Friday, February 26, 2010

Here comes the sun do in do do

So I made our first family picture today. My dad is grand. He's a racecar driver and a DJ. Here's the picture.

Also I took this one to symbolize my mood today. is good you goobers and gooberetts!

A father to call my own

The other day when I was getting kicked off of my wonderful life in SL. I decided maybe I need to get off the streets. Stop sleeping in the sand at Club Tera and find a family to call my own. So I went to the number one adoption agency. Before I could look at the boards. There he was in the lobby. He messaged me IM and was very direct. He said. Are you a teen? Have you been adopted yet. I was sorta wary of him because most single dads on SL are looking for one thing. And it aint anything good. YUCKO. But I wanted to give him a chance. If he was a creep I could always leave. I went to his house and he was really nice. Even had some rules. Couldn't dress sexy or seductive and couldn't have porno graphic material in my room. LOL. If you know me. You know...I'm far from a sexy dresser or a horn dog. So in a weird way me and my new dad are a great fit. Plus Taylor approves of him and she's my bestie. We've moved twice and I accidently deleted his house once. So we are off to a good start. Cross your fingers and your toes and maybe even your button nose. Here is a picture of me in my bedroom. Pictures of me and my dad soon to follow.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playing in Gimp

I kept crashin in SL today. Sigh. Bootsy and I didn't get chance to talk from the crashing. Grr!!!
I'm just going to change my name to Crasy McCrashton the third esquire. :)
It took me forever to get an outfit together. Nothing was making me happy. I finially worked something out. I went to Club Tera later and hung out with the gals o pals. I asked them to let me take some pics of them so I could make a group photo. I love messing with photos. Its the fun in my dig. Here is the pic.

On a side note. I think Bootsy reads my blogs. YIKES. Now he is going to know I have a crush on his brains. I'm all Zombie like for them.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bootsy Sandwich

He was on when I logged onto my secondlife. I thought we were going to play IM tag for a few more days but lucky for me he was on. When I'm around him I want to eat sweets. Wonder what that means. Hmm. He's really funny and witty. So we went to a couple of real great clubs he new about then he said it was my turn. So I decided to take him to Greenies Home. If you haven't been there. Then IM me about it and I will give you a landmark. It's pretty fantastical. Abernathy Button is my name just in case you needed it for IMs. Anyways. He seemed to really like it. Score for me. Here's a picture of him on a toaster. Yum...a Bootsy Sandwich. We walked around a little more then it was getting late for him. I debated whether to hug him or not...but then I realized I didn't have a hug hud. I quickly messaged my true blue friend Taylor ( my savoir and guide in this world). She sent me a hug thingamabob. I did the /hug Bootsy and we HUGGED!!!. It was awesome my baby possumes!!!! And he liked it. We'll my bitty biscuits. I'm glad we talked. And if you want to feel the feeling I'm having tonight. Listen to the Cary Brothers' blue eyes. And thank you all that gave me some great LM's to go see. I'm excited. Nite!!

Sleepy time girl

Gosh I'm tired. I meant to start living my secondlife a little earlier today but I got busy. Sigh. I went around and got about half of that red packet hunt done. I have this great pinkish flower in my hair from the hunt. I came to dance at Club Tera. I love this place. Even so.... I wish there were more fun places to go. If anyone reads this and has some ideas. Please let me know. Thanks a trillion. Well I am off to snuggle with my favorite pillow. Nite to you muffins.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Funny Valentine

Everyone is so Anti Valentines day. Not me. I like it. I like the colors the candy the cards. I like celebrating love. It would be pe rfect if only I had a fella. So Happy Valentines day everyone.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bootsy (The New Guy)

Once again at Club Tera. Dancing with my free fun clothing. Life is just better in purple gloshies. ( Abomb free gift for Vday) Minding my business...reading profiles. And there he was. Standing there smoking his cig....all bad and stuff. After reading his profile I debated on whether or not to say hi. No need to think much more on it because he said hello first.

Bootsy : smiles as he watches you twirl...."you win braceyface"
Abernathy: oh...sorry mouth full of red hots
Bootsy‧: mmmm, yummy
Abernathy‧: word
Bootsy‧: word to yo gammy
Abernathy‧: :)
Abernathy‧: like the way your avi looks
Bootsy ‧: i'm already addicted to yours

And it begins. :) :) :)

Dancing at Club Tera

Hi there. Names Abernathy Button. Nice to meet you. Not been to sleep yet. Didn't really want to anyways since I don't have a home yet. I'm sorta still up from dancing at Club Tera. The music is good and there's a lot of people around most of the time. I tend to go there a lot when I'm not roaming around. I'm big into fashion. Strike that...I'm big into my own fashion. Sometimes my clothes or look seem weird but there is a rhyme and reason for my madness. You should come check out Club Tera. I might be there. We can dance till our shoes fill with sand.