Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dot dot dot Macchiato

I'm obsessed with Nicki Minaj. I could so have an alter ego like that. I'm driving everyone crazy with it...Don't worry I'll stop I hope..lol.

Friday is my PARTY! Im excited. It's from 5:30 to 8:30pm SLT on the 11th. Please feel free to come by, dance, wish me happy bday/rezz day and throw a little Linden in the Relay for life Cancer Kiosk. Click here for your ride to my REZZ DAY LOCATION

God I can't believe its been a year. How I have changed. Lets do a look back shall we.

Me at twelve (wow and yikes)

Me at thirteen ( I was doing the streaks before they were an option in truth hair)

Me at fourteen (not so bad)
Me now at fifteen. ( soon to change)

Ever wanted to know what happens when you bring a gun to SL high school? Well my friend Dymond does. You get suspended and you end up having to serve all the other kids in your school lunch and mop the school floor in front of them. Enjoy the pictures. lol.

I have a new Auntie. I adore her. She's a firecracker. Her name is Mona. She's my mom's close friend. Here she is trying to clean up Cessus'act.

And of course he took his shirt off.

My Dad entered the Top DJ of SL contest and battled it out last weekend. He ended up with 2nd place. Mom and I think that's awesome. He had one hour to make the club hoppin. He so delivered. Everyone there was dancing and having a great time. Thank you all that came and supported. And Congrats Dad, that was so fun.

Auntie Mona in a Cactus dress. It so suits her.

Look at my Tre Coolio Parents.

This club is heated...this parties blazin.

Sad news. Uncle Rusty moved out of our house. I guess its time. He's got a girlfriend and they want to live together. I hope she feeds him enough pixel food and makes sure he gets his daily dose of U-know.

Mom is a contributor of a website called Shopping Cart Disco. They had a sweetheart dance yesterday. I didn't have anyone to dance with so I messaged my dear friend Chris. He is a great singer in SL and such a nice fella. He was so awesome to come dance with me.

So while we were there they had a contest for king and queen and guess who won queen? MY MOMA! WELL DUH! hehehe. She's my Dad's Queen for sure. :)

Here is a picture she took of herself all beautified.

I'm in love with Buttercups store. I wanted to show you these unbelievably cute tops.

Boots-Hoornbeck Lucille Boot
Hair Truth -Adele
Shirt- Buttercups-Floral One Shoulder Top
Pants-Phoenxi Rising-Mona-Gray

I can't believe in a few weeks this blog will be a year old itself. I've had the best time writing it. Its like my own little journal of my sl life. Sometimes..it doesn't have a point. I really started doing it just for myself. I just think its neat other people read it..lol...

So to all you that are reading this know. Hi..and stuff. AND THANKS!

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  1. Happy Sweet 16 Baby!! Your dad and I love you bunches!