Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You are the Only exception.

When I close my eyes....I'm laying on a cold metal bed dripping with multicolored paint. Its been like that all day.

Get comfy. This blog is gonna be big. I'm not even inworld as I write this because I tried many times in the last few days to find time to write, but have been so busy. I like this kind of busy though.

First off I want to apologize for not blogging when I say I'm gonna. I promised every Friday...maybe I will change the day. Sometimes on Fridays I go out rl with friends. Or hang out with friends inworld. It's rare to go out RL on Fridays anymore cause I'm trying to save money up for school or a vacation abroad. I've never been outside of the states. Heck I haven't even been across the country for that matter.

So what's new with you Lucy Lui?
I'll tell ya.

I'm not with the same family. Mamsen and Coal decided they didn't want kids. There was nine of us that had to be told we were going to have to find another family. We were all hurt that it had come to that. And I know..no matter how I word this I'm going to get myself an IM. So I'll stop here and ask you not to IM me about it to fuss at how I didn't word that correctly.

I have to say my friends held me up during this time of not having a family in SL. They are amazing. Truly.

For a short time I stayed with my friend Leila. She took me in and gave me a place to lay my pixel head. I want to personally thank you Leila for bringing me into your home. I'll never forget that.

Now that we are done talking about the past lets talk talk about the present. :D

I got a new family. I love them. I certainly do. Tanja and Bronx are my Dad and Mom and Kyrin is the family shapeshifter. And then there is Tonk and Evie. Oh my. We all have such a strong connection to each other. It was instant. Amazin even.

Kyrin flying us around the land...

I think us kids can't stop pinching ourselves. And we have Tonk to thank for it. He found them.

We spent so much time at MAW we started a RAVE...lol...
Well dang it. Thought I took a picture of that but I didn't. GRRR...

And then there was FHP
I love my sorority sisters.
They are some of the best people in SL.
We are a small sorority as of yet but we are slowly growing.
Founded By Babyblueeyes Beck, Alexie Bashly and myself Abernathy Buttons

(And yes that is my prom dress..but I love it so much I sorta try to wear it when ever I can..lol..)

Our Misson statement:We are dedicated to unity of sisterhood and the development of their strengths and unique beauty that lies within each FHP sister.

We are a new group that have a bunch of great ideas to make your SL a bit more fun. If you are looking for true friendship, fun activities, and great tips on fashion. Then the FHP sorority and sisterhood is the right place for you.

What we are looking for:
Teen and young adult females who are caring compassionate and want to have fun. We don't care if you have the latest skin or newest shoes. We want you to have a place to come to that is positive, creative and fun.

We had our first crossover Saturday. Sadie Dymond Shelbi and Annamarie were once pledges and are now our sisters. We are so excited to have you join FHP.
If you are curious about joining FHP please feel free to message me inworld or at my email abernathybutton@gmail.com We also have a magazine that comes out periodically. Message me for your copy today. :)

So your a nerd?
Yea..I am...I go to HighSchool in Secondlife. Get over it. :)
Thursday is orientation at HardKnocks High.
Alot of my friends are going this year. Super excited.
I'll let you know how it goes...and I will try to remember to take some pictures.

I'm also working on changing my shape and skin at the moment. I'm sorta in that inbetween phase..of not knowing where I want to go with it all. I couldn't imagine not being blond..so that will probably stay. I have some really neat free eyes from the popcorn hunt that I didn't finish. Dustin found the shape and eyes for me in the hunt.

So I will leave you with some lyrics and the quote of the week or what not.

New song on my blog by Paramore.
Love this song.
"The Only Exception"

When I was younger, I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind
He broke his own heart and I watched
As he tried to reassemble it

And my momma swore that
She would never let herself forget
And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love if it does not exist

But darling, you are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

Maybe I know, somewhere deep in my soul
That love never lasts
And we've got to find other ways to make it alone
Or keep a straight face

And I've always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable distance
And up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness
Because none of it was ever worth the risk

But you are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

I've got a tight grip on reality
But I can't let go of what's in front of me here
I know you're leaving in the morning when you wake up
Leave me with some kind of proof, it's not a dream, oh

You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

And I'm on my way to believing
Oh, and I'm on my way to believing

Quote..cause I give good advice...lol
Sweetest Luv: MY abernathy said NEVER let them take u to the second location! SO IM NO GOIN WITHEEEEEWWWW GIMMI CANTY HERE!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Big Blog comin......soon.
Sorry for the delay..I just want some things to be resolved before I do a massive BLOG HOG.

I think your neat and stuff my little sunshine monsters

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gurl....you one lazy husssy

Last Friday skipped me. How dare it. I blame your mom.
My house smells like the pool. I've been cleaning all day.
My dog ran from me today..
He ran to a new neighbor.
He seems like a nice guy.
I wish Dustin lived in my building and we met the same way.
I bought a industrial size thing of redhots and put them in a huge glass bowl on my table.
Looks cool.
I've been so RL lately.

Lets see SL.
Lex and Bb have been hard at work making the sorority house awesome. We are talking applications in world. Feel free to IM me about it. abernathy Button. This is offered to female SL players 15 to young adult.

My friend Diesel and his girl Taivyn have a store called ::Hot Sense:: & MaDd Gestures Inc. at The dollhouse. Diesel is a Chuff and i like the music mix that comes from his mouth words. Before I took my dog out for a walk we were hanging around a toliet waiting for a U. Yea Jackson said it better. Jackson got Chocolate wasted. (One of the most hated lines I have ever heard in a movie ever)

Lex had a slumber party like a week ago. I can chit chat with those girls for hours on end. They are nerds just like me. Lex did this pic. I did one too but it looks like a special needs against hers.

I tried to go to Movie night in funky town but I had to many obligations..that's alright. They did Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. they made the grounds of the football field over sized picnic.

Went to my dad's mothers wedding...which is my grandmothers wedding and got to dance with my Daddy.

So, look for a lot of changes from yours truly soon.

Remember life is always changing...nothing stays the same. Its how you handle the change determines who you are.