Friday, September 24, 2010

Mic Placement (Meow)

Let me rub my hands together for a second before I really start typing.'s better. It's getting cooler here where I live in rl. Not sure I'm a fan of that. Thank god it stays the same temp is SL. Eventhough I'm starting to wear more pants and have been on the search for cardigans.

So lets go into a nice transistional topic of strip clubs. Ha. My friend Celeste aka good boobs..dabbles in a little stripping from time to time. The other night a bunch of us went to hang out with her while she worked. It was a slow night at the club and we started tping people in to help. I tped my Uncle Nick..who is awesome always. He gave me some L to put in Celeste tip jar. So ofcourse I made her work for dropped it in and she then asked the wrong question. Do you want this as text or voice? hahahaha....If you know me I love the uncomfortable. It gets the blood flowing and the heart pounding. So for sure I said voice and told if she was good I'd drop more Ls. I'm prettty Gangster like that. HA! She did awesome..once she stopped laughin. Mads tipped her as well and ofcourse Celestes emote for maddy dealt with poop..hahaha. Here is a pic of Tonk and me enjoying the tom fullery of it all.

If you haven't been to a Soleil concert in SL you are missing out. Also if you haven't heard Colemarie Soleil sing live..your ears should beat you up. Tonk, Chicky, Evie, and I went to their concert the other day. It was beyond amazing. We all want their album and are chomping at the bits to get it when it comes out. Here are some pics from the show.

Speaking of Chicky Soup. She had her first rezz day this week. Tonk, Evie and I decided to have her a rezz day party and since Chicky is always eatin on the mic we had a big food rezz day has the best accent. Its scottish but I love when people ask her if she's irish..hahahaha. Here is a few pics from her rezz day. Thanks to all that came and sorry once again I had to go rl. I was taking food to a friend of mine that is having a hard time.

The other day my friend Telle sent me her photo album of her wedding. I still can't believe I missed it. She owns Bitter Bunny and is the one that made my prom know the one I try and wear any chance I get..yea that one. We I decided to get comfy on my custom made circus bed by Cassy Bookmite and look at Telle's wedding. Tonk had found the cutest...scratch that...the most uber cutest dog avi the other day and wore it. So adorable. Here we are flipping through the pictures together.

So Tonk decided to be a doggy for the day and then rayne logged on and another friend of ours that is a dog avi and we all started hanging out. I was the only human avi in the bunch. Finally I decided to join the goofiness and remembered that my old parents had got me a squirrel avi. So I put it on and we proceeded to act pretty retarded. Just a normal day in sl really.

If you already don't know Llama and Celeste's house is where everyone always ends up at. The other day we played the Dating game. Everyone is so funny and sides hurt from laughing so hard. Celeste was host and everyone was IMing her questions to ask the fellas in the hot seat. Later we switched it up and some of us girls were being asked "stuff".

So we had so much fun that night that we decided to make a fake talk show set to improv with. Its sorta looks like something that would be on public access channel. Llama and I worked on it for awhile and then Lex ofcourse made the logo for it. The show is called NO! Drama Llama Late Night Talk Show. HAHAHAAH....long enough title?

Couple nights ago Dad Rendy and I watched the weirdest movie ever, called X. Made in 1963 I know you want to watch the

It was so bad it was awesome. I felt like we were the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Later Rendy and I watched The Experiement. I liked it more than him. I say its a must see he says eh take it or leave as well put the trailer here for you to see as well.

Yesterday I went and hung out with Vlad at his Dad's yet to be released school. Morning Wood Academy. Here is Tonk, Vlad, and I sitting in the common room. Best part I finally got to meet some of Vlad's family. They are just as awesome as he is.

Later that night I went to give Celeste and Llama their House warming Two silly Llamas for two silly awesome friends.

Its hard when you like someone so much and you realize that even google maps can't tell you the the length of distance you are from one another. I love you Tonk.

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