Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dancin on the ceiling start this Blog off right...let me just itty bitty siblings...are the rootin tootin cutiest barrel of monkeys.....EVA. Here is a pic my mom took of them all dressed up.

Ok now that I have you all like...awww look at the cute
Lets talk about how much fun I had at Club T to the E R A I had the other N I G H T...ok I will stop chant/cheer blog/typing....ok I will stop doing the / thing.... I promise it's out of my system....for atleast this blog.
Moving on. Here is a pic of me busting my moves

with some coolio people at da Club..

Last but not Crush...I call him....Sleeper Cell crush. Cross your fingers...he asks me out.
His name is Gama...
So all in all...Prom is May 20 something..I got to try on my dress....yippy- ki-yay mutha....beeep.

I'm John Mclan...up in this blog. :D

If you read me blog...Give me a IM and tell me I'm a tard. :)

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