Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inventory Sweep

I hate organizing my inventory. I'm in the middle of what I know is a long process. Sigh..
At this point I hope no one comes home to see me half nude with a beast hat on my head.
My room is a mess and thank god I mostly live on freebies..or I would be having buyers remorse right now.

One brain in the blog is as good as a brain in the hands and or mouth.

So Stiletto Moody is having a major 70% off sale..I'm here with Justice. I started to walk around and found a hole in the floor. The weird part wasn't the fact that I feel in the hole or that it was even was the fact it embarrassed me.

After hours of inventory unfun. I took a break to go to a break to watch a movie with my fam. Toy Story 3. While we waited in the mom..who beats me. Yes..the cat is out of the bag. Im an abused child on sl. Decided to break bad pixel style on my friends and other family members as well. Here is a pic to prove it and please check back because I have contacted sl child services.

Lastly..the newest addition to my blog..the story me and Celeste are working on. So you'll get a little at a time every time I blog. I hope you enjoy and if you have an idea as far as a title or suggestions feel free to IM me in world or email me

"You were in there for a long time." Ben watched his mother Sarah slide into the driver seat beside him. She laid her purse between the two of them and started the car without saying a word. He noticed she had been crying. Ben looked out the passenger side window. He seen a bunch of boys running and jumping off of walls. It was called Free Running. Something he secretly wanted to learn. He sat up straighter. "Look at that." Sarah glances over. With a cracked voice she said. "Mmmhmm, that seems dangerous if you ask me." Tears well up into her eyes. Clearing her throat. "Where do you want to get something to eat? I know you have to be hungry." Ben glanced up head of them. A girl with auburn hair and a baggy sweater walked out in front of their car. "MOM STOP!" He could feel her slam on the breaks. Shaking his mother bursts into tears. Barely understandable she asks. " Are you ok hunny?" "Yea...I'm fine. I'll go check on her." He gets out and walks around to the front of the car. "You ok?" Reagan tries not to look like she just got the crap scared out of her. She flips her hair over her shoulder and pulls on her oversize sweatshirt. "What cha lookin at son?" Ben pulls his head back. He laughs a little. " Nothing Homey" He smiles at her and walks her over to the sidewalk. "So you live around here?" He notices her amber colored eyes. He looks around and back to her. Regan eyes him up and down and shrugs " Yeah dis be my hood, whats it to you?" Ben begins to say something to her but his mother blows the horn for him to get back in. He walks over to the car. "Hey what's your name by the way?" Regan looks over at him, giving him a impish grin. "Regan, whats yours?" She starts to walk over to the car window and trips on her shoelace. The car begins to pull away "Ben." He waves by at her and turn around staring ahead. Sarah looks at him and asks "She seemed ok..right? She was ok? Right....Ben?" "Um yea. She was great. I mean she was fine." He turned around to see if he could see her.

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