Saturday, August 7, 2010 one lazy husssy

Last Friday skipped me. How dare it. I blame your mom.
My house smells like the pool. I've been cleaning all day.
My dog ran from me today..
He ran to a new neighbor.
He seems like a nice guy.
I wish Dustin lived in my building and we met the same way.
I bought a industrial size thing of redhots and put them in a huge glass bowl on my table.
Looks cool.
I've been so RL lately.

Lets see SL.
Lex and Bb have been hard at work making the sorority house awesome. We are talking applications in world. Feel free to IM me about it. abernathy Button. This is offered to female SL players 15 to young adult.

My friend Diesel and his girl Taivyn have a store called ::Hot Sense:: & MaDd Gestures Inc. at The dollhouse. Diesel is a Chuff and i like the music mix that comes from his mouth words. Before I took my dog out for a walk we were hanging around a toliet waiting for a U. Yea Jackson said it better. Jackson got Chocolate wasted. (One of the most hated lines I have ever heard in a movie ever)

Lex had a slumber party like a week ago. I can chit chat with those girls for hours on end. They are nerds just like me. Lex did this pic. I did one too but it looks like a special needs against hers.

I tried to go to Movie night in funky town but I had to many obligations..that's alright. They did Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. they made the grounds of the football field over sized picnic.

Went to my dad's mothers wedding...which is my grandmothers wedding and got to dance with my Daddy.

So, look for a lot of changes from yours truly soon.

Remember life is always changing...nothing stays the same. Its how you handle the change determines who you are.

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