Monday, April 11, 2011

A family that blogs together...stays together?

Lately I've just been hanging around.
Some would even say I was clowning around.
But I would say life has just felt like a party.

Whats really cute about that the kids in it are my parents shrunk.

This picture is my over the top Mob boss wife.

So for April Fools I got married/partnered. I also had a vampire baby. It was a busy day.

Here is where we partnered/got married. Its a large KittyCat litter box that my parents hang out in more than our house. I'm just glad we don't have smell o vision.

Here is my now ex hubby on our honeymoon. We decided go to the Isle of 1prim Box. I had an fantastic time.

I assumed since I was a teen mother and married I could get on a sl tv show's version of Mtvs 16 and pregnant. Maybe I'm ahead of my time.

That night I got a divorce. With a little pressure from my parents..and the fact that it was all a joke. lol.

I do have to say though..I sorta liked the way it felt.

But at last I do have a boyfriend now and I think him and my ex-hubby get a long pretty well.

My boyfriends mom hates him...its true..she put poo on his sleeping bag. This relationship makes me laugh a lot.

We have so many KittyCat's one of them is named Plurk.

My boyfriend Harry..he digs Die Antwoord too. ♥♥♥

In other SL news. I am no longer a host at MH. It was my choice and the right one I do have to say. I vow from here on out in secondlife. I will not work for someone else. Being a host alienates your friends list and the only way you really can make linden is to be friends with people you wouldn't normally hang out with. Speaking of friends. I also did a huge overall with my contact list. If I didn't talk to someone really ever...I removed them from my list. I also got rid of people that I didn't feel were really friends. matter how nice you are to someone. They are not a happy person and they don't want anyone around them happy. Plan and simple. It's my SL and I choose to "play" it the way I want. That's my right. Just as it is theirs.

Weddings are in the air. My Uncle Lucky and Auntie Haley got married April 2nd. Mom and I were hired to take pictures of the event. I'm not Mom status but I think we both took some pretty good pictures. Here is a slide show I made as well.

I really do need to get a new graphics card. So I can take fancy shadow pics. Mom took these of me the other day. Here I am in my FAV tshirt right now. Its the Die Antwoord from Projekt Mayhem.

Do you read hyperboleandahalf ? Well you should. Specifically about the ALOT. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THE ALOT

Thanks to my mom...I've had many laughs reading that blog. Then the other day. I found this hat in my inventory.

Totally an ALOT hat. Right? lol

The other day Uncle Rusty came over and took me on a ride on his cowboy bike in the kitty litter box. Then in his G-unit ride..smh...where we ended up in the pool.

How Enter the Ninja is this pic?

Why does that happen in sl? Its so weird.

We had pixel dinner Sunday. Mom really outdid herself. Here's some pictures. Harrison (my love ninja) showed us some pictures of a proper english breakfast when he was over in Europe. We all laughed inappropriately about how big the sausages were.

Mom and Dad made Harry do the