Monday, March 8, 2010

After School Special

Well I started school. Missed the Friday night PJ party with a movie. Grr to that...and boo. But then the next night I went to midnight class. Cause I'm cool like that...and met my teacher and principal. We just mainly chit chatted and hung out. Can't wait to meet the other kids my age. Word. Here is a picture of me in my school uniform. I go to the Bonaire Academy.

But the best part is...not only did I talk to my mega crush Bootsy the Cutsy...we also hung out and did a little huggin again. Sigh...Dreamy...heart skip a beat.....sigh again for good measure. Here is a picture of us hanging out.

So...I'm good. Hope all of you Baby Dinasaurs and Dorksauce (lol) are happy too.

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