Friday, November 19, 2010

Above is a picture Michael did for me. I really love it.

I need something to do people. School? A job? A boyfriend? maybe an sl drug addiction.

I'm at Maw right now and the music is dope. Brass monkey is playing by the Beastie Boys. Sings loudly in rl "Brass Monkey that funky monkey" Aww fail now its some lame commercial.


I'm missing someone today. You know who you are, I'm sure. Sigh.

Earlier this week my Dad got me a gift..a just cause sort of thing. Its a clown fortune teller. I think its the coolest thing ever. It was so big I had to open it outside.

You pay 5L and ask it a question. The all knowing Rodeo Clown will give you an answer. Thank you Dad. You Rock.

Here is me and dad sitting together on a chair. Only thing is missing is Moma and Evie.

I went to a poetry reading the other night with Mads we didn't stay long but it was interesting. I have some stuff I wrote that I might read. I don't know..sorta makes me nervous. Also my friend Ivy is teaching me how to sing. If I can be taught. I don't know.

Mads and I at poetry night at Lyrical Cafe.

Mina aka the Matchmaker was busy at work the other day ridding all single people off the street one hook up at a time, when I got an IM from her about her cousin Creo. A few minutes later I was tped into a slightly awkward encounter with a teen boy and his family. Even though it wasn't a match made in sl heaven I gained a whole family of new friends. Here is Mina, Me, Reo, Sana, and Mina's aunt and the other kids mother Sapphire hanging out on their land after trapping each other in cages.

So just like the last two blogs here is Celeste and my third installment of the unnamed story we are writing together. Please feel free to go back two blogs to read the first two installments of the story with no name. Notice how I am stressing it has no working title? Come on readers. Help me decide. Jeez. lol.

Walking up Carl's driveway, Ben heard music playing loudly from Carl's house. He went to the door and knocked hard. Carl came to the door in nothing but his boxers and a Guitar Hero Guitar strapped to his chest. "Hey Ben what's up? Wou wanna play some hero with me?" Ben walks in and sits on the side of Carl's couch. Carl goes back to jamming. "My mom almost hit someone today with her car." Ben blurts out. Carl keeps playing only to side glance at Ben and ask, "No Shit?" Ben stares at the screen as Regan's face flashes in his mind. "Yea,some red haired girl." Carl stops playing. "You met a girl? No shit Ben, and here I thought you were gay." Carl starts laughing as Ben stands up and shoves him onto the couch. Carl pushes his sandy blond hair out of his bright green eyes. "Dude I'm kidding! So tell me about this chick. Is she fucking hot?" "I don't know." Ben said as he took the guitar from Carl hand. "Let me show you how this is done son." Ben said turning around and starts to play. Carl gets up and walks over to his jeans waded up on the other end of the sofa. He watches Ben play for a bit. "Dude you suck. Even on the easy level." Ben roles his eyes, " So you want to go practice tonight. I saw some guys jumping around earlier downtown and I really want to get out there". Carl pulls his jeans up over his muscular long legs and buttons them. He then grabs a shirt and smells it. Shrugging he throws it over his head. "Dude I'm so down. I hope there's girls downtown tonight, I need to get me some fucking action" Ben looks him over , "Ummm Carl you might want to try a little harder then just a old smelly shirt. You fucking stink man." Ben says making a sour face. "Shut the fuck up." Carl says to Ben as he takes his dirty shirt off and heads back to his room. Opening his dresser he pulls out a green t-shirt with yellow letters that reads 'Corn Feed' on the front and throws it on. He grabs his cologne and sprays himself and head back out. He looks at Ben "Better Faggot?" Ben laughs and they head out.

The evening is warm as they head downtown winding through the streets, Ben can see it is getting dark but he really wants to go. So he decides to push the fact his mom will be mad at him for not coming home before dark. As they get closer Carl starts running up the street jumping on cars throwing his body to the next car and then back down to the road. Ben watches secretly wishing he could do what Carl does. " Carl, dude stay off the cars. You're going to set an alarm off and we wont even get downtown" Carl looks back, " You worry way to much bro, try and have some fucking fun." Carl says. Ben grumbles under his breath but decides Carl is right and jumps up on a car and stands there for a moment. He takes a running leap and barely makes the car in front of it. An alarm goes off and Ben is quickly off the car and both boys are laughing and run quickly down the street. Out of sight and out of breath they duck behind a house. Breathing heavy. "Fuck my life." Ben says. Carl laughs. "That was pretty good though dude." The boys start running and bigger buildings start to fly by them as they run they head into a ally and start jumping off dumpsters and onto walls. Carl flies over objects and scales up walls. Ben follows in a slower pace and seems to bite it a bit more often then Carl. Carl flies over a fence and Ben starts to follow when a small figure runs past him. Ben doesn't commit to the jump and falls down onto the ground face first. He rolls onto his back and looks up.There staring down at him is the Regan the girl with the gold eyes and red hair. Ben gets up trying not to show it hurt to fall that hard. He says.."Hey didn't think I'd see you again." Regan smirks and says "Yeah didn't you know? I run these streets." she says with an attitude. Carl walks over and looks Reagan up and down. She cuts him a dirty look and asks. "What are you looking at playa?" Carl looks at Ben and starts laughing. "What the.." Carl starts to say before Ben interrupts him. "Regan ..that's your name, right?" Regan looks over at Ben. "Dat's right and your Ben." Ben hops up on a dumpster and puts his hand out for Regan to come up. She takes his hand. Letting him pull her up beside him. Carl sits on the other side of Ben. "This is the girl my mom almost hit with her car today." Ben explains to Carl. Putting on a tough voice Carl says,"Hi, I'm Carl but everyone calls me Razor." Ben looks at Carl. "Dude no one calls you Razor." Regan laughs. She is takin aback by her own laughter. She stops it arupty. The sound of her laughter makes a ping in Ben's chest. "So, what are you two doing down here?" Regan asks. Carl speaks up "Ever heard of parkour?" Regan shakes her head no. Carl stands up on the dumpster and jumps straight up on the roof of the building beside it. He steps back and takes a running jump and flies across the air to the other building. "Sometimes its called free running." Ben says.

Ok till next time. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get a chance to blog before then.

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