Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jingle Blog

I'm glad to be home. It's quiet and warm here. 'Lets out a happy sigh'

So Happy Holiday's to you all. I hope this year is ending on a good note for you. For me things are light and happy. I'm happy in both rl and sl. I always can tell when I'm in a more jolly mood when I break out the paint and buy a new canvas and or work on an old painting. Its funny, I write better when I'm in a crap mood and paint/draw better when I'm in a merry mood. I just reread that and think I am odd and full of myself. lol..(rolls my eyes at myself)

News about Astraia. Celeste moved in rl this week. So its on hold till she is settled. I'm excited that she moved because that means she is closer to Llama rl. (They're boyfriend in girlfriend rl and sl.) Her and I are still excited about Astraia and cant wait to finish the first comic book.

Eventhough I love all the snow and holiday cheer. I'm missing being in my swimsuit and the water. So when a friend of mine offered to teleport me to the beach. I jumped at the chance to let my pixel feet feel the sand and watch the waves. I took a few pictures. I never know what will inspire me to snap a shot, but I'm glad I did. I turned the pic black and white added a sunset, some clouds, and a sand texture.

I'm always up my Dad's butt. He was trying to work the other day and instead of letting him be I sat on his desk and talked his ear off about girl stuff and nonsense. lol. He's newest blog entry was so sweet. He is the best Dad in SL. I swear I think he should win an award. In my last blog I mentioned finding a mom. You would not believe the single women that messaged me. hahahah...I thought he was going to kill me dead. You can read his blog here.

Inventing Fretwerk

He's been working RL alot because of the Holidays. I've been getting to know some of my other family members. Uncle Rusty and I have defiantly bonded over the most oddest thing. Our love of smack talk during SL wrestling matches. We also root for the same wrestler. Rubie Jules. We both think she is Tre Coolio. Secondlife wrestling has the greatest commentary and the fans are encouraged to smack talk.

She seemed really tickled that Uncle Rusty and I are her newest fans. She even gave me an autographed picture :)

Speaking of autographed pictures. Not sure if I mentioned it but my Uncle Rusty is a football player in SL. See here. He's cute huh? I can't wait to start going to games.

My other two uncles Lucky and Matt are starting a clothing store called Lucky XIII Clothing Co.
You can check out their blog here.

Lucky XIII Clothing Co

Matt's other news is..He and Parv are getting married. Jan.1st. I'm excited. I like weddings.

So I hope you get what you want from Santa. But more than that. I hope your surrounded by the ones that you love and love you back. Then I again. I hope that for you every single day of your life.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tre Coolio

Photo done by Autumn Lighthouse

Huge Mega news from Camp Cute as a Button. We are starting a comic book called Astraia. Shooting is planned for today and as soon as the book is ready to be released, I will blog that day about it. I'm so excited. Here is some info on Astraia.

Astraia is a Super Hero that fights for Justice in the streets of London and other parts of the UK.

This is the brainchild of Celeste Werefox and Abernathy Button.

We are looking for

Writing staff
Someone that has a Think Book
Costume designers
Shape makers
Skin makers
Advertisers ( someone wanting to put thier business in our comic book)
Personal Assistant.
Graphic artist

A bit about Astraia
She's very calm and quick witted. Her eyes glow and she see's danger
She has a side kick named Poppy (me)
Her love interest is a rock musican named Lewis Rode (paying homage to Louis Lane)
She works in an Art Gallery by day and fights unjustice by night.

The book will be made like the magazines you see in SL
We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and plurk
Please feel free to add us on all of them.




We are still looking for the inside of a restaurant kitchen. To do one of the shoots in.

By the way if you are wondering how this all come about. Here is a quick little summary.

I took a pic of Celeste the other day..she was wanting one that had her dancing. Then she liked it so good she was going in her inventory for something else cool to wear. She wanted us to have a pic together and wanted me to dress like her. We were already talking about how she looked like a superhero and when I got my look on I so looked like the sidekick..the I said we should do a comic book in sl. She came up with the name and here we are. We have the first episode or story written. just need to find locations etc to make it happen. :)

That's how most endeavors happen for me on SL and RL. :)

I'm loving living with my Dad Miketh. All my friends like him and his family has really made me feel like one of them.

We do a lot of fake eating in sl at our house. I've had people over for pizza, ribs, cake..lol.. I guess I'm the cook of the house till Dad meets a nice woman. I hope she can cook. :)

Dad and I mesh really well. We both love music and movies and just sitting around talking about nothing in particular.

We've been spending a lot of time with my uncle Lucky. He's a great uncle and a good guy. He bought me the prettiest clover jewelry set.

I've been doing a lot of photo shop and picture taking. I really enjoy doing it and it feeds my need to be creative.

So Christmas is coming. In RL I have a little more shopping but nothing to bad.
In Sl Dad and I got a tree. I'm pretty sure its real pixel pine and everything. We also hung the stockings. I have a fireplace rl but I'm basically to scared to use it. lol.

So that's it from your's truly. I'm off to work out some Astraia things. I hope to see your name in the secondlife Astraia Comic group. :)

Not affiliated with the Store Astraia ( but would be happy to advertise the store in my blog and in the comic book.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Prancer Blogs?

Good things come to those who wait. And I was patient. I've finally found home. I like when life is by chance. As a planner I tend to not let the cards fall where they may. I'm starting to really let go and watch things just come together. I'm able to do this because I realize..worrying about what may happen or what someone might do really doesn't help me in the long run. (Did that sound like I was speaking to a group of people where I start out with "Hi, my name is Abernathy Button and I'm a something aholic?)

Anyways I was admiring a friends picture and asked who had done their pic. They gave me a mans name and I IMed him asking about getting my picture made. I'm just starting out making pictures and I was feeling like maybe I should get a professional picture made. He tped me over the same day and we talked forever. He noticed my tag and asked me about it. I had forgot and left on my adoption tag from MAW. We talked for a long bit. He joked about adopting me himself. And well the rest...is history. I met his lady friend the other day. The three of us had a pixel ziti. I dont think my Dad can cook very well. But he's trying..lol.

He owns Projekt Mayhem and here is his two blogs if you want to check them out.

Projekt Mayhem

Inventing Fretwerk

Lex and I are now part of his photography company. :D

Another thing Lex and I are crazy happy about is a certain item the two of us picked up at intrigue. Reindeer Jammie's. Lex made these awesome pictures of us and I made the poses. If you have a specific pose in mind please feel free to message me inworld abernathy Button. Here is the cutest reindeer you will ever see.

I love Winter fashion. Warm coats, ear muffs, mittens, scarfs and warm comfy boots. It's all good. I am a seasonal dresser in sl. Its snowing as we speak here in rl and I am covered up drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows. Yesterday Jess and I ( a new awesome possume friend of mine) went to AM radio. One of the most calming wonderful sims we both like to visit. Jess is alot like AM radio. She's chill and calm and peaceful. I like that. This is Jess. Pic by me.

While there, Jess tped Jonny. Jonny and Jess are great to talk about everything under the sun about. He's not everyone's cup of tea but I sorta like that. At least he isn't boring and generic.

I was trying to do the make him over 5 hunt with a guy friend the other day and we were at the store BedlaM. I accidentally bought something that I thought was another hunt item from another hunt. I messaged him hopping he would take back the item since it was transferable. He was so nice about it. He gave me back my linden and I gave him back his item. I told him thank you and told him I would tell everyone how nice he was. I went down stairs of his store and tipped it 50L and went off to look for the hunt item I was originally looking for. I went to click and managed to accidentally buy something else in the store. Before I could message him he asked me in IM. "Was that a mistake too?" I was like yea but don't worry about it. He said, "No...it's ok." He gave me my L back and asked me to blog the item. So I put together a really fun look and I hope you like it. :)

Style Card

socks: Milk Motion High socks
Skirt: Coco DenimRuffle Skirt(DarkBlue)
Eyeliner: Plastic Flowers: Simple Liner1
Boots: Hoorenbeek Lucille Boots
Shirt: \RCS\ The Devil Wears Prada-Viking! 3
Hose: Fishnets tintable: Ducknipple
Hat: BedlaM Enforcement Hat (color & texture changable )
Belt: Fri.day (Silver) tinted
hair: Truth Molly-Seaspray
Vest: Bedlam Diamond quillted vest female 1.0

I hope this Bedlam look will put you in the Holiday spirit. Its the xChrissie xmas special B. Very cute for those who like to show a little skin during the holidays.

I was telling Jess about me reviewing things for Bedlam and she mentioned some friends of hers that have stores in sl as well that would like me to review some of their stuff. Jess rocks and her friends items are tre coolio.

This is from Pierce Of Mind

This set on my bad girl face is the Jenica Silver. You have options of wearing them with or without shadow and either on your nose mouth or chin

This coat is called Red Wool Toggle Coat and its from is from Buttercups It comes in various colors. Looks great on me huh? And it keeps my pixels very warm.

You can look on my advertisment list on the right side of my page and get any of the stores I mentioned here on my blog. If you see something you like that I didnt mention the name of please feel free and IM me in world and I will look it up no problem. Buttercups Logo should be up as soon as she gets on to give it to me.

Speaking of awesome products to buy..especially as Christmas presents for your loved ones on sl. My wonderful awesome amazing friend Draxamus Eros has a tennis game in sl. He tped me to come test it out with him and I told him I would love to blog about it. It's super fun and a great gift for the person that has everything. Here I am getting ready to practice throwing a few balls around at my house. Notice my shirt. Yea my Dad is a saints fan. He got me this shirt and I think its rad. Thanks Dad.

You can pick up the tennis court by visiting the market place here.

Tennis Court

Good news about another teen looking for a home. My friend Ivy just started a trial with a really nice family. This is a big deal because its her first trial ever. I met her maybe mom the other day and she seems really sweet.

That being said.

Ivy is a tard. At my Dad's studio she tuned me and my Dad out because she was too busy playing with ever pose on ever pose stand he had. I took a snapshot of her weirdness. She makes me laugh even when she is being mean to me.

Speaking of being mean. I was over at Mads house the other day. I love her house and the way she personally decorated it. But anyways I was over hanging out with her and Ben. He had sat on this ottman like thing and the pose must have been screwed up in it. All you could see was the soles of his boots. I said "Ben I can see just your soles of your shoes." Ben: You like that don't you." Me: No I find it rude and disgusting (I said something retarded like that) At that point I was caming around looking at all the pretty things in Mads house while she was afk. I cammed back and his feet were in my dang face. I yelped in local on voice and became pretty embarrassed. He laughed and then I threatened to put him in my blog. So here is Ben being a nerd.

Anyways. Life's a roller coaster with its ups and downs. This time though..I've got my hands up and my eyes open and I'm just along for the ride.

Thank you all for reading my blog and being so sweet.

P.s..next time maybe me and Celeste aka good boobs can find time to write more on our no title story.