Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cute as a Button gets a new look

Notice my logo...locos? Yep that's rigth..I'm legit. We can all thank Syphon Hoxley for my new logo.
A little about Syohon's service.era Designs is a company created to create for you.We Design Logos, Shop Signs, Shop Vendor Images, Magazine layout/Covers, Buttons/Web or SL, and much MORE all for you!
And that is no joke..because he was so nice and he worked fast and was easy to deal with.

This is his graphic design business here

era Designs

So..yea things are changin on this blog...if you look to your right there is little logos from era Graphics. You can click them to get Syphon email. And if you look at the whole blog you'll see I have changed up the color and what not.
So when I logged on today...I had a suprise.

Let me just show you!!!

Well we all know my answer.......YES!!
Beautiful flowers and a blueberry ring pop came with the surprise.

The other two things I wanted to talk about was the really neat dance recital I went to for school. And the horrible mothers day present I got for my mom. First If you don't remember..I go to HardKnocks Life High School. I'm a freshman there and I started late in the year. I get along well with everyone and I have alot of fun. But by far the coolest thing I have seen them do is the dance team putting on a show.

Here they are doing Jail House Rock by Elvis Presley

So mothers Day in the US..( did you know they don't celebrate it on the same day in other countries?) was Sunday. I wanted to get my Mom Mamsen something special. So I got her a psychic Reading....PSSSHHH...that woman was so wack. Worste gift ever for someone..Cause that woman told my mom some horrible crap...UGH....Sorry Mom I hope the Flowers I got you will make up for the crap I bestowed upon you..LOL.


So...slugos and snail..o's? or bees and buttons...thanks for reading and messaging me in world..always let me know your out there reading I'll keep writing it.

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