Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't be a #Hashtag#


 I told myself that I wasn't going to blog till AberMatchy was up. So that's why its been six weeks or more since my last post.

Many times I have delved into projects in SL and sadly didn't see them through. My fear of failure is small, my fear of success, it's mountain top high. Then again. I am a mountain top water drop. 

My real life family being as successful as they are and knowing that blood doesn't run through my own veins. Has cause me to hold back. My dreams were never to own a business or make CEO. To be honest. When I was a little kid. I wanted to make movies, or write screen plays, or be a cartoonist.  I spent my time drawing funny cartoons of  friends and teachers. 

One night when I was staying with my bio mom for the summer. Her new neighbor knocked on the door asking to borrow a couple of eggs. My bio mom was gone and I had some friends over. And yes we were getting stonned. I gave her a couple of eggs. She was nice, said thank you and left. My friends and I started hatching this plan where we would paint another egg with a scary face and place it on her door knob. (don't judge we were high) I guess it broke that morning. I never seen the mess or egg. I did get a note on  my front door saying whoever painted the egg was really good. Which for some reason prompted me to write morbid tales to the new neighbor and stuffed them in her door. She would read them and would write me back asking for more. 

She and I became good friends. She talked to me like I was her equal. We talked about art, movies, music. She had been places. Done things. She was and still is hippy esque. I could be me around her. I could like "weird" music. She would give me books to read that if my mother knew I was reading them. She's sick the hounds on my new friend. She let me sit in her air conditioned apartment, get high and draw. She'd hang stuff up I drew. She always had cute guys over. They would flirt with me like I was her age. It was really a turning point in my life.

Is this story becoming a lifetime movie script? I can't tell. 

I'm letting my guard down slowly. I've met some really amazing people, who really just want to have fun and laugh. Be happy and form good solid bonds. They make me feel like if I fail or succeed that I'm going to be ok. And the way they feel about me isn't going to change.
So I've opened AberMatchy. It's a one on one Matchmaking service.  Here's the website. 

If you or your friends are single in sl. Please feel free to fill out a form or IM me. Consultation is free.  It's a very inexpensive service. I already have a decent success rate.

 The Fretwerk's Christmas party was really fun. We drew names for present giving.  Aunt Saphy got my name and she gave me this great hud that fixes your eyes and lets you control other peoples eyes as well. She also gave me a plush Cow chair..I think it has magical powers. Every time I sit in it I get sleepy in rl. 

Running Lady had a Christmas Party.  It was really fun.  Since I don't have a boyfriend.  Mom made Sachy go with me. lol.  Poor Sachy.  He was nice enough to dance with me.

GameShack is where AberMatchy's office resides. There are tons of games and byngo. If you haven't played byngo. You should. It's really fun.

My sl dad Miketh, is a a big New Orleans Saints fan.  Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's 27 year-old record for most passing yards in one season. To commemorate the day. We took a picture.

I've already got a few clients at AberMatchy. Some have went on dates already. I'm pretty excited that I can be a conduit for others to connect. I kinda think that might be the reason I exist. Oh that got me teary eyes. I'm a dork.

The robit and a dear friend of his Burke had a very interesting idea to raise money for relay for life. (It makes for a great gift for your valentine...or your secret crush *wink*) at 49 L and trans, its a steal and your giving to charity.

Go here to check out the AvaHeart

There is something about short shorts and high heels I love. I find legs sexy. And I don't think you have to have some stereotypical "slut-wear" to be sexy. Unless you are going for the lulz effect. Humor is sexy in my book.

Hair: Truth Luana Light blond
Lipstick: L.Fauna Red 1
Nails: SexyMama -Geek and Freak
Shirt: Paperbag. Yo MTV Raps (Crop)
Shorts: Nemesis-Lana shorts bamboo
Shoes: HOC Platform Pumps

I want to give thanks to my Mom, Dad and Brother. Cady Miketh and Sachy Fretwerk. For helping get AberMatchy up and going. To my extended family for believing in me. To my friends like Seeley who want to best for everyone.