Friday, September 30, 2011

Cute as a Fretwerk

The image above represents who I am on the inside in avatar form.

I set up my easel in real life the other day and started on a new painting. I wear the same dress when I paint always. I'm extremely messy as I paint and used to ruin clothes because of it. Now I just wear one dress that has paint splattered here and there. It started with a big green blop about a year ago and I just decided this was my painting dress.

I really love pandora radio. If you haven't checked it out yet. I suggest you do. Your ears will thank you. www, <---there is the link homeys. Homies? I don't know.

Johnny Cash just came on my radio station. NICE. Laughing at the song. It's about him working for GM and stealing one part at a time because he wanted a long black Cadillac.
If you don't like  Johnny Cash....we might want to reevaluate our friendship.

Johnny Cash to the Offspring....welcome to my world.

Have you ever seen Death Becomes Her? The other day someone mentioned it on Plurk about it being on. Mom and I started talking about it and Dad chimed in that he had never seen it. Mom quickly pasted the IMDB website for the movie. I was looking at the picture and thought. I could recreate that in second life. So I mentioned it to them. Mom's a ginger in SL and I'm a blondie. Dad of course has every color hair imaginable. It was so fun to do. By far this is the best photo work I have done in SL. Here is the original cover of Death Becomes Her. This is my SL version called Death Becomes Pixel.

I'd like to do movie posters more often. Maybe even do them as a once a month thing on SCD (shopping cart disco). I will have to mention it to my luvins Kess the Best.

My itty bitty Cousin Rylie is a poop head. During our fam dinner before the tail gate party at the panthers stadium. Her and her goober friend decided to "decorate my room" when I went upstairs after they had left.There was paint and glitter EVERYWHERE! hehehe.

I got her back though. See... 

Yes that is an evil clown looking into her window. I'm a jackwagon..cause guess what..she is scared of clowns..not just evil ones but all of them. Way to go Abs...way to go. :D

Speaking of Uncle Rune, Rylie's Pops. He's been spending time with Dad's sister Portia. Someone...I'm not saying who. ME..ok I am saying who..thought they would make a good match. With Mom's help we got them to meet and they hit it off right away. Pats Mom and myself  on the back. HA.

Here is a picture I did of Uncle Rune and Auntie Portia on Pirate day.

Mom took some pictures as well. Afterwards while she was looking at them she realized something um off on the photo. 

Here it is

 We aren't sure what that is. It looks sorta ghost like. It's flat and statue like. This is no hoax. We are really curious as to what made that happen in the photo. I've even thought about IMing a Linden.

Pearl Baily is playing on my pandora now. See it picks music you would like. It knows me all to well. I have an eclectic taste in music. Who am I kidding. I have an eclectic taste in most everything.

Right before I was going to finish this blog I got a gift from my Uncle Rune and Auntie Portia. They know how big of a fan I am of robots and seen this lunch box and thought of me. I took a picture of it to show all of you.

Thank you so much.

You know I don't think this blog will be all that long. Lucky you.

The other day I brought a potential brother home for my parents to meet. I was at MAW "window shopping"  We decided to take a vote on whether we should go on trial. I said " All those in favor of him going on trial with us raise your hand."  Which preceded with this awkward picture.


HAHAHA...I'm kidding. Here is what really happened.

Yep. His name is Dufus Mcbooger. But you can call him Sachy. He owns the store :[strip'd]. You can check it out by clicking on the advertisement on the right side of my blog.
He's nine months older than we both are 16. That's called Irish twins. He fits in well with the family. I'm not sure that is a complement.


  1. um I LOVE your movie poster! And anytime you want to do a post with them you are welcome to! I love you, kiddo!

  2. Your blogs are always so good to read and they warm my heart every time. Too bad that #3 jersey is outdated...guess you'll just have to go with gold ol #8 :)