Monday, January 17, 2011

Match Made in SL Heaven

Clover heard I started second life high school. She was feeling uneducated. So she's learning to read. I got her some glasses..cause well. She runs into walls a lot. I heart her.

Ever felt mega out of place somewhere? Like I said I started SL high school again and just completed my first full week. I have to say I really like it and it gets on my nerves at the same time. The school itself and the staff do a really well job. Their eye to detail is really cool. They even sent out notices about lunch and what we were having that day. By the way. If I had to eat the kind of stuff Brazy's lunch offered in rl. I would pack my lunch every day. lol. Crusty meatloaf I am not a fan of yours. *shudders*

I already have a favorite Teacher. Ms. Solo.

The only thing that sucks at school....some of the other students. I think its my fault really. Im so far from ghetto in RL or SL that its like foreign speak to me. Besides that...I have this weird thought that if your nice others should be nice back. Not all fake ghetto. Then I realized. This is an "urban" rp school. Duh. This would be true to life. When I was in highschool RL I fit in just fine. Cause I was with other white girls doing white girl stuff. Probably stuff that would seem boring to the girls I go to school with now at Brazy. So I'm just going to be myself. See how it turns out and have fun. Plus I made an awesome friend named Kynds via Jess and she goes with me to Brazy. We stick out like soar thumbs.

Here are some pictures of school.

So :D :D Dad and I made a new friend recently.♥ Wait.Double♥♥ HEHEHE
Her name is Cadence...well we call her Cady. Sometimes when she speaks. I feel like she is taking my thoughts right from my head. She is really quick witted and extremely kind. She has a tre coolio blog right here. Check it out. Her pictures are Dope.

Divine Patterns

Speaking of awesome people. Dad, Cady and myself went to Uncle Awesome (Uncle Rusty's) Football game. It was my first football game I've attended in sl. Lots of fun cheering on Uncle Rusty.

Here are some pictures of the game and a couple of me and Uncle Rusty

Dad is in a battle royal to find the best DJ in secondlife. Echo, one of the places he DJ's for is having the event. Please be sure to go here VOTE FOR FRETWORK! It does cost 10L but I promise he is worth it. He's sets are epic.

I love my friends. They're weird and I like it.

This week I got my Evie fix. I was on earlier than usual and we hung out. She will forever be the best sl kid ever. I just want to snuggle with her rl and watch bad tv.

So, there is this
Anyways...I took him paintballing after I figured out how to do it myself. He still kicked my butt and made fun of my "gear" HAHAHAHA

Reo and Me paintballing it.

Here is another one on his raft. :)

My Aunt Haley and Uncle Lucky got me some Kitty Kats and Haley made Clover a light house. When everyone was over at the house the other day, we ended up in my room to check out the kittens and of course Uncle Rusty started spinning in circles till he fell down drunk from "the spinning". And Cady followed suit..hehehe. NERDS
And look. Cessus changed his clothing!!!!! YAY! Poor Jess, she never knows what she is getting into when she hangs out with us.

There really has been so much going on right now in sl for me. I'm sorta scared I'm going to forget something important. I have two jobs now. I work at the best club in SL. I swear it!. Called Steel Monkey. Owned and operated by my friends Arale, Willow, and Brady. My first day of hosting was last Friday. It was really fun. As well as a job at Champion Horse Magazine as a reporter and ad sales. I'm pretty sure my lucky horse shirt got me the job. Well that and my connection with

After a long day of season hunting with cady and a job interview. I made a pixel dinner for Dad, Cady, Cessus, and myself. Doesn't that look yummy? :D

We sat around and talked about our day. Dad had just came in from rl work, so it worked out well.

We talked about what I want for my very first rezz day. It's coming up February 9th. Ive decided I'd like to find a charity to donate the lindens that people would be spending on a gift for me. Instead of actually getting me a gift. So if you know of any charities that has ties to second life, please let me know.

We are working on the party part as I type this. Im sure next blog o billy will have the details.

Thought I would do a style card because I heard an old song and wanted to dress to fit it the other day. So here you go.

Hair-Truth Lanie-champagne

Jacket- Ducknipple Wombat-Pink leather

Skirt- Sassy Kitty Desgins -My little Grey Dress

Tights- xbordeaux -Hungry Hearts Stockings

Heels- LMK- Plateform studded pointy-toe pumps

So anyways. I'm doing Laundry in real life. My whole apartment smells like wonderful. I love that.