Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abby the HAPPY!!!

Hi again. Thanks to everyone that messaged me in secondlife about liking my blog. You all should follow me on here. Big news. We found a picture of a dress that my mom is going to try and get someone to recreate in SL for prom. Look for that blog sometime in May. YAY.
Lets see. Speaking of mom saved me from buying a dress I didn't really like that a woman tried to make for me. Just so you all know. My mom is my Super Hero. Anyone that reads this that can make a cape with super mom on the back...should send it to my Mom. She's the best. Her and my Dad are so awesome sweet.

The other day I was on right at the perfect time. Mom is pregnant with TWINS. She had a doctors appointment. Here's a pic of that. The Doctor was really nice and Mom and the pumpkin dumpkins are doing great!!!. April 20th is the Due date...but you know they never come when they are suppose too.

I finally made it to class. I now go to Hardknocks Highschool. It's really great. My teachers are really smart and we do alot. Classes are Tuesday's and Thursdays. Today was our last day before spring break. So our teacher took us to the Nasa Sim. There was a video that you could click on to show you a launch. Here it is. The whole time I was watching it I couldn't help imagining Bugsy bunny dressed up like a girl running around with Elmer Fudd. LOL.

Wilbur finally met Mom. LOL...he has a sculpty stach. Look at this pic. What a goober.

[20:54] Wilbur reaches into your bun and..
[20:55] abernathy Button: :D[20:55] Wilbur kisses you on the bun.
[20:55] abernathy Button: :D
[20:55] Wilbur: See ya :)

I adore him...and Bootsy. It would be great if I knew which one liked me like you like a girlfriend. lol. And speaking of Bootzy the Cutsy. I told him about my blog. Yea...I'm OMGing too. But he was happy about it and flattered. He even took time to read it. But that being said. I am so ready to fall for someone and them fall for me. I know both these boys think I am the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas combined. They both have seen my RL picture (I'm cute as a button in RL too..) and I know what they look like. I just don't think that either of them are looking for a girlfriend in SL....or I should say just one

But anyways. Even if they don't want to be more than that.
I still ADORE Wilbur (Alex Trebek wannabe/bun toucher) and Bootsy (the Cutsy/Mega Crush)
I'll just sit in my redone room (Thanks you Mom) and daydream about them

Sorry about being away. My internet connection...well everyone in my apartment buildings internet connection was down a week. And I guess the word for today is with that being said. I adore all of you....goodbye for now my tater tots and frenchy fries.

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