Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Bun of Eternity and Surfing with Wilbur

My new friend Wilbur aka bun toucher and I decided to go surfing. See I went once with my friend Jullian and I had no idea what I was doing. Every time I would wipe out I would just pull a board of our my inventory aka my bun on my head. I bet I rezzed like fifteen boards....yep...yikes a rama. So..about a day later. I get an instant message from the owner of the beach where we surfed. Very nice person. Told me I was using the wrong board and if I just rented one from them I would be able to make a wave or two.
So Cowabunga DUDE!!! In the back you see Wilbur. He took to it pretty fast. Are you wondering how I met Wilbur? Well there is this little place I like to go, called Korea. Lots of weird interesting people go there. I like to listen to them and get into weird crazy talks with some. Well Wilbur bumped into me. So we started talking. He put his finger in my bun and pretended to pull out several things. French Fries to Homeless people. We talked he rumaged thru my poor helpless bun. lol. He's a funny one. And...I might have...the itsyest...tiney tiniest crushy on him. Sigh.

And by the way. My parents...well...they still ROCK. And They want to take me off trial and adopt me.

Mamsen ‧: how do you think trial has gone so far ? do you like it here... is there anything you wondering about?
[1:54] abernathy Button‧: I don't like it I love it. I feel like I've been around you and Dad forever. And since you and he are such open books. I don't have any burning questions.
[1:55] Mamsen ‧: awwwee :))
[1:56] Mamsen‧: thats good honey
[1:56] Mamsen‧: one question
[1:56] abernathy Button‧: how about you>? How do you think things are going? Got any questions?
[1:56] Mamsen ‧: do you want us to adopt you?
[1:56] abernathy Button‧: yes...I hope you will.
[1:56] Mamsen ‧: i love you :) you are a warm and careing person
[1:57] Mamsen ‧: we want to do that yes :) ))) just want you to get the opertunety to say yes or no :)
[1:57] abernathy Button‧: yes. double yes...triple dipple YES!
[1:58] Mamsen‧: hahaha
[1:58] Mamsen ‧: well good
[1:58] Mamsen ‧: i will send in the adoption papers
[1:58] abernathy Button‧: YAY

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