Tuesday, March 19, 2013

15 dollars for a bag of possums

Three years on Abernathy Button. Seems weird.
Is it a waste of time?

When I think of some of the people I've met. I can't say it is.
I've pretty much been doing this blog for three years as well.
Am I still cute as a button?
Some would say no. Others would say maybe. I would say I'm more Zef than anything.
And no it doesn't bother me if you want to be zef too.
 I've converted many to Die Antwoord. It's kind of my job. Every time I see it represented by people I converted. I smile and say you're welcome. lol

I'm adoptable again. Yes, what the frack. In the time I last blogged I was a Noble. We'll just say time zone differences there. Now my named is Coleman  When I first was in the Coleman family they were so awesome.I felt I had hit the sl family finding jackpot. Except they had some issues unknown to me that were bubbling up to surface. It was the suck to see them  fall apart.  I won't lie. I'm, skittish about putting up another panel.

Until then. Ive got this dude to hang out with.  I call him my best friend that's a boy. Cause Chex Mex Lex isi my best friend that's a girl. She in college rl and I'm so proud.  She is like the best person I know. I'm a fan.

 I've been going to Willowdale High school  It's been a pretty awesome experience  Just yesterday I tried out for a character in a RP event the school is doing. It's a murder mystery. (makes ghost noises)  I hope I get a part.

The school does  a lot of  parties. There was a roller skate party, A  zombie prom party and we just had a St. Patrick's Day dance. I didn't want to just wear a green dress. So I thought I would be the rainbow leading to the pot of gold. Yea I know I over think things. You know though. That's just who I am. Call it a quirk and move on.

I took some pictures  of the rainbow dress and roller skate  outfit. They didn't turn out as good as the zombie prom outfit.

Today we had drivers ed. I was doing ok. Lag was pretty bad. I accidentally pushed on the gas instead of the brake and hit a bush which propelled me up in the air. As I started heading for the ground I heard a big splash. I landed in the school'sl pool. I know..Picture or it didn't happen.

Have you been playing the Arcade Gathca?


My best friend Bren and myself have been blowing that place up. He is amazing at trading and finding yard sales. I'm obsessed with Wizard Of OZ anything. I even want to do a mock up Wizard of Oz poster with avatars. I have most of the people for it.  Maybe next blog. So anyways Bren single handily found most of the Oz stuff from the Arcade for me.

Here is all the pieces. Thank you Bren so much for helping me find it all. Love you!

One thing about being a Coleman is the dad always wanted to go find things to get into. Driving,fishing, surfing, you name it. He was up for it. Here is some of the family surfing.

This is Uncle Ani

Auntie Karma

 Del (used to be my Dad)

I couldn't take a picture of me surfing. So this is me enjoying the water.

This is Cora  my cousin from me being in the Coleman family.She's a sweetheart  I adore her parents. I could talk to her mom Karma for hours.

I hate that I don't blog as much anymore. I hope when whoever reads this likes it. That's about it.

Absy Absy out.


  1. You've brought more people over to the Zef Side than you probably know - it's more like a pyramid scheme tbh.