Monday, October 11, 2010

The far end of far away (lol) Lil I have to say this..every Friday is not working out for a new was aint I'll just say'll see a blog once a week..probably on Mondays. In RL we are doing alot of inventory junk..thank god I'm more organized in rl than in my sl inventory...but I do have a dream one day of having a very organized sl day....trails off a second to fantasize about yea I'm writing a blog sorry. So I was loving my SL job...Being a Host for the teen club The Church was really fun..really really bummed out it closed. Oh a bright note though. Arale is going to open a new teen club soon..and its a rad roller rink..what what. So I'll just host there. The last day I worked as host Kyra gave us all rubber duckies and lolly pops..Grace swung hers around so hard it knocked my hat over my

Did I tell you I LOVE taking photos in sl? Oh yea i said that last blog..well I and Lex are playing around with the idea of doing it as a business in sl. Admittedly Lex is way better than me but I'm getting better. We both are some creative fools. Look at this one Lex did of me and her...its hilarious.

No Drama Late Night Talk Show is becoming Legit. Word up. Tonk rebuilt the set and its on its own land..woot. We are trying to keep the show fun and easy fresh and breezy..
We are still working out times to have it..Maybe twice a week would be good. Here is me and Celeste in the Hot seat and Michael was the Host. If you like or think you would like to try your hand at improv or want to watch some silliness IM me and I will add you to the group and you can get a notice to when the shows are happening.

We had an after party the other night after a show..where we crunk danced to Queen and other music videos. That's me Carl and Icarus breakin bad on Llama and Celeste's table.

New Feature on Cute as a Button's blog. Public Service Announcement called Lessons Learned.

I'd also like to thank everyone for coming to my rl bday party in sl..that was awesome. I totally was surprised and had a blast. Thank you Arale Dymond and Tonk for pulling it off. Also thank you all for such great gifts. Here are a few pictures. I was having such a good time I didnt think to really shoot to many.

Ok till next time... :D

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