Friday, June 25, 2010

Riding around NOT huffing Paint

If you don't know..and you should Secondlife turned 7 years old this week. I've not even been in secondlife a year and I wonder what it would have been like to be around in the beta/pioneer days. I've been going on and off the last few days to hear music, listen to speakers, and visit exibits. Well I thought had a picture of Philip Linden...He sorta looked like a noob..but maybe that's what he is going for. I would have loved to hear the rest of his speech but a lot of people crashed and then we couldn't get back over. That's life in SL.

My new Uncle named Cog gave me a bike he made. So I decided to take it for a spin. I went to Pleaseantville to ride. I found a movie theater there. I sat the dark... eating carmal popcorn. I wouldn't mind living there..the lawns are perfect. They have a police patrol and my high school is there....At home right now I can't move because of Lag. Our new house is beyond beautiful but I hate not being able to move. Mom and Dad are going to help me work on my computer...see if that helps.

Speaking of Uncle Cog...There are some two new teen places that have popped up lately. One is his daughters place. DAVI and the other is my friend Shawty's place CHAOS!

I dig Uncle Cog and he digs my accent. He put us all in jars the other day. Says he is going to bottle some southern's a goober.

So I've mainly been roaming around making new friends and looking for interesting places to be. I have to admit I like welcome areas. People talk on voice there and give each other a hard time. I know I shouldn't find it funny..but I really

Now it's Friday. Today is Fifty Linden Friday. Sometimes there are some really great finds on the list and oddly enough I meet a lot of people I really like while doing 50 L Friday.

I hope I find some kind of activity to do in SL before I start hanging with the wrong crowd. I'd hate to start doing whip it's in a dirty alley with kids that have runny eyeliner and siver rings around their mouths.

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  1. You should learn how to build and then use your time teaching newbies. I've met some people who've been in SL for over a year and barely know how to create a box (the default create shape).

    As for what it was like 'back in the day'... I started in SL 6 years ago and Philip looked the same. There weren't flexi-prims, there weren't light features, there were only the basic shapes available in the prim editor. Skins were nowhere near as realistic looking as they are now. A sim owner couldn't sell parcels of their sim, only rent space out to people. Voice wasn't built in either.

    There's certainly a lot more in SL now than there was then, and it looks a little better now, but for the most part the atmosphere and trends are the same.