Friday, September 24, 2010

Mic Placement (Meow)

Let me rub my hands together for a second before I really start typing.'s better. It's getting cooler here where I live in rl. Not sure I'm a fan of that. Thank god it stays the same temp is SL. Eventhough I'm starting to wear more pants and have been on the search for cardigans.

So lets go into a nice transistional topic of strip clubs. Ha. My friend Celeste aka good boobs..dabbles in a little stripping from time to time. The other night a bunch of us went to hang out with her while she worked. It was a slow night at the club and we started tping people in to help. I tped my Uncle Nick..who is awesome always. He gave me some L to put in Celeste tip jar. So ofcourse I made her work for dropped it in and she then asked the wrong question. Do you want this as text or voice? hahahaha....If you know me I love the uncomfortable. It gets the blood flowing and the heart pounding. So for sure I said voice and told if she was good I'd drop more Ls. I'm prettty Gangster like that. HA! She did awesome..once she stopped laughin. Mads tipped her as well and ofcourse Celestes emote for maddy dealt with poop..hahaha. Here is a pic of Tonk and me enjoying the tom fullery of it all.

If you haven't been to a Soleil concert in SL you are missing out. Also if you haven't heard Colemarie Soleil sing live..your ears should beat you up. Tonk, Chicky, Evie, and I went to their concert the other day. It was beyond amazing. We all want their album and are chomping at the bits to get it when it comes out. Here are some pics from the show.

Speaking of Chicky Soup. She had her first rezz day this week. Tonk, Evie and I decided to have her a rezz day party and since Chicky is always eatin on the mic we had a big food rezz day has the best accent. Its scottish but I love when people ask her if she's irish..hahahaha. Here is a few pics from her rezz day. Thanks to all that came and sorry once again I had to go rl. I was taking food to a friend of mine that is having a hard time.

The other day my friend Telle sent me her photo album of her wedding. I still can't believe I missed it. She owns Bitter Bunny and is the one that made my prom know the one I try and wear any chance I get..yea that one. We I decided to get comfy on my custom made circus bed by Cassy Bookmite and look at Telle's wedding. Tonk had found the cutest...scratch that...the most uber cutest dog avi the other day and wore it. So adorable. Here we are flipping through the pictures together.

So Tonk decided to be a doggy for the day and then rayne logged on and another friend of ours that is a dog avi and we all started hanging out. I was the only human avi in the bunch. Finally I decided to join the goofiness and remembered that my old parents had got me a squirrel avi. So I put it on and we proceeded to act pretty retarded. Just a normal day in sl really.

If you already don't know Llama and Celeste's house is where everyone always ends up at. The other day we played the Dating game. Everyone is so funny and sides hurt from laughing so hard. Celeste was host and everyone was IMing her questions to ask the fellas in the hot seat. Later we switched it up and some of us girls were being asked "stuff".

So we had so much fun that night that we decided to make a fake talk show set to improv with. Its sorta looks like something that would be on public access channel. Llama and I worked on it for awhile and then Lex ofcourse made the logo for it. The show is called NO! Drama Llama Late Night Talk Show. HAHAHAAH....long enough title?

Couple nights ago Dad Rendy and I watched the weirdest movie ever, called X. Made in 1963 I know you want to watch the

It was so bad it was awesome. I felt like we were the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Later Rendy and I watched The Experiement. I liked it more than him. I say its a must see he says eh take it or leave as well put the trailer here for you to see as well.

Yesterday I went and hung out with Vlad at his Dad's yet to be released school. Morning Wood Academy. Here is Tonk, Vlad, and I sitting in the common room. Best part I finally got to meet some of Vlad's family. They are just as awesome as he is.

Later that night I went to give Celeste and Llama their House warming Two silly Llamas for two silly awesome friends.

Its hard when you like someone so much and you realize that even google maps can't tell you the the length of distance you are from one another. I love you Tonk.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Being his Girvles (ha) I ♥U

Eventhough I'm happier than I have ever been on SL. I'm also the most stressed I've ever been. In RL I've never been in love so fast. Hurt..then in love again. I can't separate sl and rl. I know...its really lame to alot of people but, I live a very quiet life in rl due to the fact my real life family is well known in my area and I can't just live freely. Finding SL has been such a wonderful yet additive thing for me. So many of us that really "play" the it because we can't do some of the things we would like to do in real life.

I love writing this blog and my following is growing. I like when people message me in world to say they follow my goings on. Makes me feel good. So I feel like its my duty to be honest with you and come "clean" on something.

When I first met Tonk I was dating his brother Markis. I really only spoke a few words to Tonk but I instantly liked him. Once me and Markis were over I really didn't come around his family that much. Leila would have me over to play a game or two. Her and I were friends. When I no longer was mamsen and coals daughter Leila opened her home to me. Tonk was extremely accepting of me. We became really close really fast. I also wasn't feeling the mother daughter vibe from Leila and so I told her I was leaving. Soon after Tonk left as well. Along with us a little girl Evie became our sister and we went searching for new parents.

When Dustin and I broke up. :( I was heart broken. I think I hid it well cause I was embarrassed about it not working out. I was full on inlove with him..even in RL. My friends were really there for me and so was my family. I love you all for making life that I could move on.

I spent alot of time with my family the sorority and my friends just doing random stuff. I spent a great deal of time with Tonk my sl brother. We seemed to be inseparable. Tonk was dating a close friend of mine. ( I know this part isn't for me to tell but I'm going to try to say it out with out telling peoples business) I'll just say it didn't work out and there was hurt feelings on her part. She was having a hard time and in my opinion and couldn't let it go. I knew in my heart that Tonk wasn't being mean spirited or evil. I feared loosing my friend. I feared all my friends hating Tonk.

Finally one day Tonk and I confessed we had feelings for each other. It was wonderful and scary. Our first thoughts were to ignore it. I wasn't seeing someone but I was getting to know someone. A nice person but I was so confused and didn't want to hurt him. Bren...I hope one day you can be friends with me.

We told our parents and some of our friends. Almost everyone was was either understanding or really happy for us. Almost. Bb Please don't think I don't care what you think. I do. I feel selfish. Finding someone I care about, in every possible way so fast after thinking I had it before seems unfair and unreal..I know. I don't expect you to be happy for me. I hope you don't dissolve our friendship over this. I didn't when you were loosing it on Tonk every other day.

So...Tonk and I are together. We love each other. We're good for each other. Sweet kind and caring. I can't ask for a better more awesome person to call mine. I logged on SL yesterday to my room covered in roses and the biggest teddy bear in the world. As well as a locket with our initials and our pictures inside when I open it up. I teared up at how thoughtful and romantic he is. I'm so lucky and so in love. I'm officially moving on from the drama concerning me and Tonk. Thanks to all that are so thrilled for us and to those who aren't. I hope you come around.

I made a new friend. Oo
Her name is Maddison
She is scared of butt sex.
She's funny and random.


Did I tell you about Vlad the RAD
Well he's another new friend along with Len..who I think rocks.
Vlad and Len do their own thing and its a beautiful sight.

On da roof with Vlad and Len

Ofcourse if I'm talking about friends I have to mention my bff LEX THE CHEX MIX
Mine as well be twins up in this Mutha..cause she's almost as Gangster as I am..(which means none at all) She's a picture taker...and photo shaker.

See the one of me and Vlad..she did that...and this one too.

I could seriously do a blog just about my awesome friends but I digress.

Oh not sure that I told you but I'm a godmother...
This is me holding Joc and Dwyhte's baby Holden
He's such a cute baby...

So tonight was a fun busy night with my Tonky the Honky..
We played You know it (SL version of Uno) and Greedy with my little buddy Tanzie
I won the Greedy game..seriously the second time eva.
Got my butt handed to me in You Know It though. Ha.

Then we hung out with Justice and her new dude Epi
Showed them around the house. I still get lost.
What can I say..its massive.

Mom and dad came on. I love them.
Dad's into sexy latex stuff obviously (not really) and so has a doppelganger in SL.
Its this weird SL bug that makes him also a ghost somewhere else in the game. Its way crazy.

Huge news. Mom is pregnant. ( I guess officially they aren't my parents anymore but I still live there and they still love me the same. They also said I could call them mom and yay) She's expecting twins. I love it.

Later I went and hung out with Matty and Co.
Lots of Vag talk and poop stories.
Lots of hot lesbian bed
I think they're neat..and junk.
Here we are sitting around watching the magic happen...

So Here is another song. Its becoming a thang now.
Maybe one of my all time favorite artist
Tori Amos

"Cornflake Girl"

Never was a cornflake girl
Thought that was a good solution
Hanging with the raisin girls
She's gone to the other side
Givin us a yo heave ho
Things are getting kind of gross
And I go at sleepy time
This is not really happening
You bet your life it is

Peel out the watchword
Just peel out the watchword

She knows what's goin on
Seems we got a cheaper feel now
All the sweetcaze are gone
Gone to the other side
With my encyclopedia
They musta paid her a nice price
She's putting on her string bean love
This is not really happening
You bet your life it is

Peal our the watchword
Just peel out the watchword

Never was a cornflake girl
Thought that was a good solution

Rabbit where'd you put the keys girl
And the man with the golden gun thinks he knows so much
Thinks he knows so much
Rabbit where'd you put the keys girl

I also want to say thank you to Dad and Mom for the Most Def gangsta Rabbit necklace in da world. I wear it Proudly and to Uncle Rendy for the dopest flyest kicks this side of SL. I've been eyeing and drooling over a pair of these 4 ev.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pop Tart aka Gangsta Geist

I'm trying to find that balance between family friends school and the sorority and I'm just talking SL. I don't even want to get into balancing all that with RL. I'm busy all the time. Lot changes since my last blog. Lets see. I'm single now. That sucks..cause my feelings for Dustin weren't just SL. They were RL. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I deleted and muted my old parents for harassment. I've never muted anyone before or even deleted anyone. My ex mom Mamsen is super crazy and people are coming out of the woodwork's to tell me they've had bad experiences with her too. Only one person has messaged me that thinks all this that is going on is somehow my doing. I'm sure though, Mamsen paid her Linden to even IM me. Now my ex crazy mc crazy mom goes to my school as a teen. Me and my friends have decided to ignore her. As long as she doesn't speak to us. She went as far as to put a poster up at school to try and frame us. Here's a pic. I'm over all this drama. I love my family and friends. Mamsen( the person behind the computer) is a nothing type person a wet blanket if you will and isn't worth the strokes of my keyboard. Moving on.

Family life is better than I could ever imagine. My parents are so loving. We spend alot of time going places together. Doing silly things. Mom wanted some family pics. So we had to go to some pose places...and of course my dad had to try them all out. Grandad came too which was awesome. Here are some pics.

And my moma Tanja did these :D They are awesome

So school started back last Tuesday. Its hard to get back to the swing of things. I sit in the back with Vlad. He's rad. We are trying to get Len back in our class. So many kids this year we have two classes. Here's some school pics. :D

Mom, Dad, Tonk and I went to Madpea Circus' Labyrinth the other day. It was really fun and scary. Of course I died once. Here is a few pictures of that. If you want to go do it..Its really fun.

At Hardknocks High you can do all sorta of activities. Swimming, dance, track, yearbook..etc. Before you can do that though you have to get a physical. I won't mention the one I went too but it wasn't the one suggested. Upon arriving there I could tell it was ghetto. Someone was on mic and didn't know it. They were having it out with someone in their home. There were alot of Mutha Beeps being thrown around. LOL. Here I am sitting waiting for my name to be called.

Once inside the room. I started to get nervous. I didn't want to put my bare pixel skin on anything in that room. Of course I got to wear this lovely number. Is it me or is it not? ha

The doctor came in and started my physical. I got a text from Tonk telling me to pretend to fart. I The Doctor commented about how embarrassing that was for me and Tonks from the waiting room said he sensed a foul odor. What a dork.

Seems like I'm a healthy pixel teen though!!!

So my parents rezzed their club. They retexured it and it looks dope. We had a impromptu Karaoke session. Justice came and sang a song and then Moma and Rendy did as well. It was awesome. To top that night off Colemarie Soleil from the RL band Soleil came by and let me listen to her new tracks on the unreleased album by the same name. It was amazing! Rarely as a fan can you sit with an artist who you admire their work and listen to it with them. Later I showed ColeMarie my circus themed bedroom. Figures she would like that. We got to talking about random stuff and I found out she does her own stage clothes as well. She gave me alot of wonderful amazing dresses. If you look to this sided of my blog------->
You will see different advertisements. Lets see, we have Scruffy Creation (Tonks Roxley's shop) Bitter Bunny (Telle Trezuguet's shop) EAdesigns (Syphon Hoxley shop) Soleil (Colemarie Soleil's shop) and Ripe (Hempy Weezles' shop) all in Secondlife
You can click on them and get the SURL and go to their shops and spend your Linden.

Speaking of Ripe. I was doing Project themeory last friday and ran into Hempy. Her avatar was so awesome I had to say hi. We talked for a bit and got along well. Her store is neat. She gave me a cute little Geisha Dolly.

If you haven't been to Heart Park in SL. Its a must. Especially if you have little kids in SL. The other day Bren and I went. We found a picnic area and sat down to enjoy some pixel grapes. I thought they tasted a little synthetic and ended up throwing most of mine at Bren. He puts up with me. Bless him. :)

Have I ever told you how much I love my little sister? Evie is amazin. I'm almost scared to hug her.fearing I might squeeze her so hard I would break her spine and make her organs shoot out of her mouth and ears. that was grossly graphic. But I love her that much. She's awesome. Anyways. Here is a pic of us hanging out with Rayne the Poopin Pup.

Later that day Uncle Rendy. Who hates that I call myself a gansta. He's awesome. Anyways Rendy took Tonk, Evie, Rayne....Chicky and me to an icecream shop. I got mango icecream yum. Evie would eat a leather boot if it had sprinkles on it. lol.

Next door was a beauty parlor. We played beauty shop. I gave Chicky a Mohawk. lol

I'd also like to congratulate Mina for crossing over at the FHP Sorority. Welcome to the sisterhood.
Mina in her beautiful dress

We are always looking for female avies to join our sorority.

If you have any questions about places i talk about in my blog or in general feel free to IM me in world. abernathy Button or email me @

I'm going to leave you cokeheads a song with Lyrics..cause I'm Gansta like that.

This recent song I added is from Schuyler Fisk- From where I'm standing

from where i'm standing
you're the quiet side of the room
you're looking so lonely
and i can't stop looking at you
your head is hanging
trying to beat those goodbye blues
i bet you'll be fine
i bet you'll be fine

i guess it's not the way
you always planned it
looks like you're heading for a
crash landing
that's just the way it looks
from where i'm standing
from where i'm standing

from where i'm standing
i think i caught your eye
are you looking at me
cause i swear i saw you smile
and i'm coming over
gonna take things off your mind
and i bet you'll be fine
and i bet you'll be fine

i guess it's not the way
you always planned it
looks like you're heading for a
crash landing
that's just the way it looks
from where i'm standing

from where i'm standing
let it fall
let it come down
let it crash around you
around you

i guess it's not the way
you always planned it
looks like you're heading for a
crash landing
that's just the way it looks
from where i'm standing
that's just the way it looks
from where i'm standing
from where i'm standing
i might make you mine
i might make you mine
from where i'm standing