Monday, December 13, 2010

Tre Coolio

Photo done by Autumn Lighthouse

Huge Mega news from Camp Cute as a Button. We are starting a comic book called Astraia. Shooting is planned for today and as soon as the book is ready to be released, I will blog that day about it. I'm so excited. Here is some info on Astraia.

Astraia is a Super Hero that fights for Justice in the streets of London and other parts of the UK.

This is the brainchild of Celeste Werefox and Abernathy Button.

We are looking for

Writing staff
Someone that has a Think Book
Costume designers
Shape makers
Skin makers
Advertisers ( someone wanting to put thier business in our comic book)
Personal Assistant.
Graphic artist

A bit about Astraia
She's very calm and quick witted. Her eyes glow and she see's danger
She has a side kick named Poppy (me)
Her love interest is a rock musican named Lewis Rode (paying homage to Louis Lane)
She works in an Art Gallery by day and fights unjustice by night.

The book will be made like the magazines you see in SL
We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and plurk
Please feel free to add us on all of them.




We are still looking for the inside of a restaurant kitchen. To do one of the shoots in.

By the way if you are wondering how this all come about. Here is a quick little summary.

I took a pic of Celeste the other day..she was wanting one that had her dancing. Then she liked it so good she was going in her inventory for something else cool to wear. She wanted us to have a pic together and wanted me to dress like her. We were already talking about how she looked like a superhero and when I got my look on I so looked like the sidekick..the I said we should do a comic book in sl. She came up with the name and here we are. We have the first episode or story written. just need to find locations etc to make it happen. :)

That's how most endeavors happen for me on SL and RL. :)

I'm loving living with my Dad Miketh. All my friends like him and his family has really made me feel like one of them.

We do a lot of fake eating in sl at our house. I've had people over for pizza, ribs, I guess I'm the cook of the house till Dad meets a nice woman. I hope she can cook. :)

Dad and I mesh really well. We both love music and movies and just sitting around talking about nothing in particular.

We've been spending a lot of time with my uncle Lucky. He's a great uncle and a good guy. He bought me the prettiest clover jewelry set.

I've been doing a lot of photo shop and picture taking. I really enjoy doing it and it feeds my need to be creative.

So Christmas is coming. In RL I have a little more shopping but nothing to bad.
In Sl Dad and I got a tree. I'm pretty sure its real pixel pine and everything. We also hung the stockings. I have a fireplace rl but I'm basically to scared to use it. lol.

So that's it from your's truly. I'm off to work out some Astraia things. I hope to see your name in the secondlife Astraia Comic group. :)

Not affiliated with the Store Astraia ( but would be happy to advertise the store in my blog and in the comic book.

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  1. Very well done, I'm sure I'm not only speaking for myself when I say that we're glad to have you as a part of the family. It's been a lot of fun thus far. I'm still going to have you do pictures for Bri and I whenever she's got some free time. Awesome job. :P