Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Three is the Magic Number

We all thought mom was pregnant with twins but...um..more like triplets. So without writing a bunch...I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

So welcome to Secondlife!!!!

Angel Edge born at 3:22pm weighing in 2kg 900 grams 48 cm-6lbs 8oz 19inches long


Christopher Edge at 3:27pm weighing in at 3kg 500grams 48 cm- 7lbs 14 oz 19 inches long

and (lol)

Lily Edge at 3:39pm weighing in at 3kg 0 grams 48 cm-6lbs 10 oz 19 inches long

Mom is doing well...she was on voice grunting...lol..it was funny...and my parents want to say thank you to all well wishers and the like.

Happy Birthday Babies!!!

From your Big Sis. The cute dish Abernathy Button

Monday, April 26, 2010

Your blog makes my butt look big.

I'm having a hard time writing this blog and naming it. Today has seemed like a rushed day. When I first got on I had so much to do...and it was overwhelming. In a good way really. Ready for swimming. Going to open the pool at my apartment complex (rl) soon..word up. Lets see...hmm...oh...I had a baby shower for my mom...I'm hoping I can come up with some pictures..but the ones my mom sent me won't download. I should have taken some myself. I had alot on my mind that day with (rl) family stuff. The babyshower went well. My Dad's rezz day soon followed but I missed it due to (rl) family surgery. Wow is this blog going to be a debbie downer?

Lets see...oh bright note..went to class today...scripting. Mr. Zune is a great guy...really smart about scripting...I'm sorta behind but I think he may tudor me on it...he knows his stuff.

Mom is going to have the twins tomorrow. Pretty excited about that.

I met my sister MJ....trying to remember which one of them I haven't met now. I think I've almost met them all.

Made a bunch of friends today...all awesome possumes. I love my friend on SL...they make me laugh when I'm bummed out about things.

Starting to question things...which is wierd. But if you don't question your life...then you aren't living.

Alot of family has come and gone since I have been apart of it. It's hard. I'm sure on everyone.

Also..I'm not crushin on Bootsy anymore. We are still friends but...sometimes...when things go no where they fizzle...

Yea try as I might...I can't make this blog sound happy. I'm not sad at all..but this blog is determined to be riddled with blah.

I would say when the babies come tomorrow...I will have a happy cherry good for you blog...so stay tuned..

And I promise to try and write more often so this doesn;t happen again.

P.s. I need a SL job.. wonder if there are places that hire teens. IM me if you know of anywhere.