Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bootsy (The New Guy)

Once again at Club Tera. Dancing with my free fun clothing. Life is just better in purple gloshies. ( Abomb free gift for Vday) Minding my business...reading profiles. And there he was. Standing there smoking his cig....all bad and stuff. After reading his profile I debated on whether or not to say hi. No need to think much more on it because he said hello first.

Bootsy : smiles as he watches you twirl...."you win braceyface"
Abernathy: oh...sorry mouth full of red hots
Bootsy‧: mmmm, yummy
Abernathy‧: word
Bootsy‧: word to yo gammy
Abernathy‧: :)
Abernathy‧: like the way your avi looks
Bootsy ‧: i'm already addicted to yours

And it begins. :) :) :)

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