Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unapologetically Alive

Music always helps me get by. It carries my soul over all the bad thresholds of life.

So here is ALANIS MORISSETTE's "So pure" and the Lyrics.

You from new york you are so relevant
You reduce me to cosmic tears
Luminous more so than most anyone
Unapologetically alive knot in my stomach
And lump in my throat
I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
So pure such an expression
Supposed former infatuation junkie
I sink three pointers and you ask poetically
I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
So pure such an expression
Let's grease the wheel over tea
Let's discuss things in confidence
Let's be outspoken let's be ridiculous
Let's solve the world's problems
I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
So pure such an expression

Been a lot of dancin this week. Lot of Halloween Parties. My parents had one at the new remodeled club. It totally looks very Asian Persuasion. Every time I'm over there I get a craving for some Lo Mien or coconut chicken...maybe an egg-roll..oh crap now I'm hungry. Mom and Dad sorta went wack a do and bought up more of the sim to make an all around zen feel. I know you want to check it out and come play greedy with me and my are so welcome too. Here is the surl.

So its the day after Halloween and I have to say I got very few trick or treaters here..thats pretty fail. Plus I might have ate my weight in mini snickers..blergh.
I ended up in H E double hocky sticks during one of the halloween parties. I was invited by Tymmerie Thorne who has one of the best blogs SL. Here is a link to her blog.
Where yours truly is mentioned. It was great fun and the music was amazin. Word.

Overview of Hell

I also came in 2nd place at the O karaoke Lounge Costume Contest. I was, well my tradmark name. Gangsta Geist. If ever I was a rapper or dj in sl..that would be my name. So I decided to be that for Halloween as well. My "story" is that I was a mobster that was back stabbed to death by one of her own thugs....back from the dead..I'm out for revenge...I am.....The Gangster Poltergeist...aka Gangsta Geist. LOL....Yea I'm that nerdy.

I also got to take my itty bitty sister the one and only Evie Biscuits trick or treating. Our first stop was the neighborhood of Pleasantville. The houses were decorated so perfect and each house had a candy bowl. Evie was a pumpkin. Always adorable. Dad came along as well and was a Gangsta We also went to Larnie sim and did a Halloween Hunt and went into a Haunted house..where a witch tried to eat Pictures done by Evie

Remember how I talked about Mystery Science Theater 3000? Its ok..well I did on a previous blog. I love that show and the other day my friend Michael along with Cessuss (I'll call him a friend too but I'll use it a little more loosly..haha)Well anyways..we watched either the movie or one of the episodes. I love that stuff. Cause when my Fam and I watch a movie we crack on it so bad. So the worst the movie the more fun it is. We have this really cool drive in theater at home. It is my favorite place on the whole sim. After we watched MST3K, I remembered there was a sim with the MST3K on it. So I tped Michael and Cessus and I think Justice..who couldnt get her quicktime to work. :( The place was really neat. While there, a huge dragon was trying to come into the entrance door and Cessus told it in local it was too fat a dragon to get it. He is such a nerd. I like to beat him just for good measure.

Michael and I sat up front with the robots. I took a picture..notice our shirts? Its my face. Michael made them..pretty rad huh? My dad also made me a shirt too. I'm loved. :)

This is the one my Daddy did.

I was thinking about changing the amount you see a new blog per week. Maybe smaller blogs more often. Id like for the month of November to blog once a day. Another change starting very soon. Celeste and I are going to start a on going fictional story. So look for that homeys..Yep I'm 1990's Gangster like dat..

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