Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prom Night....Success (am I spelling that right??)

Man o about the notices and what not I got when I logged on. Meant to connect myself to my wonderful life in SL..but the puppy in so cute that I couldn't pull myself away... Plus...I'm getting a cold...first one this year..GRRRRR.So here I am lookin thru notices and I see an invite to my P R O M....Woot!
Pirate Theme ARG!

We all know I've been waiting for this day. It's a big deal in a SL girls life. The day she goes to prom. Espesially when she has a boyfriend to share it with. I've not known Markis for long but I truly think he's a perfect match for me. :)
Are you dying to see my dress for Prom? Here is me in all my prom dress glory.
I love love love this DRESS!!!
Dress: BitterBunnies Designs (Telle Trezuguet) Hair: /Scarlett/Happy Blond Earrings: JCNY Atlantis Getaway Hiper Gems Shoes: *VioMagic*Moonlit Night Outfit High Heels Corsage: Belle Amie~Classic Rose~White Wrist
Getting Ready
:D Mom doing my hair :D

:D Markis and I :D
You could tell Markis was nervous when he rang the door bell. It was the first time he met my He looked so handsom. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. Others were talking and all I could do was feel like we were the only ones in the room. He slid the most beautiful crosage onto my wrist.

And off we went to our Pirate Prom.There were all kinds of wonderful things at Prom.We had to walk the plank to get in to the undewater dance floor.

There was great dancing and live music by Maximillion Kleene and our very own Dwyhte Flagon was the DJ. Plus Dwyhte and JocelynStarr Fraker were crowned Prom King and Queen.

I've tried to add more pics but something isn't letting me...maybe I've exceeded my

So it was a wonderful night. I have alot of People to thank. My parents...Markis family and friends, my friends :D, HardKnocks Highschool and the staff, and Telle for the AMAZING DRESS..

Well I am off to look for something to wear to school today. It's picture day...omg. :D

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