Thursday, February 17, 2011

I ♥ Sterograms

I must have had change in my jeans pocket. I'm really bad about not feeling inside them before I wash. I can hear something clinging around in my dryer. I'm going to go check and see what it is. Will report my findings here. (Five minute lapse) Oh why yes...I did have change in my pocket. I keep a change jar that at this very moment is filled to the brim. I bet there is at least forty dollars in there. Wow..I really am tired...can you say ramble much abs button? Enough of that.


YES 199%


Ever seen that movie From Dusk till Dawn? When it comes to dialog and movie makin Quentin Tarantino is a God in my eyes. I believe in real life though, he's a jerk and a womanizer. But sometimes people are great at one thing and are the suck at other things. I know I'm like that. Oh Gawd I'm rambling...again. Ok focus. Dusk till to secondlife. Go!

My new friend Deves, my Dad Miketh, and I decided to dress in western wear a few nights ago and find us a honky tonk to go dancin too. It really all started out of dressing like country folk and being bored. So I went to the destination guide. Something I didnt know about till I read my friend Tym's blog, You can check her blog out here Girl Wonder Speaks. It is my FAVORITE SL blog EVER. Anyways I found a salon that looked like a good time was to be had in. I tped the fellas. We found a empty place on the line dancing pose circles and turned on the music. No one had rezzed for me yet but the music was straight up Marlyn Manson. I love Maryln Manson's music but I was took aback by it being in a country bar. Then everyone rezzed. They were all vampires. It was straight up out of From Dusk till Dawn. Hey I guess Vampires like to line dance too. :)

Afterwards we went home and decided to watch cartoons. I love watching tv in world. For the most part we make fun of how bad something is. These cartoons were no exception.

Here is Casper. Deves said he looked like a condom. Dad and I agreed.

Here is Betty Boop. She's a whore. I'm just going to come right out with it. She really is. In this cartoon she ran around trying to get away from her grabby boss, only to pull down the shades at the end to make out with him. Plus her head is so big. I don't like that. Dad isn't homeless...he just dresses up like one. Yes he does look like he would live in a cabin by himself deep in the woods...writing letters to the president about squirrels giving everyone aids.

Yea you're seeing that picture correctly. That is Auntie Mona and cousin Morgan..and yes they are vampires. At first...I was grossed out at the thought of a vampire baby. He drinks blood from a bottle or maybe its just cherry kool-aid. And maybe those are vampire teeth. Another explanation could be he drinks so much cherry kool-aid it rotted his teeth out and now they're all jagged. Maybe he is sickly pale because he doesn't get the nutrition that milk would provide him if that was what was in his bottle. I don't know but I sorta really like him. That's weird huh?

My Auntie Sy married her love Uncle Smash on valentines day. My mom was a bridesmaid and everything was so beautiful. I've been to a few SL weddings. This by far was the most gorgeous.

After the wedding Deves took me to a sandbox to explore. Where we geeked it out in style. I found the teleporter from Stargate.

I also took my car for a spin. Here Deves is fearing for his pixel life and I can't say I don't blame him.

Deve's knows alot of great places to look around at. If you were looking for Lady Gaga in SL. I found her.

Also :D :D :D :D I have pictures my Mom took of my rezz day party/sweet 16 birthday party. Like I said it was a futuristic theme. My moms friend Elysium has a great space station. My Dad (who seriously is the BEST DJ in sl. By the way he does do private parties. Miketh Fretwerk if you want to IM him) DJ'ed the whole party for three hours. My mom's friend Kess did the robot cake. And tons of people stopped by off and on while the party was going on. Dad made a great banner wishing me a happy rezz day and mom made the invitation itsself. The people in my sl life are so amazing to me. I just hope they know how much I appreciate it. I put out the Kiosk for Relay For Life and was tickled that my family and friends raised quiet a bit of money. Like the shirt that Kess made says. FUCK Cancer!!!

Here are some pictures. My mom is a great photographer.

Ok last thing and Im done...sorry this is such a long post.
Mom and Dad decided we are all going to be living under the same roof. I couldnt be more happy. We've started looking for a house. We're moving to a beautiful piece of land. Wish us luck on finding a great house. Of course where ever they are...its always home in my eyes.

This Blog is offically a year old. Whats up with that???

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