Friday, July 2, 2010

Scene Creeper

:) I love when you get talked to go with friends to their friends to eat. Then you get food poisoning. Remember kids, when that voice inside your head says,"This is not a place where you want to break bread" LISTEN TO IT. Sigh. I've missed days in secondlife dealing with a sick me in real life. I digress. Short blog. Lets do a fashion post.

Style Card

Bikini top- Doppelganger inc. Plaid 3
Shorts- Surf Couture Cafe shorts Khaki
Flip Flops- Surf Couture freedom flops Dark Brown
Hair- Quinn Anxious Blond

And the photo to make it larger.

Before I got sick RL I went to the Seaside prom and danced with Fritz (he is the sweetest fella) He's my sweet as sugar crush...and I went sailing with my friend George. Who in turned showed me where to get a free boat...So if you'd like to go sailing with me..IM me and we will set sail. Anyways...I'm munchin on saltines and sipping sprite. I guess I'm off to look at the 50 linden friday stuff...and fill out the stuff for summer classes at Hard Knocks High...maybe.

Catch you later bats and balls? No... Iboys and like that one.

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