Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tiaras and coconuts + Date Night

In RL news....I rescued a puppy. Not sure if I'm going to keep him...but he is soo cute..and he has that stinky good smell...of puppy breath. I took him to the vet...and he's sick. He has a puppy cold. Poor fella. So I'm going to be nursin the brown ball of love back to health and then decide what to do.
I've been getting to spend time with my other fella. Markis. We lounged at his house on the hammock. He had just finished having pictures done with his family. Somehow he had gotten the tag Princess from his family's group. So I thought it would be funny to find him a then somehow we started talking about the movie the Lion King...and I think we both believe in Hakuna matata. "No worries." lol. So ofcourse...I ended up with a coconut

Last night Markis and I got all spiffed up...and went on a dinner date. :) He bought me a beautiful jewlery set. Next blog I will show you how beautiful. Here is some picture of our date. :) Prom is Saturday...YAY. :D Finally have my look together.

I'd write more but the puppy is trying to eat a cord near my

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