Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Facepalm lol...inside joke....with...MY PARENTS!!

WOrd. Not only do I have some parents now....BUT...they are AWESOME. Yes all you cute critters...I am so happy I could do a little dance. It would be a break dance mind you but a dance all the same. Sigh. I am delighted. Here is a picture of us.

Please Baby Jesus let this work out. I feel like it will but...just think good thoughts and let them be as sweet as they seem...I do believe they are. They are all about being yourself and the calm of life. They are productive people in Secondlife and have big hearts. They are funny and witty and just plain ole neat. They have met in RL and are engaged. Can you say SCORE. So they truly love each other. I cannot wait till my friends meet them.

Ok....see you soon yo yo's and slinketts!


  1. We do care about you so very much already abernathy! Welcome to the family!