Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saints losing = Screaming Father

So, I'm sitting here watching "The Ring" rl. Why am I torturing myself? I'm such a wuss. I want to watch it then when any scary part comes on I cover my eyes with my hand. I have done nothing all weekend. Its so snowy here and suppose to get worse. UGH. Taking my dog out in the cold bites. Summer, please come and warm my toes and nose. Please! Oh well. We can't have EVERYTHING we want. Right?

I had a very GRR worthy day in SL the other day. I lost my pet. :( For real sad face. She went poof. Even the land manager came to look for her. They reset the sim and everything. I nailed up posters of her all over our neighborhood. (IMed every neighbor on the sim) No one had seen her. She's a dare devil anyways. She almost drowned the other day in the ocean but my friend Petter dived in and saved her. I was so down cause I've grown attached to her. Dad said he would buy me another one. He's so sweet. But I didn't want another one. I wanted her. Luckily she returned to my inventory and all is well. Thank goodness...I missed her little chirpy sounds and her little poopies. hehehe.

So Projekt Mayhem is starting to get further along. Dad is working on more shirts and there are a few up for sale at the store. You can click on the Logo on the right side of the page for the SURL to the store. A bunch of us ended up there the other day. Basically loitering the store and talking on voice.

Jonny fell asleep on what we assumed was his leather couch. He was moving around quiet a bit. Sounded like his face was getting stuck to the leather and he was having to peel it off every so often. was funny to hear. At first we thought he was eating in his sleep because we mistook the sound for chewing.

Later we heard what might have been Jonny letting one rip in his

This is my Dad falling out of his chair

I'm changing up my room. Not sure if I mentioned that in my last blog o rama..but if not...I am. I'm working on a "Around the World" theme. With a Hot Air Balloon bed. Once again I've left the job of making such bed in the hands of the Great Builder Cassy Bookmite. Please IM her inworld for all your buidling needs. Plus if you have any ideas of things to use to make my room look mega amazin...please feel free to IM me and let me know. Or just feel free to IM me to talk about whatever.

Speaking of Hot Air Balloons. Reo, my sweet cute friend had me over to his house recently. He took me on a Hot Air Balloon ride. Their whole sim is breath taking. He then showed me the pirate ship he made for his mom. lol. Look at the steering wheel..LOL. I then proceeded to put on my life jacket. And yes, I did go to the front of the ship and scream "I'm Queen of the SL WORLD!" And yes I know 1997 wants its saying back..give me a

Watched Dinner with Schmucks with Dad and Uncle Lucky. It was pretty good. Uncle Lucky's Movie theater is Dope.

Later that day Cessus came on. I can't ever tell if I like him or not. We don't get along at all. I have no idea why we are friends. lol. Here we are having girl talk..I painted his toenails pink and he braided my hair.

Afterwards we went to Bigfoot theater in sl and watched Office Space. I had to log because I had RL stuff to do. So I didn't make it all the way through..but to be honest. I've seen that movie a million times. It's one you can watch a lot. Cessus and I got into a argument..yes screaming happened. I told him Ron Livingston was in Dinner for Schumcks and Office Space. I even Wikipediaed that bitch..but DUMB Cessus still his retarded heart. By now people should know that what rain man is to matches I am to movies...come one now...jeez.

So I started SL Highschool again. I'm now going to Brazy. GO Bull Dogs!!!!
We have to write out a character bio and fill out a NC in order to get in. So here is my character bio.

Abernathy Button Character Bio: Years ago my father went to Vegas with his brothers, Rusty, Lucky, and Matt. They lived it up big. Gambling, parting in the VIP part of all the great clubs. Hitting up the all you can eat shrimp and steak buffets. Going to some really great shows. At one of those shows a certain Showgirl caught my Dad's eye. A cute blond, who's looks mesmerized him. It was love at first sight. She couldn't get enough of his cool easy personality and he couldn't keep his eyes off They had a three day passionate love affair. That ended with a positive pregnancy test a month later when he was long gone back to his regular life.

There's a saying that goes "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". My mother truly believed in that motto. She was never going to mention to my dad that she was pregnant. I was born and she had a new love of her life. Still being a showgirl by night and a mommy by day. Her life was complete. Then one day she got terrible news that she had breast cancer. She knew right then it was time to get a hold of my dad. I was nine months old when he met me for the first time. He feel in love with me and immediately let go of all his anger about being kept in the dark. The spark that had been there once before rekindled and we were a happy family. She was able to celebrate my first birthday, but a few months later she passed away. Now its just me and Dad and of course Uncle Rusty who lives with us too. I keep a picture of her in all her glory when she was a showgirl on my nightstand. Maybe one day my dad will find another woman to love. I think my mom would want that.

So as I was writing started thinking it would be cool to have pictures of said mother...One that was actual beside my bed. So I started looking in my chest of memories...aka inventory..and found these two pics. One is of my Dad and my Mom (Portia...what? sounds like a Vegas showgirl name to me) and the other is one just of my mom. That one goes on the nightstand beside my bed.

The whole family is working on getting pictures of all of us. That sorta thing is harder than it looks. I need a new profile picture myself. And that's a hat...on cat named pat who is really fat..and likes to spat.

See you later dipity do's and diptity donts. :)


  1. Clover going missing was so stressful; it's just good that she came back home to us. She's a big part of the family.

    I never thought I'd see those photos of your Mom again but it was nice that you kept them. At least you'll always have something to remind you of her as I have you to remind me of her. You're a lot alike minus the Vegas showgirl thing.

  2. You never know. I might follow in her footsteps. :D :D :D

    I kid.