Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jingle Blog

I'm glad to be home. It's quiet and warm here. 'Lets out a happy sigh'

So Happy Holiday's to you all. I hope this year is ending on a good note for you. For me things are light and happy. I'm happy in both rl and sl. I always can tell when I'm in a more jolly mood when I break out the paint and buy a new canvas and or work on an old painting. Its funny, I write better when I'm in a crap mood and paint/draw better when I'm in a merry mood. I just reread that and think I am odd and full of myself. lol..(rolls my eyes at myself)

News about Astraia. Celeste moved in rl this week. So its on hold till she is settled. I'm excited that she moved because that means she is closer to Llama rl. (They're boyfriend in girlfriend rl and sl.) Her and I are still excited about Astraia and cant wait to finish the first comic book.

Eventhough I love all the snow and holiday cheer. I'm missing being in my swimsuit and the water. So when a friend of mine offered to teleport me to the beach. I jumped at the chance to let my pixel feet feel the sand and watch the waves. I took a few pictures. I never know what will inspire me to snap a shot, but I'm glad I did. I turned the pic black and white added a sunset, some clouds, and a sand texture.

I'm always up my Dad's butt. He was trying to work the other day and instead of letting him be I sat on his desk and talked his ear off about girl stuff and nonsense. lol. He's newest blog entry was so sweet. He is the best Dad in SL. I swear I think he should win an award. In my last blog I mentioned finding a mom. You would not believe the single women that messaged me. hahahah...I thought he was going to kill me dead. You can read his blog here.

Inventing Fretwerk

He's been working RL alot because of the Holidays. I've been getting to know some of my other family members. Uncle Rusty and I have defiantly bonded over the most oddest thing. Our love of smack talk during SL wrestling matches. We also root for the same wrestler. Rubie Jules. We both think she is Tre Coolio. Secondlife wrestling has the greatest commentary and the fans are encouraged to smack talk.

She seemed really tickled that Uncle Rusty and I are her newest fans. She even gave me an autographed picture :)

Speaking of autographed pictures. Not sure if I mentioned it but my Uncle Rusty is a football player in SL. See here. He's cute huh? I can't wait to start going to games.

My other two uncles Lucky and Matt are starting a clothing store called Lucky XIII Clothing Co.
You can check out their blog here.

Lucky XIII Clothing Co

Matt's other news is..He and Parv are getting married. Jan.1st. I'm excited. I like weddings.

So I hope you get what you want from Santa. But more than that. I hope your surrounded by the ones that you love and love you back. Then I again. I hope that for you every single day of your life.


  1. I don't mind so much when you stop by and visit, it's always nice to have a distraction every now and then and you're definitely a good one.

    I'm also glad you get along well with your Uncles and vice versa. They are great people just as their niece is so it only makes sense.

    You seem to always find a way to make me smile and you say such nice things. You are the best daughter anyone could ever ask for.

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