Monday, March 15, 2010

Officallly Adopted...Sugar and Spice and everything Nice

That's what I'm made of.

Here is the adoption paper.

I couldn't be more happy...Even if I tried.

Now my next goal is to get a family picture.

I do have alot of siblings and it's hard to get everyone on at the same time. But...that's SL life.

Oh and guess what peepers and jeepers. Prom is coming up at my new school. Yep that's right Mom enrolled yours truly into the School of Hard knocks. They teach SL things. Scripting, Building, and who knows what else. You name it. Really cool. Back to Prom....O>M>G. What the heckadoodle am I going to wear. Please help lovely ladies of SLery. Plus...who am I going with. At this point maybe some very special fella is reading this and already knows I like him tons upon tons....and would love to take me. :D


  1. We couldn't be more happier either if we tried :))) Welcome to the Edge family sweetheart. Love you lots - or in norwegian - Vi elsker deg :))) hugs Mom and Dad