Tuesday, August 23, 2011

100 and 1 ways to use a members only jacket

Harry doesn't want to be my friend anymore. And just like this two headed cow. That is F*ck Up.

He told me he was never speaking to me again. I hurt him. I don't blame him. I feel really down and I will miss him forever.

Moving on to even sadder news.

A wonderful woman that played secondlife and was a fellow blogger and friend died recently. Brinda Allen was a loved person that had nothing but funny kind things to say. I met her at last years Halloween party sponsored by the secondlife bloggers group in SL. She IMed me and we talked for a bit. She mentioned reading my blog. She asked me about the last post I had written. At the time I had recently been dumped by my boyfriend in sl and my blog was somewhat sadder than the normal happier goofer posts. I felt embarrassed that she had read the sad one but she had such kind reassuring words for me. I thought how wonderful that she felt so comfortable opening up to me about her own life to make me feel better. Brinda you will be missed by so many because so many loved and cared about you. :( Here is Brinda's blog CLICK HERE

Life is always changing. Real life or Second life. Nothing ever stays the same. Sometimes it's bad and sometimes its good.

Something good right now in secondlife is my SL family is expanding by leaps and bounds. I have a new cousin. She is my mom's sister Sy's daughter. Her name is Sheree and she is very spunky and sweet. Mom has her very first brother in sl. Rune is a great uncle and really blends well with our family. His daughter Rylie is the smallest cousin I have. She is so cute. Mom also has a new sister and brother in-law Saphi and Tai, and their kids are now my cousins. I know Reo will be so happy! HAHAHAHA LOL LOL. I also have a feeling I might be getting a new Uncle if Auntie Sy plays her cards right.

Speaking of new family members....

The other night Mom and I were in weird moods. We were sorta egging each other on about going window shopping at MAW. It's one of the adoption agencies in secondlife. Finally one of us said. I'll go if you go. So we tped over and nervously laughed about what we were doing. Neither of us taking it serious at all. We both just knew we couldn't have another kid in the family because Dad had already told us many times that he wouldn't budge on it. Then we met Mina. I was talking to her in IM and mom had just found her panel. We didn't realize we both were excited about the same kid. I had told my parents so many times I wanted a ten year old sister. Mina is eleven. lol.. She looks like Mom and has Dad's personality to a tee. What a deadly combination huh? It's been almost a week into her trail and things are going pretty good. She speaks her mind and doesn't apologize for her opinions. Dad was really wonderful about what Mom and I did. He really does surprise me all the time with how good hearted he is.

Just like Mom, Dad, and myself, Mina has her own blog.
You can read it here. CLICK HERE

I was in the first annul Shooting Stars Beauty Pagent and Mina covered the whole pageant. She did an excellent job. You can look at her past blogs to see pictures of me and the other contestants on stage in our many outfits and talents. Oh and another thing. I WON!!!!

I want to thank Sheree for telling me about it. Mom for giving me the entry fee. Dad for being so positive and asking if I needed anything for the pageant. Mina for helping me with making each outfit fit perfectly and looking the best I could as well as writing three blogs just about the pageant alone. Theo for giving me the knife throwing idea. Sick for being my assistant slash victim. Harry, Uncle Rune, Aunt Scar, Aunt Sy, Church, Tra, and Lex for attending the five hour event. It was really fun and something different to do in Second life and that's is what I am all about.

Speaking of winners. Dad, Rusty, and Sick all play for the SFL Powerhouse Panthers. Last week they won against the Patriots. Pictures of all three's playing card coming soon!

Now for a extra bit of randomness.

The other day I went over to Auntie Scar's house. She was so nice to offer me some stew she had been making all day. But when I took a peek at what she was fixing I had to swallow back a gag. I know that hobo stew is a delicacy in second life but you judge for yourself. Could you eat this?

Harry still doesn't grasp the concept of bathrooms.

I don't really know much about Meeroo's. I knew they dug up buried treasure. I just didn't realize a dead hooker was one of them. EEK!

Most of the time when my sl family and friends get together, the conversation is just this random string of things that we all belly laugh about. I can't quiet remember how Mom and I started talking about members only jackets but Rusty got on board and it ran from there. So now here is my little Cute As A Button "Members Only" video. LOL.