Sunday, March 18, 2012

100 word Sachy 0's

Sachy loves the marshmallows in his cereal.  When I say his cereal I mean really his cereal. Sachy O's. The cereal the cool kids eat. Luck was on his side for st. patty's day when Mom found him a website where all they sale is the marshmallows. Check it out here. The whole site is funny. Especially the YouTube videos.

                                             "Open up!"

Sachy and I worked on the robits weekly challenge. Topic this week was "I don't know" You can listen to our story and many others Here. You should try your hand at one as well. Go here to find out more details.  Also thank you Crap for writing about my blog in your blog. )) < > (( Having you as my mentor in SL has been interesting to say the least. I wouldn't have it any other way.

As always thank you Mom and Sachy for helping with the shoot. Pretty fail though that it took three of us to make one bowl of cereal. 

                                               We might not have much, but we got a bowl of
                                                    cereal, creativity, and each other. :D
                                                I love you Sachy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Log Date- Day 3354 - Year 2154

The drippings noise from the roof is soothing.  Still, I will fix it  tomorrow, before the third shift in the night sky. Chitting the herbaceous fetuses has kept myself busy. I'm thankful for my helper Pox. She sings a sweet song in her native tongue to calm the baby sunflowers. She also waters the mother tree with the red river daily.  The mother's breast becomes engorged every other day now. I feed the fetuses her milk. I would drink it myself if it didn't make me violently ill. That mistake will never be made again.

It is the anniversary of Trams death. He was the last of the injured.  He and I were alone for two years before the second colony came. Without him the first year I would have been lost. Now there is just me. And Pox. I am fine with that. People only die and leave you with their memory burned into your eyes.

*click here for larger image *

What I'm wearing

Shirt: [*SG*] KARA  - Tee/ Paint Printed
Overalls:[monso] My Overall
Boots: ::Duh!:: Engineer Boots Black


Hair: .: vive nine :. BangedUp Braid in Brunne
Eyes: Mayfly  Deep Sky Mesh Eye
Dirt:  dirt all over 2.0 on marketplace


Glasses: Deco MESH Atomic Sunglasses

Build Deco Green House

I love getting together with people and seeing my visions come to life. Thank you Mom (Cady) Hempy, and Sachy♥ for helping me put this together. And thank you DECO!!!!! I love the greenhouse and have always wanted to use it.

Side note

Sachy and I are doing so great. I love him so good. He's given me a nickname Poptart Princess. :)
School closed. So no more OSHS or OSE. I was really liking my classes. So boo to that!
I've been getting more voice gigs in sl. It's a real fun experience.
And I've changed my look.

Introducing Abernathy Button @ 17

Ok thats it. Short and sweet for now.

Absy Absy Out!