mega Crush)
I'll just sit in my redone room (Thanks you Mom) and daydream about them

Sorry about being away. My internet connection...well everyone in my apartment buildings internet connection was down a week. And I guess the word for today is with that being said. I adore all of you....goodbye for now my tater tots and frenchy fries.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Officallly Adopted...Sugar and Spice and everything Nice

That's what I'm made of.

Here is the adoption paper.

I couldn't be more happy...Even if I tried.

Now my next goal is to get a family picture.

I do have alot of siblings and it's hard to get everyone on at the same time. But...that's SL life.

Oh and guess what peepers and jeepers. Prom is coming up at my new school. Yep that's right Mom enrolled yours truly into the School of Hard knocks. They teach SL things. Scripting, Building, and who knows what else. You name it. Really cool. Back to Prom....O>M>G. What the heckadoodle am I going to wear. Please help lovely ladies of SLery. Plus...who am I going with. At this point maybe some very special fella is reading this and already knows I like him tons upon tons....and would love to take me. :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Bun of Eternity and Surfing with Wilbur

My new friend Wilbur aka bun toucher and I decided to go surfing. See I went once with my friend Jullian and I had no idea what I was doing. Every time I would wipe out I would just pull a board of our my inventory aka my bun on my head. I bet I rezzed like fifteen boards....yep...yikes a rama. So..about a day later. I get an instant message from the owner of the beach where we surfed. Very nice person. Told me I was using the wrong board and if I just rented one from them I would be able to make a wave or two.
So Cowabunga DUDE!!! In the back you see Wilbur. He took to it pretty fast. Are you wondering how I met Wilbur? Well there is this little place I like to go, called Korea. Lots of weird interesting people go there. I like to listen to them and get into weird crazy talks with some. Well Wilbur bumped into me. So we started talking. He put his finger in my bun and pretended to pull out several things. French Fries to Homeless people. We talked he rumaged thru my poor helpless bun. lol. He's a funny one. And...I might have...the itsyest...tiney tiniest crushy on him. Sigh.

And by the way. My parents...well...they still ROCK. And They want to take me off trial and adopt me.

Mamsen ‧: how do you think trial has gone so far ? do you like it here... is there anything you wondering about?
[1:54] abernathy Button‧: I don't like it I love it. I feel like I've been around you and Dad forever. And since you and he are such open books. I don't have any burning questions.
[1:55] Mamsen ‧: awwwee :))
[1:56] Mamsen‧: thats good honey
[1:56] Mamsen‧: one question
[1:56] abernathy Button‧: how about you>? How do you think things are going? Got any questions?
[1:56] Mamsen ‧: do you want us to adopt you?
[1:56] abernathy Button‧: yes...I hope you will.
[1:56] Mamsen ‧: i love you :) you are a warm and careing person
[1:57] Mamsen ‧: we want to do that yes :) ))) just want you to get the opertunety to say yes or no :)
[1:57] abernathy Button‧: yes. double yes...triple dipple YES!
[1:58] Mamsen‧: hahaha
[1:58] Mamsen ‧: well good
[1:58] Mamsen ‧: i will send in the adoption papers
[1:58] abernathy Button‧: YAY

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Facepalm lol...inside joke....with...MY PARENTS!!

WOrd. Not only do I have some parents now....BUT...they are AWESOME. Yes all you cute critters...I am so happy I could do a little dance. It would be a break dance mind you but a dance all the same. Sigh. I am delighted. Here is a picture of us.

Please Baby Jesus let this work out. I feel like it will but...just think good thoughts and let them be as sweet as they seem...I do believe they are. They are all about being yourself and the calm of life. They are productive people in Secondlife and have big hearts. They are funny and witty and just plain ole neat. They have met in RL and are engaged. Can you say SCORE. So they truly love each other. I cannot wait till my friends meet them.

Ok....see you soon yo yo's and slinketts!

Monday, March 8, 2010

After School Special

Well I started school. Missed the Friday night PJ party with a movie. Grr to that...and boo. But then the next night I went to midnight class. Cause I'm cool like that...and met my teacher and principal. We just mainly chit chatted and hung out. Can't wait to meet the other kids my age. Word. Here is a picture of me in my school uniform. I go to the Bonaire Academy.

But the best part is...not only did I talk to my mega crush Bootsy the Cutsy...we also hung out and did a little huggin again. Sigh...Dreamy...heart skip a beat.....sigh again for good measure. Here is a picture of us hanging out.

So...I'm good. Hope all of you Baby Dinasaurs and Dorksauce (lol) are happy too.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My first Sad day. (No picture) Gasp!

I guess I shouldn't complain. I mean my life is good. I just wished things had worked out with my dad. It's tough when you put your hopes in someone else. I guess that's life though huh?

So I was all sad cause my SL dad ended up not being such a nice great guy. The good thing that come of it though...I met a new friend that took me around showing me alot of places to get free stuff. Thank you Fanceey Darkstone. You made a bad day so much better. Plus Bootzy was around for a second. I went to his house for a bit and I can't help believe there is something real there between us. I mean he did have a Carlton t-shirt on (from the fresh prince tv show) How can you not have a Mega Mega crush on a fella like that. Sigh!!!!!!

So...maybe another family will come along but until then I have Taylor to make me laugh and vice versa.

So Later pretty pups and baby bull dogs. Your cute and junk.