Saturday, January 1, 2011

Scoot over B hopper Abernathy Button is in town. lol

I should be asleep. I decided instead to blog on no sleep. Lets see how well that turns out, shall we.

My milk date is up as of yesterday in my rl fridge. Ive had 3 FULL glasses of chocolate milk this morning/midday. Smart when I was drinking the night before. Maybe I'm scared to go to sleep thinking I might wake up with a hangover. Nah. I didn't drink that much, but you do have to drink some when around mega drunk people. Last night I went to a friends party rl. It was funnish. My cell fell out of my jacket and my friends brother decided to text people on my contact list. Thank god everyone he messaged was cool with it. Of course it totally embarrassed me. Anyways my friend always gets wasted and shows her boobs at her parties. That's a good indication its time to go. Either a fight, public sex or some gross secret about someone comes out right after the boobage is shown. lol. So I came home. Got out of my cute but semi uncomfortable dress. Washed/scrubbed my maybe a bit over done make up off my face and got into some extremely comfy clothing. Took my dog out. Pulled up my hair and sat at my computer to plug into my secondlife. :)

So I was ready to get into my cute but not uncomfortable dress in sl and to go to a few parties. My make-up was defiantly over done and I did drink some champagne..but just one pixel sized glass with Dad and Uncle Awesome..I mean..Uncle Rusty. Dad and him are a great pair. They are two of the most awesome people in sl. Sometimes they feel so much like family I have to pinch myself. We are all so fond of each other.

Here the two of them are drinking some fancy coffee at the kitchen table.

Oh by the way...Dad decided to get us a new house. There is something about parents in SL. They really like to change houses. lol. I do have to say. I really love this house. Its not a house with pre determined furniture. Which is great because I've been collecting different things for my house for one day when I grow up...sorta like a hope chest (folder) since I started sl. This kitchen set and clock was one of them. Dad and Uncle Rusty aren't crazy about the color of the chairs. lol. So I just made them black. Men..(rolls my eyes and laughs)

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Everyone always ends up there. I blame my friend Tym. She blogs about sl food all the time and has me addicted. Shakes fist at Tym. Here is her blog. Its my favorite SL blog. And yes she paid me to say that. Ok no she didn't. Girl Wonder Speaks

Hey this blog is going pretty good for no sleep. Maybe that's what Ive been missing. A belly full of chocolate milk and no sleep = not so bad blog. I do a lot of eye rolling at myself as I write my blogs. That can't be good.

Back to spending time in the kitchen. Uncle Rusty decided to get an early start on the drinking for the coming new year. I always remind him as I'm snapping the picture, how blog worthy it is.

Here is a picture of the three of us ringing in the SL new year. Three hours later than my actual new year.

We had Uncle Lucky and his New girlfriend Haley over. We were in the midst of redoing the kitchen and getting a dining room together. Clover (my pet fox I got for Christmas from my marvelous Auntie Lelia.) was running around like crazy. She acts like she's on crack cocaine most of the time. Flying through walls, making weird noises...sniffing mounds of white powder stuff. Ok I made up the last one, but she really is spastic. I noticed that Haley was really eyeballing Clover and I knew she was hooked. Soon after they left and she got herself a furry cuteness. Speaking of Christmas. Dad and I had a wonderful time. We felt like Santa handing out Christmas presents to our SL family. Also I have to say I got some really nice gifts as well. Dad got me prim feet and wizard of oz the movie. Uncle Lucky got me Gone with the Wind the movie. Leila got me Clover. Lex got me the most amazing necklace. Ivy gave me some cold hard cash. Christmas was really nice. In rl my parents went out of that sucked.

My sl Dad is awesome. He made it a point to be on during Christmas. Gosh :( this is going to make me tear up trying to write this. tears cause I can't see to type anyways. lol. He simply just makes my day. Its as easy as that. So easy to talk to. Very creative. Good hearted. I'm lucky.

Here's some picture of the last few weeks.

Dad, Lion and me rowing around on a frozen pond

Clover being so cute

Me huggin Lex my bestie for her gift.

Me at Builders Brewery getting all the free gifts!
( and yes that is spock on my shirt)

So how do I want this a bit to long blog to end. It would be cool if I could throw in fireworks. :)
How about this. A real moment. I know its a new year and all. Ive been telling people inworld how much they mean to me. In a no holds barred way. It means a lot to me when someone is kind to me inworld. Especially when they find out I play 15. Being a teen in sl really fulfills something inside me that I lost when I was a real 15 year old. We all have our own stories as to why. My why is pretty private but to those who know it and still find me to be their friend and someone they like to IM..thank you. I love all my friends that I talk to on a constant basis.

And to those who just read this. Thank you. You know you can always Im me and tell me your out there. Im curious about you.

Happy 2011 to EVERYONE. Hope this year is beyond amazing to you.

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  1. We had two very awesome holidays together and with your Uncle. I wouldn't trade any of that for the world. This has definitely been the start of a year that I'm looking forward to.