Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bootsy Sandwich

He was on when I logged onto my secondlife. I thought we were going to play IM tag for a few more days but lucky for me he was on. When I'm around him I want to eat sweets. Wonder what that means. Hmm. He's really funny and witty. So we went to a couple of real great clubs he new about then he said it was my turn. So I decided to take him to Greenies Home. If you haven't been there. Then IM me about it and I will give you a landmark. It's pretty fantastical. Abernathy Button is my name just in case you needed it for IMs. Anyways. He seemed to really like it. Score for me. Here's a picture of him on a toaster. Yum...a Bootsy Sandwich. We walked around a little more then it was getting late for him. I debated whether to hug him or not...but then I realized I didn't have a hug hud. I quickly messaged my true blue friend Taylor ( my savoir and guide in this world). She sent me a hug thingamabob. I did the /hug Bootsy and we HUGGED!!!. It was awesome my baby possumes!!!! And he liked it. We'll my bitty biscuits. I'm glad we talked. And if you want to feel the feeling I'm having tonight. Listen to the Cary Brothers' blue eyes. And thank you all that gave me some great LM's to go see. I'm excited. Nite!!

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